Sunday, October 1, 2017

Positive Weather Vibes, Party Day Means Another Year Older, Perfect, Full House

We woke up on Saturday, Sept. 30th basically at the same time. It was before 6 when Bill reached across and rubbed my arm. I think there was a little excitement in the air and in our minds for the upcoming day. I’ve been praying for a sunny day all week and even if that only partially comes true, a good day it will be!

Today, Bill turns 65. A great number! No one should grumble about getting older, I don’t think I have, ever. 60 gave me a bit of a start but when you think each year older means you’ve beat the alternative, what is to grumble about? I gave Bill a card and some jubes, one of his favourite treats. He gave me a look of “I told you not to get me anything” and quick on my feet I said “They are from Clemson”. Mom didn’t raise any dummies!
Happy Birthday Bill!

After my first tea, I drove into the Foodland to pick up my Romaine lettuce hearts and a couple of other things needed for our everyday living. Bill was on the move too but went the other direction to fill the water bladder at the Acreage. The sun is making an appearance and that is so encouraging! Back at the ranch, I mean, the Ridge, I cooked the hamburger and sauce for lasagna. How much will 10 people eat? We’ll find out!

Bill worked away at installing the equipment shelf in the bedroom and only needed my help to hold the tv once. The tv needed to be removed so he could screw into the bottom of the cabinet and it gave me an opportunity to dust back there. Oooh! That is disgusting, I’m glad no one else saw that!
It is a different colour but with the black tv and window shade it seems to blend in just fine
It looks great! and I have my cupboard back
While he was doing this, I got out my ‘newly-discovered’ waffle maker and finished off the remaining batter for breakfast. Bill loved them and I loved the quick, easy prep and cleanup. After eating, he vacuumed up his mess and put things away and I finished putting the lasagna together into two foil pans. My daughter interrupted our prepping with a phone call to her step Dad to wish him Happy Birthday. She is a keeper for sure! A phone call is so much nicer than a FB or text message, let’s face it.

And the sky is co-operating
 The good news for us is that her weekend plans all fell apart so I thought I’d invite her to come for dinner. One more mouth to feed meant nothing and Bill was very pleased when she said yes! If we’d had more room and if more family lived closer, I could have invited more but geographically it didn’t make sense for them to drive so far for such a short stay. The indoor space for a larger crowd is one thing we have sacrificed but we entertain however we can. One of his daughters would have come being only an hour away but she is in Myrtle Beach until tomorrow.
Turtles still gather on the log to get their suntans
With most things started, I took a walk down to the corner of Baptist Church Road. I wanted to see how cold 8C really was and was it feasible if we wanted to hang around outside at all. The winds are the kicker even though that sun is very warm. We might be sitting inside all afternoon which would be unfortunate but still entertaining!
I had my shower around 1 and Bill finished vacuuming the Suite and decided to lie down for his nap. He has been going steady since he got up too. The geese were in the pond again this morning, I’m sure also planning their journey south. I love how they follow each other through the channels in our ponds. Woops! I spooked them again!
Follow the leader


I walked up to my garden and gathered today’s bounty and as I walked down on the south side of the Suite I noticed that there was hardly any wind back there. Hmmm. I really wanted us to sit outside in the beautiful sun and this seemed possible since the wind was coming from the north. I began setting up our chairs in the sun in a circle and Bill joined me. 
A nice warm spot and Bill and Clemson relax for a bit
It wasn’t too long when our guests began to arrive around 3.
Our 'family' friends, Pat and Rob

My sister, Donna and Gerry

My sister, Cathy and Bill

My sister, Gayle and John

Our friend, Mike (also 'family')

My daughter, Bridgette with Clemson and Rob
At 4 I popped one pan of lasagna into the convection oven for an hour. Once it finished, we placed it on the grill mat in the Weber at a low temperature to keep it warm. The second pan went in the oven and by the time it was cooked we served dinner up. I’d planned this process out in my head many times over the last couple of days. How are we going to cook both pans to be able to serve them hot? Hmmm.

Supper was ready just after 6 and by the time we ‘herded’ everyone inside and got them seated it was close to 6:30. I dished up lasagna and they helped themselves in buffet style to the Caesar salad and rolls. We indeed had a full house but everyone was seated comfortably and enjoyed the meal. I heard many times ‘this is really good, Pat’ so that made everything worthwhile. Bill enjoyed himself and I do believe everyone else did as well.
We've moved inside and our addition of  the hi-lo coffee table was an asset

Couldn't get a smile out of Bill no how!

Mike declined a seat at the table so I could sit
and found it 'just fine' on the stairs

This one includes Gayle eating off our keyboard tray

When I brought in the carrot cake from the bunky, I lit the tea light candle I’d put in the centre and we started singing Happy Birthday. 

We had many choices for dessert as I had a Black Forest Cake and Rob and Pat brought a variety box of cheesecake. Yum! 
Forgot to capture desserts before we dug in
When the evening rolled on with laughter and stories, I felt very content and relaxed. Saying goodbye to our friends and family we all noticed how cold it was, already dropped to 8C.

The dishes will wait for morning, I’m only keeping the plastic plates and tossing the plastic ware. We have lots in a large box from Costco from years ago. Bridgette has the farthest to drive so I will be anxious to hear that she got home in her little Mini Cooper. I love her new look with at least 10” of her hair cut off. It was so great that she came for the afternoon/evening.
I'll pat myself on the back for putting a successful party together
Bill was very thankful
Just enough lasagna left for two - perfect!
Bill and I had another sliver of cheesecake and I poured myself some more Colio Blush wine. Time to really relax. We watched some tv and settled in for the evening.  I wouldn’t change a thing! The sun was hot and we sat outside out of the wind for at least 3 hours. I hope your day was at least half as good as ours.

Thank you for stopping in today. I love reading your comments.


  1. It was a great day Pat. The meal was delicious and the company fantastic. It was nice that the weather co-operated as well. Thanks for the invite!

    1. Thanks, it was made perfect by the company! Glad everyone was able to celebrate with us.

  2. It was a great day for sure and having friends and family to help celebrate made it even better. Best of all, was spending it with the love of my life, who wanted to have this celebration and put it all together. Spending the day with her would have been enough, but she wouldn't hear of it. Thank you sweetheart, love you always.

    1. Aaah, the day was perfect, even the weather co-operated as I said it would. :)
      You are welcome, I'm happy to go the extra mile for you. xo

  3. Happy Birthday Bill looks like you had an awesome day !
    What a wonderful way to celebrate Bill's 65th.a fun get together for sure.

    1. It was wonderful from beginning to end and now as Pat says "Cash for Life!"

  4. First off, Happy Birthday Bill!! What a great party you had! Looks like so much fun, and homey..very comfortable! I'm glad the weather was good and you enjoyed the best of both worlds. Dinner sounds amazing and dessert looked wonderful. Good for you letting the dishes wait for today. Too many people in this world have to get them done right away..

    1. Bill thanks you both for the wishes. He had fun, heck we all did!
      Things went well, and both pans of lasagna were hot for the serving.
      Dishes are just dishes and I was able to tuck them under the sink covers until morning. :) They are all done up now.

  5. Replies
    1. Most prep was done early so we could relax until time to eat. :)

  6. Tom and I would like to wish Bill a Happy Birthday! Looks like he had a wonderful celebration with family and friends.
    I would have to agree with you about getting older...better then not doing so...:)
    Always enjoy the pictures of your pond.

    1. Bill thanks you both for the birthday wishes. Says he doesn't feel any older so that is a good thing.
      We've done 'parties' for ourselves (either surprises or not) on the milestones....50, 60 and now 65. :) I enjoy planning them.

  7. Well Bill now your a certified Senior, congratulations. Glad to see you had a wonderful day; and Patsy planned it very well. Happy Birthday Bill! See you guys in Quartzsite. Kathy & Rick Rousseau It's about time!

  8. Well Happy Birthday Bill! And well done Pat! Sure got a beautiful day for it.