Saturday, October 7, 2017

Dull Day for a Funeral, Sister Time, Daddy Visit

I woke up at 6:15 and heard our pooch moving around on the bed. Oh-oh something has upset his tummy and he threw up a little bit. Poor fellow, they can’t run anywhere like we can when that happens. No big deal, he is our ‘child’ so we get him up and outside, clean up and crawl back into bed for another hour. It was doing a little bit of spitting out there so we aren’t missing much this morning, no sun rise.
A little bit of colour not too far from home
 I had a tea with Bill and checked blog posts before deciding to take a walk down and around the corner. Maybe I’ll see some trees in colour like Furry Gnome and George from Our Awesome Travels! It was a warm morning as I set out and did my 30 minutes around 8:15. I was overdue, haven’t done the full walk for a couple of days, even though I’ve been getting enough small walks in.

I wasn’t necessarily disappointed about the bland looking trees, no pretty changes here yet, as these walks are always so refreshing, peaceful and fulfilling. I enjoy them a lot on my own or with someone. When I got back I had to move a little quicker, into the shower, dressed and into the Corolla by 10. I was expected in Hanover around 10:15 and I made it soon after. What a difference it makes to the 15-minute drive when you are behind a cement mixer!
Loving the evidence of fall
Donna drove from there to Teeswater where we picked up my sister, Cathy. She lives in a nice single storey home on the outskirts of town and she was waiting on the porch. It was a fun drive together, all of us feeling happy with the decision about Mom. We had no worries but sure got some laughs in on the 2 ½ drive to Glencoe. We followed the directions Bill mapped out for us and it was straight forward.

When we got to Komoka we passed the Little Beaver restaurant, a very popular place, I noticed a Tim Horton’s on the left. We needed a break of all kinds so pulled in there for a wrap and a tea. That filled me up, I hadn’t eaten yet. From there it was a short 30 minutes through Mt. Brydges and into Glencoe to the Van Heck funeral home.

These funerals, as sad as they can be, are always reunions for family. Mom’s two remaining siblings, Aunt Fern and Uncle Jerry were in attendance as well as her sister-in-law, Aunt Kay. It was a beautiful service and Uncle Harold was dressed in his finest with his well-worn fiddle beside the casket. 
Uncle Harold loved his fiddle and entertained his family and friends often
When my cousin, Ellen, read from a letter her brother, Tom, wrote, the dam broke and the tears flowed. Such wonderful stories were shared. It was nice to see cousins, Rob, Sue, Harvey, Jennifer, Steve, Alana, Brad, Mary, and Darcy and I was very pleased to chat with Mom's cousin. I know now that she reads my posts so a shout out to Arlene!
A church hidden off the highway that none of us mid-western folk even knew about
Strange because it originated in 1856!
I escorted Uncle Jerry, the youngest at 86, out of the home and we all followed the entourage in Mt. Brydges for the Internment. This was short and sweet and Donna, Cathy and I walked down to visit where Daddy was laid to rest in 1995. 

Soon after our cousins joined us before driving back to North Caradoc St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church for lunch. Today was a wonderful celebration of my uncle’s life.

As usual, his church ladies outdid themselves
What a spread!
 We left around 4:30 following the gps back taking us onto Hwy 22 (Egremont) briefly then onto the Ilderton side road, through Coldstream, Denfield and back onto Hwy 4 at Clandeboye.
At Blythe, Cathy pointed out this new brewery
Love the name!
 It was a smooth drive with not too much traffic to worry about and we were all tired. At least we didn’t need to worry about supper, Bill was looking after himself. I drove home from Hanover and Bill had our outside lights on waiting for me.

Driving into Teeswater to drop Cathy off
Surprise, surprise, as I turned onto Baptist Church Road, I noticed some colour in the first strip of trees! Yay! I’d seen much more colour in the southwest part of Ontario which to me indicates that their summer was much more natural causing a more normal transition to fall than ours.

I didn't get a picture of their house but here is their little 'bunky' and Bill's John Deere tractor
I was tired and my leg a bit achy which I can only attribute to the small heels I wore today. I took a couple of Advil before we all retired to bed at 10. It was a wonderful day.

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  1. I am going to have to look those places up. I have not heard of many of them. So nice to meet up with family even if it is at a funeral. Our family is scattered all over the world. 2 years ago we had a family wedding in South Africa. Family came from Canada, USA, England, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Australia. Winding down now to start the trek south. You are too! Wish we're going to the South West!

  2. Even though it was for a funeral it's always nice to see family. I'm sure your decision about your mom was the right one. Color is definitely happening. Those little church ladies sure fixed up a spread! You'll have to check out the brewery one day, if just for pictures of the inside bet it's fabulous!

  3. Looks like a very nice day among family.
    Bill sure did a nice job on the "R" John Deere. I have a 1949 "R" sitting in my backyard awaiting a paint job. Started farming with it in the 60's.
    Don in Okla.