Saturday, August 19, 2017

Wash and Triple Rinse Please, Visit with Mom, Little Bit of Country and a Birthday

On Saturday, Aug. 19th I woke up around 7:30. What? Sleeping in is defined differently for each of us. For a friend of ours, 6:00 is sleeping in, for others 9:00 is sleeping in. For Bill and I anything bordering around 7:30 or later is sleeping in. We all have our individual habits and bedtime also has a whole variety of definitions!

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous little brother, Michael
He lives in Cold Lake, Alberta
I always peek under my bedroom blind and there is either a spike in my heart rate or a groan that escapes my lips. Blue sky or clouds and rain. Today, a groan. I had sorted the dirty clothes yesterday and was all hyped to head into town this morning to do a couple of loads of laundry. When we checked the weather and saw that it would be warm, a slight wind and cloudy until noon, I loaded the car and headed in about 9.

Looking to the east on #4 highway
When I walked in only Darlene was there. She is Stan’s wife and now the owner, with her 3 children, of the laundromat in Durham. This is the first time I’ve seen her since hearing the news of Stan’s passing. My heart immediately swelled at this lady’s courage and strength. I expressed my condolences and we hugged. Mind you, I have only met/seen Darlene a couple of times before.

 I was holding my own until she uttered the words “I don’t know what it was, but Stan felt an instant connection with you”. Oh, my, goodness. After thanking her for saying something so kind, I turned away to hide the water forming in my eyes. I said that I felt the same way, Stan was present every day I arrived at the laundromat and we chatted about life. She asked my name again and where we were residing and when I left, she called out the back door to me “Goodbye Pat!”

Seeing this bit of blue was encouraging as I arrived in Durham
I’m not ashamed to admit that I got teary-eyed for the loss all over again on my drive home to the Suite. How can someone be so strong after losing your main focus in life? I admire her even though I’m sure in the privacy of her own home, she is in a different state. I’m sure I’ll see her again and often over the next two months. I hope so.

Looking at the sky as I pull into our lane I’m shaking my head. LOL this is not a day to dry laundry outside. Oh well, it is what it is and they will eventually dry by the end of today. The sun is expected by midafternoon and I’m a glass half full kind of person. Bill was working in the basement again when I drove in and had the tv playing the only station he could get. Our antenna is in the flat position right now so he wasn’t expecting any more than that.

We came in and both watched our clothes get a second rinse out there on the line. That might not be the last but at least it hasn’t been a downpour, just light steady showers. I’d decided not to worry about it and set about making us bacon and eggs for lunch. 

After eating Bill and I played 2 games of Scrabble, each winning one. I also sorted through the freezer, making a mental note of what food is in there. I pulled a package of ground beef out for supper.
I believe he took this game
I got cleaned up for an afternoon visit with Mom and sat with Clemson and my book for half hour. There is a country band called Born Country entertaining the residents and families of Rockwood at 2:30 and I want to share that with Mom. When I arrived, I went straight to Mom’s floor and gave her hemmed navy pants to one of the girls to put her name in them.

I didn’t expect her to be in her room as it was 2:15 but placed the framed picture on her dresser. I signed her board so she’ll see that she had a visitor today even if she doesn’t remember. We all do that when we visit, with the date. I went down to the auditorium and found her just as I knew I would.
Born Country
She was sitting beside who I think is a different Jane than the one she dines with. Aunt Mary was on the other side of her and Sally, Mary’s roommate all there together in the back row. The room was filling up and the music had begun early which is nice when there are so many residents waiting. I greeted Aunt Mary as I walked by to Mom who got up and gave me a hug.
Back row, everyone enjoying the music
A nice lady on the other side of Mom got up and brought me a chair to sit beside her. Mom does get excited with visitors so it took a bit before she settled down and stopped talking. I don’t want her to be a distraction for others. Soon enough she was tapping and singing along to the old tunes. It was great!
As I was sitting there, I noticed this on their huge board
This picture was taken when Mom and I went down to the Dog Show
Sally at the far end holding hands with A. Mary, then Jane (I think)
The four-piece band did very well, they were entertaining and I got Mom up for a dance to Crystal Chandelier. She enjoyed herself and was soon back up with Sally, both tripping a bit over each other but having a ball. One of the staff crept in to take a picture of Mom and I dancing to the last song, You Are My Sunshine.


Mom and Sally

I walked her back up to her room and although she seemed confused as to why I was leaving, a mention of my clothes hanging on the line in the rain helped her to understand my need to say goodbye. She walked me to the elevator throwing kisses until the doors closed. She said she felt like wandering so I hope she found it back to her room. LOL
A couple of dancin' queens
When I came home Bill said it had rained off and on 3 or 4 times so I checked the clothes. They weren’t soaking wet but obviously they needed to stay out there until the sun appeared. Finally, at 6 o’clock while I was preparing our spaghetti supper it pushed the clouds completely out of the way. After cleanup Bill offered to do the dishes while I brought the clothes in. In 45 minutes they were dry, inside and put away.

Noodles cooking
Ground beef and sauce with lots of peppers, garlic and mushrooms
I’m sitting here putting my post together listening to Sirius radio 60’s on 6. How nice when you know every single song! It is my favourite station. Bobby Darin, Paul Revere, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Everly Brothers, Lovin’ Spoonful and so on. Great tunes, a great decade for music for sure. I can tell that Bill will be finishing his book tonight, he is having a hard time putting it down.
Bill gets pasta noodles and I get spaghetti squash - yum
Spaghetti and salad
I hope you have had a great day. No matter the weather, I had a wonderful one, fun with Mom, a couple of dances, the laundry got done and Bill and I spent some quality time together too.

story of the day MY CLOTHES DRIED!
Look at that sky!

Good night from a lovely sunset on the Ridge
Thank you for stopping by today. I love hearing from your if you have time.


  1. Nothing like enough great summer day, nice that your got to dance with you mum and finally got you laundry out away.

  2. Well at least the day ended up well, but it sure took a long time getting there!

  3. Love the sunset picture.
    Looks and sounds like a nice visit with your mom.
    60's on 6 is pretty much the station we always listen to. Though once and awhile the Elvis one.
    Glad your clothes got dry. We ended up having a rain free day. Fingers crossed for at least one more tomorrow we are working on the Stinger B's basement.

    1. It was a great day all around even though the rain was a nuisance! Today looks perfect, clear blue sky and sunshine.

  4. It is so nice to hear how much Mom enjoys music and dancing, and the pictures prove it by her smiles. It looks like she had her hair done...perhaps a cut and perm? It was longer when I was in last week. Your supper looks good!

    1. She was shy to get up at first, saying she would feel silly. I'm beyond that feeling so coaxed her up. Once she got up, she didn't want to sit down!
      Yes, she's had a perm again, it is quite short too.
      You missed out on a delicious meal, sis although I'm sure you had your own.

  5. Hey Pat
    looks like you had a great day visiting mom . So nice that she is able to dance and have fun , that smile on her face shows she loved every minute of it . Aunt Mary always loved music nice that you stopped and said hello . In the picture you mentioned a nice lady getting up and getting a chair for you when you came in the room . If it's the lady that I see in the picture she is a cousin to me . Her husband is in Rockwood think he's just in his early 70s .
    Her name is Angel . So nice that you got to speak to Stan's wife Darlene . She is a super lady and well liked just like Stan . Thanks for sharing your busy day , glad you got the wash finally dry lol .