Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What Can I Say? It's All True!

Waking up Tues, Nov. 1st in the park at Hidden Valley put us through the rituals for moving. It is getting easier and we are getting our routine down ‘pat’. I showered the previous night so this morning, Bill had his and we ate our bacon and eggs before closing the Suite up and hitting the road.
Our site #16

Lovely new friends

 We exchanged contact info with Mike and Jill and headed out around 11 and Clemson continued to avoid beautiful Charlie. 
We would definitely come back to this park but only for a 2 or 3 night stay. I enjoyed the area and got a lot of reading done outside even though it was a small site. We would like a bit more room on our site if we were staying any longer, but it was still a nice place with beautiful views.

I had an opportunity at H.V. to walk some trails with my walking stick and see the plentiful cacti in the area. I love cactus and wish they would grow outside back home but alas, just another reason to come back and enjoy them here!
Our beautiful home at the bottom of this hill where the upper
sites are

Bill gives the route we took in his post on On Our Way so I won’t go into that. I will just do my thing and include pictures from the route.
This car transporter passed us with precious cargo


Beautiful overpasses, they sure know how to spark my interest

Interesting Rest Areas with covered picnic tables

Another nice Rest Area with amenitites

And then to see my own Gas bar is doing well!

We arrived at Elephant Butte Lake State Park around 2:15 pm and were able to pick our own site in a 50 amp area called Quail Run. We soon found out where this area got its name, funny little and bigger quail were running around the vacated areas.

                            Our site has lots of privacy, space and even a covered cement picnic table.
You might have to squint to see this fella skittering across.
They scurry really quick.
I’m going to have to get my zoom lens out if I want to catch one of the little guys, they move fast.

The view up here on the hill, 4500’ a.s.l., is certainly not a disappointment. Thank you again, George and Suzie, Our Awesome Travels,  for the recommendation, it is all true.
The sun is beautiful on these ridges in the distance
 I was watching the quail out the window of the Suite when I noticed something larger move and it had me out of my seat to grab my camera. Bill laughed because I cried “It’s a kangaroo!” Yes, I know they are only in Australia but I was freaking out and my common senses were gone.
I don't know if you can see his black tail right in the middle
of this photo. I'll get him in a better shot if it kills me! ha ha
I wasn’t able to get a very good picture, he was also very quick, even though I followed as far as I could. This is his back end as he dodged me yet again but now know it is a Black tailed jack rabbit. Holy cow, he had to be 3’ tall when standing on his back legs with big ears.
Found this picture of him in Wikipedia

Later on, Bill directed my attention to the more common ‘Peter Cottontail’ who was not skittish at all as he let me advance quite close while he was having a snack.
This size I'm used to!
I’m sure there are more things to see and capture on my lens and can’t wait for them all. The skies were cloudy when we arrived but it was a warm 72F when Bill fired up the Weber Q to bbq supper.
Gorgeous sunset last night.
Clemson and I were in bed by 10 and off to sleep in no time. I sure sleep well, but then always have been able to get my 8 hours at the best of times.

This morning, the sun came up and there are blue skies in amongst the white fluffy clouds. Let’s get at this day! Time for a jaunt around the place.

Thank you for reading, comments are welcome.


  1. I love checking out your photos sis. Keep snapping! We are having nice temps here in South Western Ontario too...23 degrees yesterday! Catch you next time.

    1. I'm happy for you guys that your nice fall weather is continuing. It will get nasty soon enough. Enjoy! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Enjoy the area and so much more wildlife to see as well, the Roadrunners are amazing. Love the Gamble's quail.

    1. We love this state park although we need to make our own fun. This is not difficult though for those of us who don't need to be entertained! The quail are fun and some are quite fat but haven't seen any roadrunners nor any more jack rabbits.