Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dizzy Miss Lizzie, Another Slow Kind of Day and Baking

On Thursday, Oct. 12th it was way too early the first time I looked at the clock to do anything but try and go back to sleep. I knew it was going to be a long restless night when it read 3:40 am. It is funny what a small ache in my big toe can do. I must have sprained it somehow in my lazy day yesterday because it was aching when I woke up. That is strange but I wasn’t going to crawl out of bed to take an Advil just for that! 

Bacon, eggs and eggplant - yum
 So, a few times after that I woke again and finally must have dropped off. It was 7:30 when I got up. Oh great, my toe wasn’t aching anymore! I crept to the end of the bed and as I bent over to pick up my socks and slippers, I felt dizzy. Oh no! Blimey! this wasn’t a good start to my day! Since I was half dressed, I still got up, came downstairs and opened the blinds. Without further ado I just sat back in my recliner waiting for the spinning feeling to pass. I’ve had much worse so I wasn’t too concerned.

Baking Day!
Bill and Clemson got up a few minutes after me and inquired about my position in the chair instead of at the table. He made me my tea and very soon after, I felt better. Good! The day can only get better from here on in, folks! We read blog posts from our friends and discussed some things regarding our approaching departure and route to the southwest. We had our propane heater on all night last night so we were toasty warm and it was nice to wake up to a comfy home.

Our Blue Flame Heater keeps us toasty
Bill had it turned down to 1 ½ so we popped it up a notch while we sat here so it could raise the inside temperature up to a comfortable 20C. Today is looking dull so far but we should see some sun before too long as we aren’t expecting rain. I had a graham cracker crust already baked from the other day so I decided to make up another pumpkin cheesecake. I always seem to see a better deal on large cans of pumpkin than smaller ones which means more left over than what I need. I’ll get creative with the last half of the can, pumpkin bread or muffins? Hmmm, maybe but another day.

I popped the cheesecake in the oven and then wondered if there is something I can make up that is easily transported for the CanAm crew. One year I made up my no wheat, no sugar, chocolate brownies and Kirk grumbled because they were so good. Ha ha, but they weren’t ‘bad’ for them either so they were all eaten up over a couple of days. This year, maybe I need to hear him grumble at me for more goodies, since I missed it last year. 😊 Love ya, Kirk!
cheesecake and peanut butter cookies

Chef a la Pat
Bill bundled up, yes, it is only 10C out there, and went out to dump our black tank just after 12:30. He has set this process up quite nicely so that it doesn’t take any time at all. He only fills the Blue (gray) Boy half full so he can pull it across the gravel and that means a couple of trips. It works well, this has definitely added to the value of the outhouse for us. Almost as good as a sewer hookup.

After my baking was almost done, I got out our 3-step ladder from the hall closet and removed all the canned and boxed foods from the upper china cupboard. I call it a china cupboard only because it has glass doors and it differentiates the cupboards. Now is a good time to do this because there isn’t a lot up there. Less food = less weight and that is our target this winter.

Upper shelf organized and portioned to the front half
I will make note of what is up there, if we need to re-stock anything and then place an extension bar half way back on the top shelf. No need for it to be jam-packed full if things sit in the back where we can’t reach them. I’d forget too easily what was up there! Finishing that chore I was feeling cooped up, so I thought about going for a leg stretch. This weather is making me feel lazy!

So, I put on a sweater and my hoody and stepped outside. Wow! There was a rush of cold wind that blew in my face as I ventured out . I didn’t like it and it made me glad to be heading where we’re heading in a little over a week. I put something in the bunky, used the Restroom and walked down the laneway at a very fast pace. The flag for mail was up and I gathered the flyers and a lost birthday card before walking back up.

The garment bag packed
There was also a letter from the Canadian Cancer Society. Crap! Now this is what I’m talking about when I say I don’t like the whole idea of mammograms or other such tests. From the moment I took it out of the box and during the 5 minutes (not even that) it took to walk up the lane into the Suite, my stress level, heart rate and blood pressure was probably an abnormal high. This ‘could’ be not so great news even though common sense tells me it probably wouldn’t come in a letter. Duh!

I sat down and opened it. Everything slides back to normal as I read “your recent mammogram of Sept/17 did not show any signs…….”. Yes, I’m relieved but not because I thought they might find something. I’m relieved because during that walk up the lane way, I ran scenarios quickly through my head. Leaving in 10 days. What if?Well, you get my drift. I’m good to go for another couple of years where I will go through it all over again……..maybe, likely.

My supper, chop and chips
You can tell that ketchup isn't my thing on my home fries
I prefer butter and sour cream
 Back inside, I flipped through the flyers and worked on Dad’s My Heritage site for a bit before having my shower. Get it out of the way now so Bill can have his in the morning. Things are mostly packed up except for Clemson’s stuff. We are leaving here just before 8 am.

Bill's fish and chips
Tonight, for supper, we are eating different foods. I’ll fry the last Tilapia filet that was in the freezer and grilling the last smoked pork chop. I doubt there will be a fight over who gets what but we’ll see how it turns out. I think I’ll do up fries to have with our dinner.

Just before dinner, Bill pulled out the garment bag that he uses for our hanging clothes and as his only suitcase. I have my own bag for folded clothes and more personal items. With that laying on the bed, flat, we laid our hangers in place. You need to know that all of this doesn’t go unnoticed. There are two little black eyes watching and listening to our every move.

The eyes in the mirror give him away
We prepare supper, deep frying the potatoes and grilling the fish and the chop inside. It is too windy and cold for anyone to be standing outside tonight. Bill enjoyed the Tilapia and I enjoyed the smoked chop very much. It was almost too much but I ate it all. Yes, the t-shirt “I ate the whole thing!” should be in my wardrobe.

After dinner while we cleaned up the mess, this is where our little guy was. This is the part that makes me sad about leaving him. He knows something is up and I’m sure figures if he sits on the suitcase, he goes too. Maybe he doesn’t think that at all but it is what my crazy mind conjures up. Ha ha! Bill said the exact same thing minutes after me writing that. 

Bill decided to shower tonight as well and in the morning, all we have to do is pack up our pooch’s things.

In case you missed him in the first photo
There was no sun today after all, so no sunset. I haven’t been outside much today but it has still been a good day. I’ve made some cookies, some squares as well as a cheesecake so feel good about that. There are soup days and then there are baking days.
Definite baking day
I hope you've enjoyed your day whatever it was for you. Looking ahead, tomorrow is a day many people get worried about so I hope that you aren’t superstitious!

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  1. You had a nice productive day and now you are ready for the rv show fun. Enjoy it as I know you will.
    We have worked one many years ago and went to numerous. Finally the novelty wore off, Nothing we want to see in rv's, maybe because we love ours and our lifestyle.
    Soon you be back home getting ready to hit the road again!

    1. It was a good day for sure and we're looking forward to the weekend fun too.
      We aren't looking for a new rv but we still like to see what is out there and like to encourage others to take the plunge.

  2. Sounds like you had a productive baking day. Enjoy your next few days...hope you get time to use the pool.
    When I first saw the picture of the eyes in the mirror I thought you had a little goblin in your Suite...:)

    1. Thank you, that little goblin is real and he knows how to sneak into my guilty heart. :)

  3. It was a cool 'fall' day for sure. I guess that is more the norm for this time of year but we have been spoiled. Maybe Clemson is just wondering where his bag is for his 'sleep over' at Pat & Rob's. HE's just hiding his excitement so you don't feel bad ;-).

  4. Glad you're dizziness subsided so you could do all that wonderful baking! Looks delicious! Speaking of, you're dinner (both of them) looked really good. We had two different yesterday too. Your breakfast looked great and we were really surprised when you said eggplant?! Gotta know how you cook that, I think i've only cooked it once. I'm sure Clemson will have a great time, but that suitcase picture, just gets me :)