Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Oh, What a Night! Oh, What a Day!

It was a wild morning here in the park and probably many surrounding places. The winds were sure causing a ruckus and when it blew our sign down off the hitch, Bill got up to bring it inside. He crawled back into bed and before long he was snoring, leaving me awake listening to the howling for another half hour. The wind stopped, the sudden burst of rain stopped and the night was peaceful again.

They said it would clear up by 10 am

Lots of puddles in the park
 Later this morning, Wednesday, Mar. 13th, it was 7:30 when my peepers saw the light of day. Well, not much light because it was cloudy and rainy again. Bill was already downstairs and I joined him with my tea. We read some blogs but I didn’t dawdle too much as we had plans with Rob and Pat to tour old Glen Rose. They don’t do this back home, just so y’all (American friends) understand our fascination. In Ontario, a town is a town, a city is a city and you, as a tourist or a local, can’t just go find ‘cool’ historic lore like this. No where that I know of anyway.

And  before 10, the sky began to clear
After my shower, Pat and I walked the 75 steps to the Texas Hall for another craft. What would Bari (spelled correctly now) have in store for us today? Again, it was just us two again. 

Pat and Bari
I enjoy the time to ourselves but at the same time, thinking of the time young Bari gives up to share a craft, it would be nice if more participants showed up. Today, I asked her how she spells her name so no more questions about that. A very nice young lady on staff here as an Activities Assistant who recently got engaged. Congratulations Bari!

Today, we made Welcome signs. A dainty task from a kit but once again, we had fun doing it. No painting required, just gluing. I don’t recall what time it was when we finished, but we got pictures and walked back ‘happy campers’ one more time. 

and of course I went far from the norm
My gate was crooked and my flowers a mixed bag of colours
I like it!
Bill had showered and we had bacon and eggs for breakfast before notifying Rob and Pat that we were ready to go. Clemson got a treat for looking after the house for us, a chore he takes incredibly seriously, don'tchaknow.

Not sure if you can read these but the ice house was especially interesting
Bill drove today and we walked all around the historic section of Glen Rose. The buildings are unique, old and very interesting. We walked through shops that sell old antiques, new creations either hand made or produced and shipped in but they weren’t lacking for anything. We weren’t there to buy BUT it was just as fun seeing the wares for sale. We chatted with a couple of merchants and most of all, I enjoyed the twang of the Texas drawl.

I absolutely love this sofa, how creative and welcoming it looks!

Yes, this makes dinosaurs come to life for me

Post office!! So cute!
The decor over the door was unique with turtle shells
and look who came to say hello!
 When we’d toured the whole area, we walked back to the truck and Bill drove us to a place Rob and I requested, DAIRY QUEEN! Pat had to get a picture of us under the sign and in the store since it was our date, after all. I had to admit that I had never before even had a Blizzard but with an offer of buy one, get one for .99¢, I thought it was time to try. I just wanted the ice cream really and it was all very good. A young lad had a t-shirt that Rob and i wanted. It said ‘Eat your dessert first’. 😊 

Neat stuff in the shops
Thought of our cowgirl, Nancy for the middle pix
and I loved the oh so soft saguaro pillows
Next stop was Big Rocks Park. Aptly named. The place was packed, again a circumstance from it being Spring break. With many places to ‘play’ we spread out and snapped photos of this strange phenomenon. How did this come to be and was there a river running through it years ago? How did they get so smooth? We clambered, climbed and then conceded that it was time to go home.

Yay! Dairy Queen!

Please take us to DQ!
And they did. 😍
Back home, Bill retreated to his chair with his book and I set up our chairs outside. With my laptop, in the shade, I began today’s post while Clemson ran around on his rope, getting some fresh air. He could see Rob on their site from looking under the Suite so crept across for a visit. It was getting close to his supper time and we have been able to put him off until 4 pm for the last few days. When he got bored, I took him for a walk around a few park blocks, down by the creek and up the hill behind the pool.

Used to be the courthouse but now municipal offices housed here
What a beautiful building,, from all sides
the pavillion in the top corner has the 2nd dinosaur claw print embedded in the wall

A nice story of the young couple with the horse
The first family of Glen Rose - The Barnards

Big Rock Park was very neat
 When we returned, Clemson went inside and I sat out with a Seagram’s cooler and started a Michael Connelly book. I’d picked The Late Show up at Ridgeview, and loaned it to Rob. After finishing it, he returned it to me so we could read it. It has caught me right away. Speaking of books, Bill has finished one J.A. Jance book (I forget the name) and has started reading Clawback. Bill fed Clemson and moved outside with me to read. At 4:30 I went to the Texas Hall and worked on the jigsaw puzzle for an hour before walking back home.

Back at the park, the creek water was very muddy after the rains
but there were 'fisherpeople' taking advantage
Bill lit the Weber to grill our sausages and it was then, when he was outside that I noticed how light it was at 6:15. Daylight Savings Time, I do love it in the evenings. I prepared a Caesar salad to eat with the sausage and after dishes, we had our last 2 pieces of cheesecake. That’s the problem when we have too many rainy days in a row. I bake. When I bake, we eat. The positive side of that is that other than the carbs in the graham cracker crust, the rest of the ingredients are good fat foods for us.

A hillside of bluebonnets behind the pool
The winds were creating a monster out of the pool cover
We downloaded pictures from today and watched some of our recorded programs from earlier this week. This was a fun day. Getting some sightseeing done, walking, ‘rock’ climbing, antiquing, puzzling, crafts and last but not least, DQ’ing with my buddy, Rob. The weather co-operated today and by 10, the sky had completely cleared and it only got hot and then hotter. We rose to 76F and the winds died down by 7. Hopefully, this will be a quieter night’s sleep.

When Clemson disappears under
the Suite, I know Rob is out
A tasty easy supper tonight
Good night y'all!
Thank you for visiting us today. Feel free to leave a comment if you wish!


  1. I got pulled into J.A. Jance's series on Joanna Brady last year when we were around Bisbee and almost felt like I could drive into folks yards and know them. Great writer, and over the last year I have read everything she has written.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. She is a great writer and it is fun to say 'I've been there!'

  2. Love exploring around Glen Rose such a unique town. The old shops and big Rock Park.
    Have read most of J.A Jance books as well excellent writer.

    1. The park was fun for all of us, as was the old town.
      We are enjoying her books a lot.

  3. What a fun town ... and yes I do love the cowhide. AND the sofa .. which gives me a very good idea!! DQ is one of my favorites, and lucky for me (or maybe not), there is one right around the corner!!! Love your welcome sign ... it's good to be a little different!!

    1. Thought of you when I saw the cowhide cabinet. I'd love to do that with my sofa cushions. Run with it!
      Thank you, a little different....that

    2. that's me, I meant to say before my fingers hit publish. LOL

  4. A wonderful day, glad the sun came out and the heat was turned up for you.
    I enjoyed the rock park as well, thanks for taking us along.
    There is something about small towns that just scream EXPLORE ME, isn't there?
    You and brother would get along, he loves DQ.

  5. I find that neat to have a person to do crafts at the RV Park and sure would participate. At Hilltop Park in Alabama they did that too and it was well attended with even some people bringing their own knitting projects along just for the socializing. BTW I like that cover photo of you!

  6. Reads like a wonderful day you enjoyed with your buddies.
    That is a shame that there are not more participants in the crafts. I always think it is fun plus you get to meet new people. Like that you don't feel the need to conform, like your color mix. Though Pat's is cute, also. Big Rock Park looks interesting. Nice new cover shot...looking good.

  7. Great day, I particularly loved the rock park. That would be fun for big and little kids!

  8. I have to agree with you about too many cities in Ontario destroying their History instead of embracing it. That is what we love to see when we come to the US and they have done a great job of preserving it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmer temperatures.

    It's about time.