Thursday, August 10, 2017

Quiet Home with Bill Gone, Last of the Lawn Care, Trip to Hanover, Long Winded Me

On Thursday, Aug. 10th Bill and I woke up about the same time around 6 and lay in bed until he had to get up at 6:30. After his shower, I rose so I could be up and say a proper goodbye. I was awake anyway and could always nap later if necessary. The sky is not looking very open to a sunny day but at least I should be able to finish the little bit of grass cutting.
And in the middle of the picture, Bill drives off down North Line

Needs cutting badly

After a cut
It's like a haircut, so much nicer
 Bill pulled out of the driveway with his truck this time and I caught a glimpse with my Canon as he went down North Line. I have had plans to go to London on Friday to visit my girlfriend, Laurie, for about a month now. We will be getting together with our two other friends, Laurie A and Heather for lunch. This is a small group that I got together with a couple of times before moving out of the city.
With those plans already in play, Bill was asked yesterday to work as well. It may seem silly for him to drive in today and come home tomorrow and me drive in tomorrow returning the same evening but it is a necessary ‘evil’. We have a pooch at home to keep in mind and I really didn’t need to be puttering around London all day while he worked.
I’ve asked Rob and Pat if they would mind having a little 4-legged visitor for the best part of the day and of course, they jumped at it. I adore these guys and not only because they adore Clemson. He would probably be fine here in the Suite until late afternoon if they chose to just feed him and let him out once but I knew that wouldn’t fly with Pat. 😊 We really appreciate them helping us out with our prize possession.
Clemson sits out on his stool and watches things
 So, after finishing my first cuppa tea and reading posts, I slipped into my shoes and went outdoors. At least there is no dew on the grass so it shouldn’t take long and the mower I can start on my own. Heh heh. What I did notice though when I went out to start it, the blade was loose and that may have been the issue yesterday. Tightened it up and away we went. 30 minutes later I had finished!
The driveway is so much wider now
It is going to be a muggy one today, still no sun but at 9 o’clock, I’m already lifting my hair off my neck and already those nasty little annoying teensy flies are buzzing around my head! I put the lawn mower in the shed and came inside the Suite. The floors were a mess so I removed scatter mats (these are spread out for Clemson) from the tile floor and swept through from bathroom down to living area. Living on gravel adds more grit to our floors than a cement patio.

I made myself a second tea and chatted with my sister, Donna, who is also in London today with Gerry. Hopefully they are finding out what is giving him such grief with his leg pain. We all just want him better again as I’m sure he does too!
My favourite flower and all for a small donation!
I’m sitting here ‘unplugged’ from power and the panels are getting no sun so might have to plug back in shortly. Today now that the chores are done I’m going to take a drive to Hanover. Mark’s Work Warehouse has another sale on, up to 60% off so I’ll browse their men’s and ladies’ clothes. It is beside Walmart so I’ll pop in there too.

The Independent Grocery store is close by so I’ll go there as well and pick up a couple of things. Off I went and now I’m back. First stop was to Mark’s and although they didn’t have clothes suitable for Mom, Bill and I lucked out! I found some great deals on casual pants for each of us. I realized the other day that I was holding onto a few pair of thin wale corduroy pants, which I’ve always liked in the winter………………’nuff said. I’m tossing them in the giveaway bag.
And the rooted stalks ready for planting
When I went to Walmart I was pleasantly surprised there as well with huge savings on clothes for Mom. I found a few things in the hopes that they fit and also pass her inspection. She may have dementia but she sure still knows what she likes to wear. Donna and I try to stick to her guidelines when we shop for her. It doesn’t help taking her out, much easier to do it for her. She is more accepting that way.

So, from there I nipped into the Independent for a few groceries. Above I said a couple of things, well, it would have helped to take the list I made up at home! I truly don’t know where my mind is some days. I walked out without it and the usb stick I’d downloaded pictures on to print off. I could kick myself! Anyway, I managed to remember to look for everything on the list but it took me longer in the store than I really like to spend.
the sky from my lounge chair
I was hungry and headed home only to see a sign at the field of sunflowers that I noticed on the way into Hanover. Coming south you can see the sign and driveway to the fields. It says “Pick your own Sunflowers” – 'You may leave a donation for a local charity in the box if you choose.' I was so excited! I love love love sunflowers so pulled in, turned the car around, popped the trunk and began snipping. Actually it was more bending and ripping since I didn’t realize they’d left a knife hanging on the sign.

Another brain burp, I neglected to get a picture of this beautiful field. Some stalks broke off easily, others had to be tugged at which ended up with me pulling the whole plant out by the roots. Hmmm, can’t waste them so brought them home to replant up on the hill or in the corral. I’m sure that was my Dad at work from above. His C B radio handle was Sunflower so he had a hand in the pulling, I’m sure.
Don cutting his front field for the first time after the storm
I grabbed a bottle of water when I got home and put the awnings out a bit to shade the inside of the Suite. Slipping into more comfy clothes again, I took some pictures of my discovery in the field. I put the rooted plants in the pail with my poppies, still waiting to be planted. On the weekend when it cools down a bit I will decide where to plant them, dig the holes and get them in the ground.

Cattails ........... before
Bill basically had a run around morning since he didn’t have to work until 1 pm. His glasses needed a new screw so he was stopping at Cummins’ Optical and he was also picking up a new servo at AVF that he had ordered. It is a model airplane thing, in case you didn’t know. (servomotor is a rotary actuator or linear actuator that allows for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration.[1] It consists of a suitable motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback.)

Cattails ......... the thrill is gone
I brought my quilt out of the bunky again and lie down on my lounger for a while with my book. Today the little sweat bees wouldn’t leave me alone. I wonder if I smell, bad or good, because I always seem to have a following. I took the fly swatter outside with me and managed to scare them off. I won’t apologize for any that lost their lives in the course of my action. One stung me!

I took a walk down the lane and first heard and then saw Don next door cutting as much of his lawn/fields as he could. I know he wasn’t able to get into his front field yet, it is drying up some but still a huge puddle. Our field was pretty good the other day for Bill to cut it with just one small gushy puddle he had to avoid. Close to the pond where I took this picture of the turtle tree, I was standing in mush too.

When I came back Clemmy wanted inside so I put him in and stretched out on the hammock. I definitely dozed off in the shade, it is so comfortable. When I moved inside to feed him, I decided to turn the tv on and watch an hour of NCIS before the news came on at 6. I have a 3-hour taped recording of The Bachlorette to watch and want to get started after seeing the weekly weather forecast. I don’t know why that is important beyond tomorrow so switched to my PVR.
One turtle heard me and slipped off the tree, this one was oblivious
Bill called around 6:30 and we caught up on our day. His was as good as was mine. He had planned to drive out to the flying field/club that he belonged to tonight and when we talked later before bed he informed me that there were a few more flyer friends to catch up with. For supper I fried up a couple of mini sausages with an egg and cooked the last cob of corn. It was quite good and I topped it off with some ice cream and stewed rhubarb. Yum!

I finished watching my program and was pleased with the ending. If you’ve ever watched this reality show, you know you choose who you want to be chosen. Well, this was a toss-up for me and a few tears were shed, not only on tv but here on my own cheeks as well. I enjoyed the recording and even more so because I was able to zip through commercials with the push of a button.
At least this time, Rachel ends up engaged
I hope your day was a good one. Figuratively, I have packed Clemson’s bag for his play date tomorrow. Meaning, on my phone I have made a list of things he needs to take with him to the Aljoe’s. He hasn’t left my side tonight so naturally I am going to miss him tomorrow.
We're almost dry in the front field, but not quite
Thank you for reading along today. All comments are appreciated.


  1. Another fun day at the Ridge, now to send the boy off to day care and you off to London for a fun time with the ladies, enjoy.

    1. Yes, better than Doggie Day Care too! :)