Saturday, June 18, 2016

Whilin' Away the Hours

Sometimes there are 8 hours in a day and sometimes there are 36. It all depends what I find myself up to. I admit that some days seem longer than others as I while away the hours here in the park. I don’t know how healthy it is for me to read and read and read some more on the days when I have no projects scheduled but I do know that I’m grateful for the opportunity to make my own choices every day.

When it only takes 30 minutes to clean our home from top to bottom, give or take 10 minutes and our necessary laundry is done before 9 am on any given day, I feel I have earned the time to sit with a delicious book!
I have read many books over the 2 months I have been at Golden Pond RV Resort, one after the other and even though I do enjoy my Kobo e-reader, I have reminded myself of my love for an actual hard copy lately.
I have over 130 novels on my Kobo. The laundromat here in the park, just a hop, skip and jump out the door of our rv, offers a small library system, as most parks do.

I miss my London library but so far have kept myself challenged literally with the choices this little one offers.
I wish I hadn’t donated so many of my books from the house and instead had brought them here for others to enjoy.

I’ve mostly been caught up in detective type mysteries and have loved how I am challenged to the end guessing where the tale will turn next. Love stories are not my thing, right now, although I’ve certainly read my share.

On these days where it seems I am putting in the 36 hours I spoke of, I know that my pooch and I can grab his leash and take a jaunt around the park to fill in time and to see who has arrived. I’ve no doubt that there is a tree trunk with his name on it.

Here are a few of my latest finds that have had me close to biting my nails and unable to put the book down.

Thank you for stopping in, it feels like a day for pool dipping! Blue cloudless sky and not a wisp of a breeze.

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