Sunday, August 6, 2017

Great Day for a Wedding! Wonderful Couple United, Fun with Friends

Saturday, Aug. 5th I was awake before 7 and up to greet the day. I was in bed by 10:30 so it isn’t surprising that I’m ready to get up. I let Clemson out in the drizzle and came in chilled. It takes him a while to find that ‘perfect’ spot to squat or lift his leg. I knew I was due for another trip out shortly since he only completed one job.
Morning start - Good luck on a wedding day
I made my tea and sat reading blog posts. When I read the comments on my post I was happy to see the return of Tucker from Tucker’s Adventures. They came to visit us earlier this week and seldom do we hear a peep. Yay! Welcome back to the blogger forum! All comments are special and very important to us bloggers, whether you blog or just blurk (read blogs), we love to hear that we are being read.

It was another hour and a half before my sweetie got up so he slept really well after a midnight departure to bed. The day is not what one would hope for when it is a day for a wedding BUT the wives’ tale is that rain on a matrimonial day brings Good Luck. Bill and I were married in May, 20 years ago and instead of May it felt more like February. Wet, cold, rainy and windy but by late afternoon it semi-cleared and the day was a total success from beginning to end. And here we are!
Change of dress

As I begin to write my post, it is 10 o’clock and already the day is appearing brighter. I had to make a decision though. With temperatures only rising to 17C/62F, I had to rethink my attire for the day. Hmm. I know we’ll be in a huge tent but not sure how warm it will be. My spaghetti strap summer (August-type) dress just isn’t going to cut it.
This meant silver instead of gold accessories
To my fruitful closet I rush and easily find an alternative outfit. Then the shoes, the purse and the jewelry adjustment. Yes, it makes a difference! I’m nothing if I’m not coordinated. I’m still undecided what jacket I’ll need but can decide that at the last minute when I see the sky.
And a warmer choice for shoes
I poured my second tea and Bill popped over to advise George and Suzie what time we will pull out of here, since we’re all riding together. We popped the furnace on this morning, because we can and because it was a cool 13C outside and 18 inside. Just to take the chill off while we shower. I hopped in around 11 so I can mess with hair and face stuff.
Clear breaks in the sky
I made up a bacon and egg lunch so we’ll have full tummies when we leave. I guess Clemson will get an early supper today since we won’t be back home until late. I’m going to plead to my sister’s kind heart and hope she can pop over to let him out around 6 for a piddle. Of course, she said ‘sure!’
Checking out the receding water at Don's, next door
Once the sky started clearing out, I took a walk down the lane in the wind. Our fingers are crossed for a dry afternoon at least. We were showered and ready to go shortly before 2 and I set up my tripod and camera to get a picture of us. If I don’t, we won’t feel like it later, I know from experience.

All decked out and ready to go

Strong strong winds
Arriving at Ground Effects Landscaping on Concession 2 we wandered through a bit of the grounds. It is lovely here, nice spot for a wedding for sure. Every venue has their own rules and although there are some pretty strict regulations, Sandra wanted her day here. The ceremony was held just outside the banquet hall with a light snack area inside. The Stone Bar was held inside a unique building, where we each had a drink of choice. (Picture overload aka WEDDING)

Beautiful venue

Great idea

With the tent set up early, we slipped down to snap some photos before everyone arrived. Seating chart, gift and signature table, candy shoppe and beautiful table arrangement. We were seated at Table 6 with George and Suzie, CarolAnn and John and Linda and Merle. We had fun and the roast beef/chicken dinner was awesome! So much food, I hope the wedding party gets to take the remainder home.
Suzie and George from Our Awesome Travels
(no hat, no vest but it is still George)

My handsome guy walking to the tent

This building is where the bar is set up
Without the strong wind, the day was perfect and even with it we early on gave up the hope of keeping our hair neat. After a few speeches, the dancing started and Bill and I got to dance our feet off until the music turned to the stuff we don’t know. The four of us agreed to call it a night around 10:30 and Bill drove home to The Ridge. Clemson was happy to see us and did a great job of looking after our Suite.
Proud little flower girl, Olivia

2nd flower girl, 

Charming little ring bearer, Joseph
Proud parents and beautiful bride

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Carlisle
We did it!
The bride and groom with their parents
Yours truly on the prettiest bench ever

This was a wonderful day! That is what weddings are all about. I have more great pictures so tomorrow will include some follow up pictures displaying the fun we had.

Thank you for stopping by today to check in on us. I love reading your comments if you choose to leave one.


  1. It was a fun day and the weather ended up perfect, Really gotta love it.

    1. Wonderful day for Sandra and Bill and the rest of us!

  2. You're all looking good. I'd hardly recognize George!

    1. thank you FG. No one recognized George! ha ha

  3. You all were shining very nice!!! Looks like a fine day.