Saturday, August 13, 2016

Silver Lake, Mi 2

So, the continuing saga of our week long vacation (do retirees get vacation?) in Silver Lake, Michigan comes to an end, but not before we have some more experiences in the sun, sand and water.

So Thursday at 7 pm 6 of us piled into 2 jeeps for our sunset tour. I mentioned this in our previous post but wanted to share a few more pictures. It was an hour and a half riding on the dunes. 

Five vehicles followed our leader Wild Bill, aptly named I might add, and we went up and down, over and around doing whatever he did. His favourite thing to say when he was about to embark on another really high dune was “if you don’t hear from me after I disappear over the top, don’t follow me”. Hilarious and quite the chatterer.

We all were connected by cb radios and Bill (our very own Wild Bill) followed his instructions to a tee. If he gets a chance to be reckless with the ‘pedal to the metal’ and still be legal and safe, of course he accepts the challenge. I rode in the front for the first half until we stopped for photos and then moved to the back for the sunset viewing and trip back. It is a hoot but hard on the body! The wind really plays havoc with the sand and what is calm one day can be a series of 2’ high bumpy ridges the same evening.  I have a wonderful bruise on my right buttock cheek where I was lifted off the seat and down again on the seat belt connector. OUCH!!  Lucky for you, NO picture!

Most of the time remaining at the park was just doing our own thing. A lot of relaxing, washing the front and back of the Suite etc. It was great!

The lab across the street was a hoot to watch, quite the performer!

I felt like baking something so made a peanut butter chocolate glazed pie for our evening treat around the fire. With a glass of wine, of course!

Made sure to save a piece for Amy and Rick and sent it home with Nancy
Sunday, Ken and Nancy asked us if we’d like to trek to New Era to go through Oceana winery with them. So off we went. When you get a chance to sample 5 wines for $5, why not? Naturally we found a couple we really like and came out with a semi-dry with raspberry and grape “Cayuga Jazz” and a treat of sherry “Amadeus”. Added to our 3 from Jomagrha “Afternoon de White” and West Short White” we have become quite the wine connoisseurs! We knew we would drink a couple of these before having to cross the border on Monday.

The weather was really good for the whole of our week at the park with no rain although it was forecasted a couple of evenings. That’s okay, we enjoyed our camp fires each night, either at their site or ours. One night we found ourselves caught up in a team challenge at the bean bag toss. 

The big thing this year, even more than previous years, was remote controlled cars. Fun to watch for a while but the constant buzz and crash was too much for Ken and Nancy’s munchkin, Molly. She is only 2 years old and just wanted to chase and mangle so had to be restrained to calm her or put inside their rv.

The best news of all was that our friends have sold their home in Antioch, Il after a painstaking year of open houses and viewings. We are very very happy for them although they dreaded the idea of going home and packing. Bill and I tried to be very encouraging and can only hope that they soon get caught up in the thrill of the life ahead of them that it isn’t such a chore after all. We remember how our excitement took over during the last month before closing and we just wanted to get rid of things with a vengeance!

As is typical on our last evening together, the 4 of us scoot down the road to enjoy a dinner together at the Open Hearth restaurant. 

Also a chance to fill up the truck with diesel. Prices were pretty good, well definitely compared to Canada, but we still didn't pay this much!

So, Monday morning, August 8, we were packed up and ready to pull out by 8 am as planned. Said our goodbyes to the Adamskis and set out shortly thereafter. Before we left, however, we all made sure to stop at the office and book our week for next year. When you’ve got something good going, you like to hold on to it.

Camping World in Grand Rapids was, as always, a stop on the way home again for a couple more items. Without having one of these stores in Canada, we have to take advantage while we are visiting the U.S. and plan for it from year to year. Hmm, what would we like to purchase this year?

Construction still going on on the opposite side. Kinda weird seeing it from this angle!
We made a quick stop at a rest stop for some homemade egg salad sandwiches and then headed for the border. 
The only other stop was for diesel at a small station off the beaten path.
Loved this little barn just across the way.
This was at Bancroft, $2.29/gal.
This trip was different than a week ago with a lineup across the bridge and a wait of about 40 min. but we soon made it to be greeted by yet another pleasant crossing guard who scooted us on our way after the usual questions “where were you? For how long? What did you spend?” Easy peasy.
Arrival at The Ridge was 5:30 pm and all set up shortly after It doesn’t take us long but we have determined that the day was too long, even with the short stops. 

Bill's picture from his quad copter of our gorgeous spot
We were so tired that I can’t even recall what we grabbed to eat when we got home. No matter, we ate and I was in bed by 10:30. At least we didn’t have any unpacking to do as in previous years and that brings a huge YAY!!! Wouldn’t trade that feeling for the world!

Well, that was our trip and we thank you for following along. All comments are welcome.


  1. Sounds like a nice get away. We are on Holidays while in Canada, and when we cross the border we on vacation, works for us.
    Gotta love this lifestyle, we enjoy it more and more all the time. No packing, or unpacking and are home wherever we are.

  2. This is a great lifestyle and we also highly recommend it, even at this stage! Our friends will be full time rv'ers too when their house closes in October. They'll love it, I hope!

  3. Hi Pat & Bill! When are you going to be back at Silver Creek? We just booked Aug 21-2, and thought maybe we'd overlap. I'm also trying to plan some travels through Ontario in September, and was wondering if you might have a recommendation on a Campground near London. Appreciate anyadvice you can offer!