Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Deals at First Choice, Relaxing Day, Fireplaces, Black and White Spotted but Not on Camera

When we woke up on Wednesday, Aug. 30th, it was 6 and Bill let Clemson out for a piddle. The little bum joined me back in bed and curled up under the covers. He is probably feeling a little cool with the loss of his long hair! I’m talking about Clemson here, not Bill. I remained in bed until about 7:15 and got up for my shower. Bill curled back in with Clem until I was finished.
Now this is a beautiful day for an early morning walk
 After showering and while the boys were still sleeping I went out for a walk down the road to the church lot. What a beautiful morning! We had our morning drinks, read blog posts and then left Clemson to look after the house. We drove to Hanover to see what the line ups were like at First Choice Haircutters. I needed a trim and so did Bill. 

I had company on my walk

It would be a 45-minute wait so we left our names and did some about town shopping.
Picking up bread and buns at the Bread Depot and Bill went to Rona for some drawer pulls for his cargo trailer. We went back to F.C. with 5 minutes to spare and both got called for our turn. I decided to go a bit shorter this time, knowing it will grow quick enough. Feels good to have it off my neck and I can still ponytail it if I want. For $36 including a tip we did awesome and walked away happy.
The drive shed in the distance that was built last fall or was it this spring?
Before leaving town, we drove around to see Gerry and Donna. Being a real estate agent doesn’t always allow for down time and for Gerry it is no different. He has house deals in the works that need to be dealt with. Not always are the other agents able to handle things in his absence. Donna has done some errands for him, taking signs down, removing or adding lock boxes etc.
What a place to obey the signs.........but I did
I entered this way

Cute little country church
 Today, he was told of an issue about a gas fireplace in a SOLD house not working. He was in no position to hop in the car and go check it out so Bill offered to take a peek for him. Three heads are better than one female agent, and we (Bill mostly) was able to get it started after checking a few things. Gerry was very pleased and appreciative.

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign
These are our signs
We aimed for home and it was just after 12:30. On the way, I asked Bill to pull into the Sunflower field for me so I could cut a small handful. Arriving home, it was time for lunch so Bill made himself a sandwich. I had cereal with banana and cream so wasn’t feeling the need to eat. I’m pleased with my weight especially after visiting the doc and although there is a roll that I hope to lose, I’m trying to either maintain where I am or take care of that by eating less bread/carbs. It makes for challenging lunches/snacks so I need more time to think about what to eat when I’m feeling hungry.

Bill and Clemson went up to the bedroom and I took another walk. I gathered some ripe grape tomatoes from my garden and placed the sunflowers in a vase in the Restroom. They are almost done for the year so I wanted to add a special touch before company arrives tomorrow evening. Once more my mind is spinning on breakfasts, lunches and dinner for our guests.
So, the reason for the hair cut
Lots of wispyness going on here
I dished myself up some Liberte yogourt and cut a few pieces of cheese. It is the middle of the afternoon, after all, so just something to tie me over until dinner. I read more of my book and didn’t move until I finished the last few chapters. I recommend The Lincoln Lawyer if you like a gripping story right until the last page. While sitting here, the rain started lightly around 4 pm. But it didn’t amount to much and the sun was out once more.
3 stylists working today
 While Bill fed Clemson, I went outside for another walk down the lane to pick some wildflowers. Whoa! Bill had mentioned seeing a skunk last night between our neighbours lane and ours around 9:30. Well, he found his way to our lane this afternoon and was meandering back and forth. I quickly turned around and told Bill. We walked down to the dock but the little ‘stinker’ (ha ha) managed to hide himself. Do skunks swim? Hmmm, Google!

Quite a difference
Back inside my stomach was gurgling so started to prepare supper. Tonight, it will be sausage on a bun for Bill and sausage and salad for me. We also have corn on the cob to eat up tonight. We enjoyed the meal and cleaned up the days dishes before sitting down to watch some tv. We had many things on our PVR to watch so started with Still Standing with Johnny Harris.

The sky has cleared completely of clouds for a nice evening. The temperature has hovered around 20 – 22C all day with a light breeze. Pretty nice day. As I watch the sun drop below the horizon, I feel like another great day is soon over. We are looking forward to more company tomorrow so I need to make sure the bunky is guest-ready.
Supper tonight

And the sun sets
I hope you have had a wonderful day. Thank you for stopping in. If you wish to leave a comment, I would love to read it.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The weather today was wonderful and you got some things done that need to be. Hair looks good and will soon grow back anyway, Enjoy more if this wonderful weather while we can.

    2. Ha ha, thanks for the rewrite George! Your first comment was difficult to read! :)
      It was a lovely day. Thank you, feels nice to have my hair off my neck for a while.

  2. Hi, I like your hair shorter it is really a cute style for you.
    I see you are seeing some fall color by you, also. I guess fall is coming quickly. It is hard to believe it will be September 1st on Friday.
    What a wonderful picture of your pond this morning.

    1. thank you, Deb. If my hair had more volume to it I would like the longer length better. I can still put it in a clip for a different look and I do like change. :)
      I know, September came so fast, soon time to head south!

  3. Dandy blog, I enjoy it a lot. Thanks.
    Don in Okla.

  4. Love the new haircut. When do you typically head south for the winter? We've enjoyed great temperatures here the past week or so. Love these 80 degree days. Look forward to the trees changing but we have a few weeks before that will occur. This year should be stunning.

  5. Thank you Cheri. A fresh cut is good for anything that ails us! :) I feel great!
    We plan to leave on Oct. 23 and make our way across the mid to southern states depending on weather. Haven't planned anything other than that yet.
    We haven't had a very nice summer up here, very wet and no real nice days in a row so looking forward to the southwest!

  6. Love the new haircut! Nice that Bill was able to help out with the fireplace matter, love a hubby who can do stuff like that! Dinner looked great too. Know what you mean about bread I try to stay away from it as much as possible, but doesn't always work :) So I try to save it for what really matters..