Monday, March 18, 2019

Walk to the Old Gas Station, Suite Wash, Rock Painting

It was around 7 on Monday, Mar. 18th when my sweetie and I woke up. It seems like we are settling into the new time zone and the DST. We had our morning brew together and then I was off. My destination today was west, (go west young man) on foot, not on horseback. I realized how close the fascinating stone, brick and petrified wood structure was and wanted to see it up close and personal.

Monday morning sky
It was 7:45 when I headed out. I left Bill with the decision to wash the Suite this morning. Our rv’s are so dirty and the guys talk about it a lot. Rob asked when we all checked in whether it was allowed and today was our day. I fully enjoyed this morning’s walk again and dilly dallied around the remains of stone structures between the park and the ‘Y’ in the road. Right smack in the middle of the ‘Y’ is a picnic setting which I’m very glad they left alone.

The 'V' picnic area
I wandered around the old gas station/moonshine business taking way too many pictures, including a few selfies, before I walked a bit further to do the same around what looks like an old homestead. So interesting, with steps and everything. Again, where is my super vision to see the place as it was all those many years ago? Now there is an invention that would be worth millions!

Left 3 pictures: Squaw Creek, facing south, north and east towards the park
Righ hand pictures: the road away from the park, my destination in the sunlight
Stone, stone, stone
and petrified wood
On the walk back to the park, the road was busier today since it was a work day, sirens echoed all around me so I watched to see where the emergency vehicles were coming from and headed to. I could see them across the vee of the 40-acre property that was for sale. (side note: what a beautiful flat spot for a residence) 

Not sure what the urgency was here but they did!

I think its harder to sell a property when your sign in laying flat
but what do I know
I wasn’t able to determine what the emergency was but there was no accident that I could see at the corner where the vehicles were parked.

The old gas station/monshine 'shack'

I apologize but there was no perfect angle
and I wanted to capture it

The morning sun played a big part in these photos
 Back home, I wasn’t surprised to see the office still closed as it wasn’t 9 yet nor was I surprised to see Bill prepping his chore. The hose was out, the step ladder and his wash equipment. We were both pretty sure they wouldn’t mind him starting to wash before getting his permit. Clemson finally got up and I took him out for his piddle and poop which was good as Bill needs to bring slides in as he works his way around the Suite, starting with the bedroom.

And a tree goes in it
At a couple of minutes before 9 I walked up and sat on the welcoming porch to wait for Jody to open up, got our permit and walked back home. Good to go. I moved inside then, since even though the temperature had risen from 37F to 47F, it was still too chilly to sit outside. Looking out the window, I see Bill has already removed his hoody, surprise, surprise. 😊 Clemson had gone back to sleep in the sunshine in his bed on the couch so I sat and downloaded the pictures I took this morning. I was excited to see how they turned out.

I found it so hard to walk away - truly
But a selfie before I left
It's a cool porch in front of the Office
and I sat in a rocking chair to wait for it to open
Bill continued to work away at cleaning the Suite and at one point between doing the nose and the west front, he stopped and I made us bacon and eggs for breakfast. We cleaned up dishes and then I pulled the large kitchen slide in, which is on the west side. At this stage of the day, it was around noon hour that I decided to take my paints and rocks outside.

Some days, just plain eggs and bacon tastes so good
This was one of those days
Bill pulled the next site’s picnic table over for me to work on since ours had the Weber and his cleaning supplies on it. He finished that side, put the slide out and then worked on the back. He was making good progress but at that point, he needed to stop and wait for the heat of the sun to move off the east side. He sat outside with me and read his book while I painted.

Yup, this was a beautiful day
The warmth of the sun was unbelievably hot and it felt wonderful on my back. It is funny how much cooler you feel sitting in the shade. I believe the temperature got to 70F today on the thermometers but much hotter in the direct sun. We are loving it and know it is improving every day from here on in. Too bad we are leaving on Saturday. When Bill needed the living room/dining table slide in, I took Clemson for a walk. He freaks out, understandably, when his home closes in on him.

I had a little bit of fun painting my rocks
Okay, I really enjoyed it and got 4 finished
I still have a few more ideas for next time
We walked down along the trail again east of the park to the south and then back along the water on the west side. I’m enjoying this walk and I’m sure Clemson is too. He will love being free at home on the Ridge, when we get there but so far, because of the weather back home, I’m in no big rush! When we returned, we sat outside while Bill finished up and was able to open the Suite up for Clemmy.

and out of the stone fireplace grows this plant

What are you looking at?
The rest of the afternoon was quiet. I moved my chair to follow the sunshine while I was outside and after spraying my 4 newly painted rocks, moved inside around 5:30. This is a busy night for television, busier than we first thought so I got supper started right at 6. Bill, my audio guy, has the pvr set up to record those programs that we won’t be able to watch. Tonight, we had fish and chips and settled in for the evening.

Look at that beautiful Suite shine!!
Someone deserves a rest
This has been a good day, getting things done, enjoying the gorgeous day and spending quality time together at the end of it all.

Best fish and chips I've had in a while
                                                                                           Good night all!
                                                            I hope the video plays so you can see what I see daily

Thank you for visiting us today and y’all come back now, ya hear?


  1. Love that old building have checkout out s few times it has an interesting history. There is a few simulate buildings around town that are still in use. Nice to get things cleaned up.

  2. Love the pictures of the moonshine/gas station! The picnic table and area is beautiful! Your hubby did an awesome job on the suite! Love the rocks you painted, especially the clothesline! Too cute! Another great day!

    1. Thank you, isn't it a beautiful structure?
      I like my clothesline best too. :)
      Our Suite looks like new.........if you don't get too close, Bill says. :)

  3. That building is fabulous!! Love the rock work. And YOUR rock work. Too cute. They laughed at me when I started painting rocks! LOL

    1. I love the building too. Thank you, I have fun painting. childish? Yeah, probably but I still enjoy it. A friend back home said I must be bored if I'm painting rocks. haha

  4. What a great old building I can see why you went to check it out. Enjoyed the pictures. Nice to have the Suite all clean and shiny. Cute rocks, enjoy hiding them.

    1. thank you, I love the building! glad you enjoyed the photos.
      Bill did a great job on the Suite.

  5. Fantastic old building. I'm like you and would hate to leave thinking of the photo opportunities I'd be missing with the sun's changing angle. Wonderful photos!!! Congrats Bill on a big job accomplished.
    Enjoy the park for the last few days.

    1. I know you'd enjoy taking pictures of it too. I'd leave then go back in, too funny.
      Thank you, Bill says. I agree on the job he did.