Monday, October 9, 2017

Around Home Turf, Closet and Garden Digging

When I woke up at 5 am on the holiday Monday, Oct. 9th I wasn’t really surprised. I was in bed at 9 last night, remember? But being awake and giving in to it by getting up was insane! I rolled over and dozed off and on for another hour. At 6 I knew there was no going to sleep again but I was quite content to lay and run things through my head. I got up at 7.

The day started out cloudy but a mild 14C was encouraging once more. With the boys still sleeping, I checked our battery power and decided to wait until Bill got up before making my tea. Instead I sat at my laptop and finished my blog post for Sunday. It wasn’t long my sweeties got up and we made our hot morning drinks.
And the pond is so pretty this morning
After reading our friend’s posts we both did our separate things. I left for a walk and Bill got ready to drive the truck over to the Acreage to meet up with and help Donna and Gerry winterize their trailers. On my walk today, I wandered down past the entrance to the wind turbine and noticed a service truck open the gate and drive in. Well, the driver opened the gate.
My geraniums are taking hold
When I turned back he drove out but left the gate open so it meant he would be back. This was good for Bill and I since we have been listening to the turbine whining for quite some time. It isn’t a bother but we knew one day they would have to repair it. I returned and Bill had left. It was shortly after 9.
Looking back towards home
I moved inside and made myself another tea and cleaned out the laundry cupboard in the hall closet. There were a few things in there that didn’t need to be so I removed them to store in the bunky. Then I sorted through our closet in the bedroom. This is where I keep a couple of white storage containers with sewing materials and small bottles of artistic paint and brushes.
When a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?
I'll take the colour where I can get it

Removing what we didn’t need here freed up a lot of space. I kept a few bottles of paint and brushes in case I felt the ‘urge’ to paint during the winter months. Now, the floor of the closet for the most part is clear. I have a feeling we will find something else that can go in there. Stay tuned!

Out of the closet, into the bunky
In my cleanse, I found a couple of things that needed stitching so brought them to the table with my small sewing kit that will remain in the Suite. Then I took my hat, garden shoes and gloves out to the vegetable garden. With the spade I dug up the swiss chard and dug around the tomatoes and peppers. I couldn’t believe how close the rocks were to the surface of the earth. After all that I dug out in the spring to create the garden I was shocked at how many more I found 6” down.

The closet floor is bare
Now we can vacuum in here!
At least now the garden is ready for next spring’s plantings. I finished up by raking the newly turned soil. It was quite a warm day so it felt good to get this job out of the way. Clemson was outside with me, sitting on his stool the whole time I worked in the garden up on the hill.
Tomorrow's project, under the bed
Every once in a while, I would hear voices and clanging sounds from the direction of the turbine and realized that the guys were up there working. I ran inside and grabbed my camera with a zoom lens. I could see them up there moving around at heights that would freak me out. I cleaned up by dumping the swiss chard leaves into the composter before putting the wheelbarrow and shovel away.
Part of the garden ready for spring
Now, time to wash up and sit in the sun with my book. I’m quite caught up in this story, David Baldacci has done it again. I relaxed for about an hour before realizing that I was feeling peckish. Inside I cut some cheese and had a small piece of pumpkin cheesecake leftover from yesterday. The cheese filled me enough since it was already 1 pm and we’d be eating by 6.
Clemson enjoys the sun while he thinks about wandering away
I texted Bill to make sure everything at The Acreage was okay. I hadn’t heard for 4 hours. He replied ‘yes’ so knowing that I weeded around the bunky where I have irises planted. With just a couple more things to tidy up over the next day or two, my yard work will be done. I can’t believe we will be pulling out of here in two weeks.
this is the noisy turbine
When Bill returned at 2 he needed to grab a quick bite as well and a snooze. I delved into my book some more. Donna and Gerry popped in around 4:30 after they finished a lot of their ‘winter prepping’ at their other property. We sat and caught up a bit before saying goodbye. It has been a really good weekend, the weather was on our side.

Notice the worker up there?
For supper, Bill barbecued a couple of garlic sausage and we had a garden salad on the side. It was filling with our glasses of milk.

After dishes, I worked on my post and Bill put Murdoch Mysteries on. The Voice was on after that so I didn’t get any more reading in today. I hope your day has been a good one.

Our red maple is the prettiest tree in our area
Recognize it, George?
Thank you for reading. All comments are welcome


  1. Seeing a turbine with people up there really underlines how big they are!

    1. It always amazes me! I missed capturing him walking across the head.

  2. First a Belated Happy Thanksgiving.
    My sister was here for a few days and I had not done any Blog reading. Sorry to read your Uncle had died. I just wanted to say, hope you do not mind me adding my "two cents", I am sure it was a heartbreaking decision not to bring your mom to her brother's funeral but having been through this disease with Tom's mom I know you made the right one.
    I agree your pond is beautiful in the morning sun.
    Sounds like you are getting everything ready to take off. Looking at your countdown I am just a little jealous but I am confident, staying positive, we will not be far behind.
    The fall color is taking forever here this year, also.

    1. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes.
      I hope you had a nice visit with your sister. Your opinion is welcome anytime, Deb! Thank you for your support, it wasn't easy.........and yet it was. Being with her the most, I knew what was best for her and was glad the nurse agreed with me.
      We are getting close, my head is spinning about our travel direction now hearing of the Colorado and Montana snows. I had a route planned but it may take a detour south.
      We are thinking of you and Tom, things will go well and you will also soon be on the road. :)

  3. Nice to have a relaxing day around the house. Hope they fix that Turbine noise. Baldacci does write some excellent books.

  4. You're really getting things done! The colors are really changing quickly. The picture with your pond is beautiful! Dinner looked really good too!!