Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Did You Say Rain?

Yes, we have certainly seen a lot of rain since my last post. This is a good thing since we needed it so badly as long as it remembers to stop once in a while and give us that beautiful Vitamin D source again. Dull cloudy days in a row can be a slight bit depressing.
We have 6 of these pails collecting
rain water at every one of our eaves
and corners. They have overflowed
many times since the rain started.
Today, we woke up to a cooler Suite than normal and I popped the electric fireplace on for 15 min to take the chill off.

Bill was up and out to put our garbage and recycle stuff out to the road. We get pick up every second Monday by 9 am so we are lucky. We don’t create a lot of garbage, since I’ve started my own compost bin up the hill beside us. We were thrown off in Michigan at the park because we remembered that they don’t recycle the cans and plastics. It felt so wrong throwing that stuff out into the regular garbage but when in Rome………….

The sun has arrived today again, after making sporadic appearances in between clouds and rain showers yesterday. I can look out now and see more blue sky than the alternative. I believe it will be around 23C in our area and that sounds just perfect for things I want to do outside.

Bill is coming along nicely with the transformation of our shed into an overnight bunky but I will let him post about that in his blog On Our Way. It isn’t just his project; we are both doing the planning aka brainstorming.

He does the measuring and hard labour while I am there as a paneling supporter, a nail popper (pushing nails in flush), an extra couple of hands when he needs them as well as the drink gal and share the duty of fresh air inspector with our pooch! It is really coming along nicely!

I, on the other hand, seem to come up with other jobs to keep me busy too. I went into Durham Saturday morning to get 3 loads of wash done and was glad to get home and hang it out to dry. It was a very hot day.

I don’t mind that little trip at all and it serves us better than to lug around a washer and dryer right now. Our space is too precious for other things at this point and time, not to mention the added weight.

My other little project is to move rocks. Sounds exciting, eh? Well, we have a huge packed gravel lot now to drive the rv and vehicles on but at the base of the little Ridge behind us there is a conglomeration of large boulders and smaller rocks that were originally piled there when the berm was seeded for grass.
Stones to be moved so we can cut easily
I'm moving them from the right side up onto the gravel.
Pain staking job but I have all the time in the world and no deadline
and do a bit each day when the mood and weather fits.
Because of the rocks, weeds grow up between them and we can’t use any of our mowers to cut them back. It is painstaking to use the weed trimmer each time. So! With a sturdy garden rake and a shovel I am trying to do about 20’ of clearing per day. When the sun is beating down and it is 30C my hat hardly does the trick at keeping me cool. Today looks like a good day to attack the next stretch. I’m just moving them out onto the gravel right now and will later load them up in the wheelbarrow or little trailer on behind the riding mower to pile them out of the way. You never know when you need rocks for something. This property is full of them!

I took a trip into Hanover yesterday late morning to visit Mom and pick up some groceries. This is about a 25 min. trip so a nice drive. Mom is back in the hospital, didn’t get more than 5 days at home before she developed a bad urine infection causing great confusion and a raised pulse rate. Sad but at least she is close and they are keeping a close eye on her in the Village.

She looked good yesterday, sitting up in the chair. She was dozing and when I woke her she greets me with a huge smile. She is known for her wonderful smile and wild stories so quite the entertainer wherever she is! We had a lovely visit and I stayed with her as encouragement to eat some lunch. It is never enough food going into her system but at least it is more than it has been over the last 3 months. And if she is eating hospital food……heh heh enough said!

Hopefully she will be ready to come home tomorrow if not today. It is nice that there are 4 sisters close and we can take turns visiting. The show of support does not go unnoticed, a lot of patients don’t get visitors. Lol

(Update since I wrote this: We brought mom home to her apartment yesterday, looking better than we have seen her in a long time. Still confused, but dementia does that, but as we wheeled her from the elevator in the hospital she asked us "so you are taking me out for a couple of days?" We answered "No Mom, we are stealing you away to go home for good!" She hunched down in the wheelchair, racing mode and said "Yay! let's go!" She is such a card and my sister, Donna, and I laughed a lot in her presence.)
Mom, home again jiggity jig
Mom happy to see her budgie, Tina

We are getting to know a few of our neighbours, some by accident and some by invitation. This is good, we want to know them to some extent so they can keep a watchful eye on our summer home while we are away for the winter. Things will be locked up tight but still, it is good for them to know who we are and when we plan to return. We’ve heard of some eccentric folk in the area and perhaps before we leave we will meet more of those as well!

The day is calling so I want to read a couple of blogs and get moving.
I've added a few random photos of birds and thiings I've captured on film. I hope you enjoy them.
Mr. Bumble likes our thistles

Amazing sunsets up here

Bill hard at it, he enjoys this chore

Clemson trying to play tough

This was an awesom capture!

The moon atop a dead tree....looks like a finger balancing act

Water Turkey, huge flyer

General meeting of the Wings
Clemson wants to run in the field

I say "Let's go!" and off he goes. Pretty good for a 12 yr. old!

Just caught Mr. Blue by chance so not a perfect capture

Enjoy your time wherever you are and enjoy all things from wherever they come.

Thank you for stopping in and feel free to comment.


  1. You have some great photos here Pat...the sunset ones are beautiful!

  2. thank you Donna. I have to refrain from click click clicking! Good thing the camera is digital!

  3. Thanks for the mention sweetie, I will post about the bunky progress soon.

    1. I am anxious but patient for this project to be finished.

    2. I am anxious but patient for this project to be finished.

  4. Nice to keep busy at your own pace, moving the rocks is a good idea, fresh air and exercise too.
    Nice sunset, we don't see to many because of trees but can get some wonderful sunrises. Knowing the neighbours is a good thing too.

    1. I tweaked my back on the first day, over anxious I suppose, so worked yesterday at the rocks so it didn't stiffen up on me and took a break from it today. Feels better.

    2. I tweaked my back on the first day, over anxious I suppose, so worked yesterday at the rocks so it didn't stiffen up on me and took a break from it today. Feels better.

    3. You have to take it easy ya know, don't want to hurt yourself in retirement.

    4. Yup indeed. But the nice thing is, I get to take a day or two off without losing pay!! :)

    5. We can take everyday off and the pay is the same, best job I ever had !

  5. Thanks for the update - looking forward to seeing you in September!

    1. Hi Laurie! How nice to hear from you! And thank you for following along. We will be there 'will bells on', ha ha. It will feel nice to dress up a wee bit, shorts and camisoles are the norm around here! :)