Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Good Morning Mr. Fog. Bus Delays? Turbines and Mail

The fog was as thick as pea soup when we woke up on Tuesday, Oct. 10th. We got up after 7 and it was so thick that it felt like rain when I stepped out to snap a picture. You can’t see through it, so it must be black, Daddy. The temperature was hovering around 12C outside and 15C inside so we took the damp feeling out with our Blue Flame heater for an hour.

There is a house across the pond......good luck seeing either one!

With the fog out there this morning, I’m sure the school buses will be delayed. We can barely see the house next door at 9 o’clock. After reading blogs and having our first cuppa java, Bill called our London mechanic, Hi-Tech Auto Care, for an oil change on our car. We’ve planned another jaunt to London to tie up a few things before heading out. Oil change, Costco, Value Village and a stop at our former Union office.
This is only part of the pile we removed from the storage under the bed

The before picture, packed full
Watching the sky clear out, we never did see the bus go by. Don’t tell me they cancelled them for the day? Nah, we must have just missed them. Today’s first job was sorting out the under-bed stuff. We knew we had some winter accessories under there and I have a few purses/hand bags that don’t need to ride with us all winter. I’m not ready to part with them …. Yet.

We pulled a lot of things out of there, Christmas wrapping paper, bags and trimmings for gifts, scarves, mitts and hats. We don’t use the wrapping stuff now since we, thankfully, don’t buy for our children or grandchildren anymore. Heck, we don’t even buy for each other and that was actually refreshing last Christmas. Our lifestyle is our gift to each other and if we choose to buy a surprise for each other, we can do it anytime.

After, lots of empty space
 There was quite a pile, essentially a few pounds of weight that we removed from the Suite and put into the bunky. We aren’t ready to think of the stuff we’d need to get rid of if we didn’t have the storage up here on the Ridge. That day will come, probably sooner than we want, so in our heads we are tucking that list away. I made up an omelette for breakfast and we cleaned up the dishes from that. 

Bill suggested we get cleaned up a bit and go into Priceville to set up the mail forwarding. We have it forwarded to my sisters in Hanover. Cha-ching, that is another big expense but still cheaper than holding it for us and much more practical. At least with it being family, if there is something questionable in the mail she can advise us and open it for us if we need her to. It is a definite bonus to have this service, therefore justifying the cost.

On our way back from town, we noticed more service workers for the turbines pulling into site locations. We stopped at the lane back to ‘our’ closest wind machine. Bill wanted to know if they knew that 2 beacon lights have not been working all summer and was just about to call when the truck pulled into the open gate. The driver said they were not aware but would certainly check it out on his evening rounds. Nice fellow. 
“Awesome!” he said a few times about us informing him so you can guess his age.

Chatting with the young Mr. Turbine
Back home, I did a thorough sweeping through the Suite, even the carpets. Yes, the broom I have works wonders on those too, at least until we get the vacuum out next. The floors were really dirty! Bill went out to his planes trailer and started removing batteries and giving them a good charge. We take them with us so he can keep them charged over the winter. No more flying this year, sadly. Hopefully next summer will be a more typical Ontario summer and he’ll get more flying in.

While working in the closet, I brought down a couple of pairs of pants that need minor stitching so will get those out of the way too. I can do them without getting out my machine. See? I could probably do a quilt, Shirley! Ha ha. Not sure what kind of day we are getting here. It feels like it could get warmer but it is now sitting at 16C under the wispy clouds and feels cool. I know we are darn lucky for what we’ve had in October so far so I won’t complain.
Clemson and I get the mail
 Most of my outside work is done, Bill and I went through the remaining list of things and it is quite minimal and we can do it after this weekend. Did I tell you what this weekend entails? It is a bit of a change for us, me especially. I haven’t been away from the Suite much all summer. I can think of 4 nights off the top of my head, so it is a big change for me, really.

We are both working the Toronto RV Show! I used to do these with Bill helping out CanAm for a couple of years before we bought the Mobile Suite. Since our lifestyle changed and we moved, we are only home to work one in October. Last year, we didn't have anyone to leave Clemson with so I stayed here with him while Bill went for the whole weekend. We ate our dinners and slept in Hanover and came here during the day.
Wispy clouds
This year, Pat and Rob have offered to puppy sit for us both so I can go as well. I’m not worried about Clem, I just have a concern that he might upset their regular routines too much. He will definitely show them who is boss! Anyway, it will be a nice break and I will enjoy seeing and working with the CanAm staff again. The hotel stay will be a treat (but I have to pack a bag!) and being treated to dinner out is always a bonus.

My phone caught this fellow walking

Bill caught him in a sitting position with his zoom

We puttered around the rest of the day, I got my pants finished and did another sweep killing flies in here. Bill is keeping an eye on the weather over the next two weeks, especially in the areas we were thinking of travelling when we leave here. It can all change but if they are getting cold and snow now, chances are we will turn left and go further south. No one knows but Mother Nature and God so we trust that it will all work out.
Two workers on this one
I went outside after a while and moved a chair around to the southern side of the Suite. The sun was warm as it shone through the wispy clouds but when the clouds moved out of the way, it was downright hot. Just the way I like it! Sitting around here was also putting me in plain view of our noisy turbine and I knew they would be working on it again today.

So, I read more of my book, Split Second, sitting in the sun while Bill finished up with his planes. Soon he joined me and it wasn’t long before I noticed that someone was walking across the top of the hub. Bill hurried into the Suite to get his camera with the zoom lens and snapped some pretty good shots. One of the turbines further away was also stopped and Bill noticed two workers on the outside. Not on your life!
With my phone camera, this is what I could see

When the clouds moved back over the sun, the air felt cool so we came inside. Bill turned the tv on and I moved upstairs with my book. Supper was simple so there wasn’t much prep necessary. We were having leftover chili from the other night. I had a can of Compliments crescent rolls so made those up and baked them in the oven. It was yummy as chili usually is on the second and third days. There is just enough left for one more meal for a rainy night.

After dishes, I snapped a picture of what was anything but an exciting sunset but it is what it is. Tonight, being Tuesday night, is jam-packed with our favourite shows so we settled in for the evening. It all started at 8 pm and ended at 10 for me with 2 shows recorded for another evening. We still have Monday night’s shows on PVR. 

This has been a pleasant quiet day and I managed to finish another book. Yay!  It would be great if yours was just as quiet.

Good night all
Thanks for the pop in today. I’d love to hear what you have to say.


  1. Hi, I have been reading your blog for a while now and love it. Thank you for taking the time to do it, as I check in every night. Would love to be a fulltimer, but hubby doesn't want to sell his home place, so I enjoy it with reading fulltimer's blogs. We just traded in our 2009 Cardinal for a 2017 Blue Ridge Cabin Edition and I love it. Happy Trails, Cheryl (north Carolina)

    1. Hello Cheryl! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Often we have met people where one person in a couple wants to fulltime and the other doesn't. It sounds like you have a lovely rv for getting out now though. Is it a fifth wheel?
      I'm so happy you stopped by to say hi. Thank you!

    2. Yes its a 5th wheel. We use it as much as we can, but we still work. Maybe one day we can take longer time away.

    3. Very nice, the only way to go, according to my hubby. :)

  2. I see you use the vacuum bags also. I love how they seal everything tight for storage and by taking the air out use less room. I just spent about an hour out in the Stinger "B" and brought a box of stuff in. Including two purses I have not used in the last three years...lol
    Last year we decided to rent a post office box and change our mailing address. That way our daughter only has to check once or twice a week and we do not have to worry about mail sticking out of the box on the house. She gets rid of the junk and calls if there is anything important or if she is not sure. Then if we need it she sends it General Delivery to where we are or will be. It is nice being able to do it this way.
    Really like the eerie but beautiful fog pictures.
    Looking forward to seeing what route you end up taking. We had planned on a northern one, also, but now it will have to wait until next year. After we visit Tom's sister, his brother, and their spouses by Green Bay for a couple of days we will be making a beeline west and south. Though as the navigator I still have to come up with the route.

    1. Love love love the vacuum bags. Such a brilliant idea! Yes, I have too many purses and I'm not really a purse person so a few will get swapped at a spring exchange.
      Good idea about the post office box. We can even tell our post office No Flyers if we want.
      I knew you in particular would like the fog pictures. :) We shared some beautiful but eerie cloudy fog moments at Borrego Springs.
      We're not sure yet which way, Bill wants to go to the American Pickers store in Iowa but from there who knows?

  3. What I have to say is that I'm getting tired of packing! But it's almost over.

    1. I'll bet you are! Soon you will be UNpacking, much more fun!

  4. Nice to get things wrapped up. Our mail has always 11 years now gone to Suzie's brother's and gets picked up when we are in the area, nothing much is mailed to us anyway.
    Wonder why the workers are in the outside of the upright on the turbine. I checked then out when they were installing near Arkona a few years ago, they have a full caged ladder on the inside sight to the turbine at the top.

    1. Yes it is good to finish things on the lists. My sister will still get a few Christmas cards for us but it is true, not much else except stuff for Mom.
      Not sure what the turbine guys are doing, we think there is a hatch down the sides that they go in and out of. Yes, there is a full ladder inside but that would be a long climb!

  5. Sure is nice to have all that storage under the bed! Those turbines are something else makes me nervous just looking at those guys in the picture. You certainly could make a quilt easily! If I can do it, anyone can! That fog was something else, don't remember any pictures like that all summer!

    1. Bill is hoping to tuck one of his radio controlled planes in there this winter. Ha! We'll see if one will fit! :)
      Maybe one day, I'll try the quilt thing........over the summer where I have the space in the bunky. That fog was creepy and really thick.