Monday, October 2, 2017

The Morning After, Summer Returns, Some Garden Cleanup and Projects off the List

On Sunday, Oct. 1st I woke up around my normal time and Bill was just getting dressed. When I came downstairs Bill said that we’d had some light frost overnight so without hesitating I went out, filled my watering can and did the Mary Mary Quite Contrary thing and watered my tomato and pepper plants before the sun hit them. It wouldn’t be terrible at this stage if I lost the many little green tomatoes but I have 3 or 4 peppers soon ready to be picked.
The morning after
 We had tea and coffee together and I finished adding pictures to my post so I could publish it shortly after 8. Then I washed the dishes and Bill dried. We used plastic forks and real knives as well as our plastic plates so really not much clean up at all. With the thermometer reading only 5C I wasn’t in a hurry to take a walk yet, later for sure.

Ptooties was cold this morning
It was the first day of the month so Bill gave Clemson his Revolution treatment for heartworm and fleas. Clemson sits patiently as he knows there is a treat at the end of it all. Thinking on yesterday, I feel so happy that it went so well. The weather turned out perfectly and it was quite warm sitting in the heat of the sun. The friends that joined us are as my brother-in-law said “the family we choose”. It was a successful party.
Nice day for a later walk
Nice attendance at church this morning
I was so tired that I was in bed just before the clock struck 10 pm and asleep within a couple of minutes. Bridgette got home to Cambridge safely but forgot to text us so Bill stayed up for a while waiting. We’ve both forgotten to do this before so weren’t overly concerned but it was still nice this morning to get her response.

I like the way the trees line this driveway
Not to bring a 5th wheel in though
With no cooking required in the convection/microwave oven, we unplugged and turned on the inverter. Putting the solar panels to work today, they’ve had enough of a holiday! I was talking about doing laundry today but since tomorrow will be even nicer, I’m going to put it off. It has been well over a week so someone in the household is running out of clothes and it is too chilly to ‘bare’ it!

My usually full shelf is ready for winter

Two buckets full and no black sheep

The projects are never-ending but now that I have Bill home from now until we leave, he is able to complete them instead of just listing them off. I’ve started to prep my Winter book of expenses carrying on from last year. I finalized in April from last year and have it documented on an Excel spreadsheet. My daily hand-written recordings made it so easy.

the garden tidied up
I have garden work to do so put on my work duds and headed out after we had a bit to eat for lunch. Bill worked on connecting the satellite box in our underbelly for the new tv he has installed. I had my little Avon stool and 2 empty buckets from the storage shed pulled out and set to work in my flower garden. The sun felt so good on my back and I soon removed my long sleeves.
side view
The buckets were what I used to put my garden ornaments in for the winter. No, I don’t have any garden gnomes but many other things in the garden and on my shelf units on the outside of the bunky. I don’t need to put things away from the Restroom, other than the toilet paper, nor from the bunky. The bunky is insulated and well protected from critters but if they should find a way, all of my blankets etc. will be vacuum-sealed in bags.
Bill cleaned up the storage shed and made racking for the kayaks
I didn't get pictures of the tv/satellite hookup
nor the grass cutting
 I cut off all of the hostas in that area, as well as tiger and day lilies. At the same time I weeded the few grasses and still a few gout weed plants that I found throughout the garden. It looks better and it feels much better having it cleaned up in its winter attire. 

There are a few more hostas around the property to clip so tomorrow or Wednesday I can take care of those. My back told me when it was time to quit so I put things away and sat with my book for awhile.
If you look close you can see the flies in between the screen and window of the bunky
Bill didn’t stop. From that first job, he moved to the storage shed and made shelves for our kayaks. We put the gravity chairs away and the hammock as we won’t be using those anymore this year. I filled my two tubs and Bill tucked those in their respective spots as well. I’m waiting to hear from my son, Patrick, as to whether they will be using the bunky on Thanksgiving Sunday. Last year they stayed overnight rather than drive the 2 ½ hours home.

If they decide not to do that this year, we can fold up the futon and start packing things away in there. I won’t pressure them in any way, just waiting to get his response tomorrow. When Bill finished what he could in the shed he hopped on the riding mower and cut the grass on our hill behind us and the front field. He was in the mood to work and I was in the mood to sit and read. I managed to finish my James Patterson, wow!

As promised, the finished shelf unit installed under the bedroom tv
I fed Clemson at 5 and when Bill finished at 6 we plugged into electric again and I used the oven to warm up our roast beef, potatoes, carrots and gravy. It didn’t take long and was a very satisfying meal. We each had a glass of wine with our meal, cleaning up a couple of open bottles left from yesterday. After supper, I went upstairs and watched one of my favourite movies, Déjà vu with Denzel Washington and Val Kilmer. I couldn’t talk Bill into watching it with me but that’s okay, Clemson joined me. I wanted to check out how well the new location worked with the remotes. 

Hubba hubba, I love this guy!

There sure isn’t much on tv on Sunday night yet although Madame Secretary starts next week. That will help. I sat at my laptop and finished my post, basically putting in time as I tried to keep my eyes open. I feel that I tweaked my back today in not a good way so will be in bed soon. I hope it wasn’t my stool that caused that discomfort.

And because I was so engrossed with Denzel, this is all I saw of the sunset
 This has been both a productive and a relaxing day for me and it has been good. I hope that you got what you wanted to out of your day.

Good night all
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  1. Sounds like a nice productive day enjoying more of this wonderful sunshine. Nice to get things all wrapped up before you head south again.

    1. Each day we get more done, sometimes work but always pleasure!

  2. Sounds like you both had a very productive day. Tom has been very slowly doing some of the same stuff. The garden and fence decorations are stored and chairs are disappearing...:)
    Even though we are in a holding pattern lists are being made and I am moving things back into the Stinger "B".
    Like your new shelf. Bill does good work.

    1. Thanks Deb (from Bill) it is something I've always said.

    2. Nice job with the shelf Bill.
      If you are having Back issues, using a stool or picnic table to sit on is not recommended. You need something to support your lower back otherwise you are only making it worse.
      (Voice of experience after many back injuries.)
      Be Safe and Enjoy!

      It's about time.

    3. I think you misunderstood.........I don't have back issues that is why I think the stool was my problem. :) Thanks though for the tip. It felt better than sitting on the ground so had to keep repositioning myself.

  3. A beautiful day you had! We love the old fencing and your garden, beautiful! At the rate you're working you'll be ready to go sooner than your leave date. Could you leave sooner if you wanted?

    1. It is lovely up here although we don't know how long we'll have this place. One day my brother-in-law will want to sell it. We enjoy it while we can.
      The sooner we leave, the earlier we have to be home so weighing it out is the tough part. :)