Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Waking to Rain, Must be Fall, Rockwood Visit, Weekend Prep

Looking at the clock for the first time this morning, Wednesday, Oct. 11th, it was 6:45 am. I was still tired, that is what staying up until 11 pm does to me. So, I rolled over and dropped off until we both woke an hour later. We rose to the sound of rain outside so Bill put the awnings out to step outside with Clemson. It felt cool inside the Suite so once more we put the heater on low to take the chill and dampness out. Our thermometer said 7C outside.
So gradually, the colours on Baptist Church Road

At 6 the rain appeared to be stopping
 We had our first hot drinks while reading blog posts. It is always very exciting to me to have new readers comment on my blog. People that say they have been reading for a while and I want to thank those of you who take the time to make a comment, however brief. These make a blogger’s day, hearing from you, knowing that our writing isn’t only giving us, the blogger, enjoyment. So, Thank you!

The clouds seemed to be lifting
Today, being a dull drizzly rainy day meant no outside work but that meant it would be a good day to go into Durham to visit Aunt Mary and Mom. I like to see Mary first so I don’t have to explain to Mom that I’m saying goodbye to her to go and see someone else. She wants us all to herself when we visit and I can’t fault her for that, we belong to her where little else does.

I washed up and got dressed before having a small bowl of Bill’s cereal. I’m not crazy about doing that, grains are not my thing, but wanted something in my tummy in case I carried on to Hanover after visiting Mom.  I drove into town about 10:15 and ran through the rain into Rockwood. My hands were so cold, Mom won’t want to touch me! Ha ha

So first I went around the corner to visit Aunt Mary. I caught her just coming out of her room. Unfortunately, without the ability to communicate I didn’t know where she was headed. So, I walked with her as far as the elevator where she indicated she was going downstairs. I wanted to see Mom so told Mary and said goodbye. I hope I didn’t confuse her by leaving but she seemed to know where she was headed.

As I rounded the corner at the desk, I saw Mom looking at me in recognition. God, I’m so glad she still knows us! She hugged me and we walked down the hall to sit and look out at the school yard. Too bad it was raining or she would be able to see the children out playing at recess. We sat and talked about my travel plans with Bill for over half hour and walked back to the puzzle room. There was a 300 pc. large piece puzzle on the table so we sat and finished that. These are the perfect size for her and she gets such joy in placing the pieces.

sorry for the blur
At 11:45 we went downstairs to the dining room and I said goodbye. Aunt Mary is usually seated at her own table but she wasn’t there so I hope she found where she was going. I drove home in the rain with soup on my mind, not the foggy pea soup I saw yesterday but cream of mushroom soup. When I got home, Bill had our little ironing board and iron out, getting his clothes ready for the weekend. Such a do-it-yourself kind of guy!

Bill sat in his recliner with his book after we did the dishes from our soup and I went upstairs to find 3 good outfits to take and wear for the RV show. We try to dress in the CanAm colour blue and we have our name tags. We are, after all representing the company. Bill has more along that line than I do so I have to do some improvising. I also want to be sure to pack a pair of relaxing leggings and sweatshirt for sitting around the hotel room. Oh, yes, and my bathing suit…….just in case there is time to go down to the pool.

I came down to find the book closed and both boys asleep in the chair. We’d decided to watch one or two of our recorded programs from Monday night since it was a soup, dozing, television kind of inside day! I puttered around and waited until they woke up on their own. On a day like this, unfortunately there is always more of my babble than there are pictures so I hope you don’t mind that I’ve focused on a few of tonight's sky pictures.

The rest of this damp cold day went uneventfully watching The Voice, The Good Doctor and Madame Secretary. All good except there was a mix up with the latter. Someone goofed and instead of the ‘new’ Season 4 premiere episode, they played one of the last season’s finale episodes. It was good to get a refresh from last season but we’re sure it wasn’t intentional. We'll have to watch the next one and see if we get caught up.

Clemson is getting persistent lately, earlier, so maybe prepping for our winter trip and the time changes. Bill fed him at 4 o'clock. We still had enough chili left over so we had the last of it on toast for supper. The perfect thing on a wet cold night. The temperature never budged all day, in fact dropping to 6C early afternoon. 

I was blessed by looking outside at just the right moment tonight. I donned my sweater and stepped out to capture the sky. Our day was a quiet one and yet we still managed to get some things done. I hope you can say the same!

Today's finale
Thank you for reading today, your comments are always fun to read.


  1. Nice that you had a productive day and know you will enjoy the Rv show this weekend, and a vacation in the hotel.

    1. Each day one more thing gets done, however small. It will be a fun weekend.

  2. Hi Pat
    Thank you so much for taking the time to drop in and see aunt Mary . Getting excited to watch Mr. Clemson on the weekend . Hope you enjoy your time at the RV show . Even if you do have to work . But you will have that pool waiting for you when you get back to the room . ����

    1. My pleasure, not sure where Aunt Mary was headed though.
      Clemson has been told so I'm sure he's excited too!
      Easy work at the show, except on our feet most of the day is the hardest part.
      Hopeful to get at least one dip in the pool!

  3. Neat sky pictures. Soup day for us here in Kansas USA as well.

    1. thank you, Hope you enjoyed your soup!

  4. First of all, I am not sure I will be sharing your reply to my comments on your blog from last night. Tom watches the American Pickers whenever he can and will want me to route us that way also...LOL Especially, since when we leave Wisconsin the next state we will drive into is Iowa.
    Sounds like a nice visit with your mom. Soup, on the day you described, sounds like the perfect meal.
    Enjoy your weekend at the RV show.
    Like your end of the day pictures.

    1. ha ha, sorry Deb for mentioning A.P. We both love the show so it would be nice to stop in and meet the 3 of them. Danielle is such a sweetie.
      The rv show will be a good time although long days we get treated really well.

  5. Really was a long wet day here. Starting to move a few things tomorrow! Still packing other stuff.

    1. Hopefully a drier day for you today, Thursday.

  6. Sounds llke a nice visit with mom, sure it makes her day when you show up. Your sunsets are lovely. I gotta feeling Clemson will be spoiled this weekend..:)