Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chinese Buffet with Friends, Shopping at Fry’s in Yuma, and a Visit to Donate at the Arizona Market

Thursday, Dec. 22nd tops off another couple of days of new adventures here in the southwest. Wednesday, 9 of us decided to go into Lin’s Chinese Restaurant for their buffet. 
Typical design for a Chinese restaurant

And a Greeter!  Wait a minute, that's my husband!

Yuma trolley
This started at 1 pm so since Bill and I needed a few groceries and so did Rob and Pat, we rode in together to Yuma. Bill drove as we needed to put some diesel in the truck and Rob navigated from the back seat.

Driving back into Yuma brought the agricultural boost to the fore front for me again. It is a frequent sight, seeing the busloads of workers out in the fields harvesting the fixings for a salad. Chances are if you eat a salad anywhere in the U.S. during winter, the greens were grown in Yuma.
Workers along the highway

At Lin’s a table for 9 was set up quickly for us and among all of us, I’m sure we tasted most everything on the menu! I was up twice and then went back for their light desserts. Jell-O, tapioca pudding and ice cream. 
Lots of choices at the buffet

Our group of 9, Bill the photographer

And from the photographer's wife

lovely decor

Sadly, I left the ice cream in the bowl, I’m so used to the creamy taste of Chapman's that this just didn’t match up. No worries, I had plenty to eat and we didn’t require supper.

When we parted, the four of us headed to Fortuna Hills to grocery shop. Bill and I had been to a Fry’s once before, in Sierra Vista when we camped at Huachuca City. The word is that prices may be up a bit but the quality is worth it. Pat was generous enough to loan me her Fry’s card so I could get the discounted prices, and in return she got the points.

Before we left I picked up an application to register and got my own card. I’m sure we’ll be back often before we head for home and rack up our own points. It was a total savings of over $60 today! Thank you Pat!

Back home again, everyone skipped happy hour due to the lateness of the day by the time we all got home and put our purchases away. We had a quiet evening, reading and watching tv and I was soon falling asleep in my chair. These busy days tire me out! Ha ha.

Thursday morning, we all decided again to drive into Yuma to the Arizona Market. 

Parking lot is filling up and lots of sales in there

Thank goodness for the covered/tented booths

A train going over the overpass
Lots of trains around here
Melinda, Gerry, Bill and I had never been so we each took our own vehicles. It gave us all the freedom to wander at our own leisure. What a nice place, with lots of unique vendors.

It was cool though, at only 53F under cloudy, damp skies and we got chilled very quickly. At least us ladies did. Bill and I found a few things that were on our list and a few that weren’t before having a bite to eat at the food court with Gerry and Melinda. My chili cheese dog was very gooey and good. It hit the spot.

Back home by 2:00 I couldn’t warm up so snuggled up in the recliner to read my James Patterson novel. Bill had a siesta before he got his drone out to take pictures of our sites and of the Happy Hour group at Gerry and Melinda’s. I debated joining them but instead watched a recorded episode of This is Us with a nice cup of tea. I just have the finale left to watch so no spoiler alerts please!

Tonight, supper will be spaghetti with a salad. I will cook a portion of the spaghetti squash George gave me in lieu of noodles plus a few noodles for Bill. The dampness of the day made an indoor meal the optimal choice.

The skies didn’t clear today but the rain has stopped leaving puddles in various places around the park. Still better than back home, so no complaints here. I hope you had a great couple of days as well.

Three more sleeps! Image result for pictures of sleeping waiting for Santa

That’s what the little ones will be saying back home, it will certainly be a different feel on the 25th,  here, in this warm part of the country.

Thank you for reading, I love your comments!


  1. It was a fun day, but our temperature actually got to 70f outside though it sure did not feel like it with the overcast skies and north wind. We just dressed for it and enjoyed the fresh air. That market can be cool in the shade as well. Soon the sun will be back , the days get longer and will be much nicer. Sure beats what they are having back home.

    1. So true, George. Friday was much better!

  2. Definitely keeping yourselves busy.
    We shared your weather today.
    Cute Last Pic.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Merry Christmas you two! I'm sure there are many little ones back home anxious for tonight.

  3. I love that new TV show. All the flipping back and forth is confusing but keeps me interested. Designated Survivor is another good one.

    1. Yes I love it. I found it easier with the flipping once I got used to the characters. The first one had me totally baffled!