Sunday, October 29, 2017

Amazing Views, Arches National Park, Fuel, Propane and Food

Sunday, Oct. 29th I was awake at 5 am and couldn’t seem to drop off to sleep again. I was well rested having gone to bed at shortly after 9 pm. Actually, we both went to bed that early, couldn’t keep our eyes open to read. Now, we have had our morning drinks, checked our blog posts and comments and I’m watching all around me for the sun to pop up over the mountains.
It is a cool 41F/5C this morning just after 7:30 am. I had an email for a spot the station viewing at 6:29 but I was too late reading the email so missed it. Darn! Not sure if it would be the same here as in Arizona but I would have checked. Let me tell you something. What they say about this being the state with the darkest night skies to view stars in is bang on! I looked out this morning at 6:15 and the sky was black but full of the most spectacular sparkles. Some towns call it “the greatest earth on show”, I like that.

At 8 o’clock, it popped, the sun I mean and it was illuminating the red mountains behind and around us like nothing we’ve seen. The colours, well, you get my drift. After taking a few morning pictures, I watched as 4 campers busied themselves around this little setup. Okay, yes, we are spoiled. We’ve certainly moved beyond this type of ‘boondocking’. Hoorah to them though! Not sure where they all slept though.

The sun across our spot
Boondockers, extraordinaire
Inside we had some cereal, yogourt and banana and had a ‘sink’ bath. Trying to decide what to wear today, I’m sure it will be on the chilly side if we hike at all. Now that we know there is a biking event on this weekend, it explains all of the vehicles throughout town with 2, 3 4 and 5 bikes loaded in or on them. There is quite a nice path, a very long path on the east side of 191S and we noticed many adventurous bikers climbing the steep inclines. Not for me. I bike only on flat surfaces.
This is just a tease to get you interested
By 9:15 we were ready to go and give Clemson his ‘look after the house’ treat. He accepts the duty with pride. First we drove into Moab to fill up the tank, even though we were sure it wasn’t necessary we don’t need to be worrying about things. The entry to Arches Monument National Park is $25 per vehicle. We tossed around how to handle this, since we want to visit at least 2 more either in Utah or Arizona. So, we bought a yearly pass for $80, we think this makes sense for us.

Follow me
Oohing and aahing all the way, oh wait, it was honestly more like “Holy shhit!” and “Can you believe this?” This crazy natural display of rock for the next 40 miles cannot be described in mere words. My pictures will not do it justice but if you haven’t been here, they will at least knock your socks off, I think. I’m going to let them speak for themselves with the odd caption. Enjoy!

See Bill in the front corner?
The Delicate Arch off in the distance

You can read about it here

Sand Dune Arch

They needed to place a ladder up to this cave
I would have loved to see in there!

Only stick people allowed

My guy

Tunnel Arch
I will follow you, follow you wherever you may go
There isn't a mountain so steep.........

Not a rock, I admit, but a very very interesting dead tree
The softest red sand
this looks like the dinosaur from the Dinosaur Highway we traveled on (191S)
Can you see him?
Apparently, the more you look at these rocks, the more you see in them
These look like a gathering of monks
After leaving the last arch sighting that we were going to see today, we turned around and headed back. There was one more we specifically wanted to see called the Double “O” which is two huge holes side by side. 

We turned around here where others trudged forward
Unfortunately, we were tired from all the climbing, hot from the weather and dry from our stupidity of not bringing water. The last two arches involved a fair bit of up and down on steep rocky inclines as well as least another couple of miles.

Okay, now time for some fun pictures
Before hopping in Black Beauty I needed to use the facilities
I got a kick out of these instructions especially the 3rd one
We felt awesome with what we’ve seen and don’t feel the need to go back tomorrow. We have another park we wish to visit. We drove into Moab once more and Bill got his propane tank filled by this cowboy 
Our propane cowboy
and I got groceries at City Market. The Suite fridge was looking pretty sparse. Now at least we can eat for a few more days! We got back home around 3 and were very happy with our day. Clemson was happy to see us and he got his supper soon after. As Bill said “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”.

Is anyone looking? Hey, look at me! I'm the driver!
We sat and sorted through pictures and deleted some. Trying to decide what to put in our posts is the tough part. I’ve gone easy on you all, believe me, we each took just under 200 today. The sun has been awesome all day, full blue sky and sitting here now at 5 pm the temperature outdoors is a glorious 73F/22.7C. Wow! I’m a little blown away by how lucky I feel, being able to do this and our trip is just beginning.
And if you have really good eyes, you can see that one 'crazy, dare devil' had to
"Climb every mountain"
It is going to be a simple supper tonight. Since we haven’t had bacon and eggs for a few days, I’m cooking up a mess of mini sausages and eggs. Bill has some great ideas…………..some time. 😊 This is also an early sign off. I figure with all the pictures and my gabbing, you’ll be tired too at the end. I hope this day has been wonderful for you too!
This picture shows just how much rock actually breaks off the formations

Across 191S, from the park entrance, is the most fun-looking sandhill
It was full yesterday but this morning only a couple of kids

Where we got our propane

the 'new' sign at the gate to where we are camped
We heard the dog from the travel trailer behind us barking up a storm
when I looked, this is what he was barking at
It is a black metal statue that the owners have placed here
In answer to Bill's question "Are you still posting?"
I am finished now.
Good night!
Thank you for walking with us today. If you have time and wish to comment, I’d love to read it.


  1. I just love your blog, at home and traveling! So down to earth, and I love hearing your views on things you see. Keep those blog posts coming, and enjoy your visit to our United States of America! ~Pam in Louisiana~

    1. Aah, thank you so much Pam. Blurkers like you make it worthwhile to write on those nights when I feel too tired. Thank you for the kind words. We are loving the USA, hoping things don't change that. :)

  2. I sure am enjoying your trip. Great photos and commentary!! Thank you! You all are lifesavers for us homebound folks.
    Don in Okla.

  3. You're right, those pictures knock your sox off! Stunning scenery.

    1. Good! You can put your socks back on now, I think you are experiencing some cold temperatures. :)

  4. So glad that you got to enjoy the arches, we spent 2 days there and toured so much more in the area.
    Have too much fun. and remember to take water.

  5. Looks like a great place to visit, thanks for sharing! We always buy an annual National Park pass it is definitely the best value and you will need it in Sedona.

    1. It is beautiful here. We're happy to buy the pass, it made sense when we looked at the entrance fees for each park.

  6. Love your excitement! can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

  7. Fantastic rock pictures. Definitely a photographer's paradise! MB

    1. Thank you, every which way you look you want to snap another picture!

  8. I really enjoyed your pictures. The ones with actual people bring them into perspective for sure...amazing!

  9. Patsy..we see you came in on 191S. While you're in Moab you NEED to take highway 128 towards Red Cliff Lodge..the road runs right along the river and you will see even more spectacular scenery!! You want oh wow, you won't quit saying it! Arches is one of our most favorite parks, didn't look too crowded either. City Market, love that little grocery! So glad you are enjoying!!

  10. Loved the photos. Such a beautiful day too!