Thursday, March 28, 2019

Leaving the Natchez Trace, WiFi Search, State Park

Bill said it rained and we had thunderstorms through the night and early morning hours. I didn’t hear a thing until around 5:30 on Monday, Mar. 25th and then it was just light rain hitting the roof as we nestled under the tall cyprus. There is something about these trees that draws me. I can’t keep my eyes from roving up the bark to the tallest branches in the sky. Beautiful.

Back on the road again following Rob and Pat
We got up at 6:30 and sat with our morning brew and books until some daylight brightened things up. Rob knocked on the door to check on departure time and we asked him about the weather as well. There will be some clearing skis later in the day so that was good news for our batteries. Remaining hooked up overnight, we did not have access to our generator if we needed it. Luckily, we did not. For breakfast we used Rob and Pat’s toaster since their genny was running and their toaster out. Thanks guys!
And there is the clearing skies 
The fellow in front of them pulled out around 8 so we finished cleaning up, pulled slides in and gingerly edged our way around the cyprus and left the Jeff Busby area. It was a nice overnight spot, very pretty, but not ideal for big units. We were on the Natchez Trace by 8:30 following Rob to our next destination. Today would be a well-deserved short travel day to a park with hookups and a city with wifi! Yay! We hadn’t been driving long and the temperature had risen to 60F and there were definite patches of sun.
One of the Bynum Indian Mounds
2 more huge cyprus trees
they must be related
We pulled off to see the Bynum Mounds which are 2 large hilly grassy mounds built by Chickasaw Indians between 1,800 – 2,050 years ago. The story is that they buried their dead there as a memorial. There was a recording you could listen to but it didn’t play for Bill and I and of course, I couldn’t google it for more information. There didn't to seem to be any information for the visitors to the site. I’m sure you can check it out here
Along the Trace Parkway, there was a 'prescribed' burn for quite a stretch

There was a sign advising us about the burn so it wasn't reported

At Tupelo we exited onto US-278E, left onto US-45N and right onto S. Eason Blvd. This took us into the small town and I could feel excitement building when I saw a sign that said '←Elvis Presley’s Birthplace'. This is where he went to school, this is where he went to church, this is where he goofed around as a teen! Another sticker for our map, staying in Mississippi for 3 nights. 

It is obvious that we would follow Rob pretty much anywhere!
But this was a beautiful drive back into Tombigbee State Park

Bill and I noticed our destination on the right but somehow Rob and Pat missed the turn so we followed along an even more winding road. We should have followed our instinct and stopped but figured they knew where they were going. We’ve all had ‘woops!’ moments and this was one but Rob found us a turnaround lane and we were back on track and entering Tombigbee State Park by 10:30. Now that is a nice short travel day!

Um, shouldn't we be turning here guys?
We checked in and secured 2 of the 20 park sites with 50 amp and water for 2 nights. Great price too at $17/night inclusive. This is a small park for a state park but it looks pretty. It is a mild day at 67F even with the cloud cover but Bill also notices some humidity in the air. We were set up, plugged in and Bill got our satellite dish hooked up before noon hour so the rest of the afternoon was free. I wrote the beginnings of my post and on the first (not the seventh) day (Monday), I rested. 😊

I liked the natural beauty of this park

Home sweet home for two nights
At 2 o’clock, I got up, stretched, used the facilities and took my camera and my phone for a walk. Part way to the back of the park, I noticed a wooden stairway with leaf covered steps going down into the valley. Throughout the valley, there was set up for disk golf games. I’d never given this game a thought until I saw it at Brownfield’s Coleman Park. Here was quite the elaborate set up, down, up and across the terrain. Even posted on a bulletin board within the play area, was a map of the locations for the ‘tees’.
I waited here for Pat to join me

This is a tee for the disk golf game played with frisbees

I texted Pat to see if she wanted to join me on the rest of the walk, down the stairs and further back to the tent camping area. She joined and we managed to get another selfie. We’ve been lacking in that area, haven’t we? As we headed back, I told Pat that it would be close to 3, time for Clemson’s walk. When I actually got back to the Suite, the little guy was sleeping for another 10 minutes when he was ready to go.

Pat and I descended the stairs to the valley of leaves

and then ascended this natural staircase
Buddy selfie
We walked around the front area of the park, to the lookout over the Tombigbee river. Lots to see here and many new places to sniff. Clemson was happy and I let him rule 90% of the walk before returning 30 minutes later. The sun had come out and our temperature rose to 65F at midpoint of the afternoon. I took my book at sat at the picnic table for about an hour and watched another Mobile Suite pull in to the park.

Cowboys and Indians?

Then it was Clemson's turn to walk with me

Some pretty views from every angle
Rob and I hatched up a plan, well, he hatched it and I agreed, to go to IHop for breakfast in the morning. Tomorrow is ‘touring Tupelo’ day for us so we’ll get an early start. At 5, I came inside and since lunch was almost non-existent, I started the air fryer preheating. Chicken nuggets and Caesar salad was on the menu for tonight. I’m so loving having hookups expanding our meal choices during these short stays.

Tonight, being Monday, means a busy tv night for us. Once again, yay for hookups as it means we don’t have to keep an eye on our batteries.  Supper was great, the nuggets were delicious and we were all cleaned up by 6. Because our satellite connection wasn’t the best down here in the trees, we weren’t able to get a few of our channels. That means missing some of our key shows. I guess we’ll be reading a few chapters tonight.

Yummy, this was a good supper
This was a good day. Short distance travelling and early arrival in a state park. I hope yours was just as good.

And the sun is still glorious through the trees after 7 pm
Thanks for the visit!


  1. It's like you disappeared into the Natchez Trace at one end and emerged at the other end of the tunnel 5 days later!

    1. That's exactly what must have happened!!! It's like the Berumuda Triangle only stretched across 3 states! :)

  2. Wow, nice countryside you've found yourself in.
    I have a question for Bill. Last year he put the 'Blue Boy' in the back of the truck and this year I see he hangs it on the back ladder. I assume the step ladder is now in the back of the truck?? The tank I was looking at weighs just under 50 lbs. Is that too heavy to hang on the back ladder? Maybe Bill could post a blog on this with some pictures.

    1. It has been beautiful, through the Trace and beyond. We are still enjoying lovely scenery but it is green instead of brown. :)
      Bill will respond to your question by a post, give him a day or two.

  3. There's a disc golf in Quartzsite by the RC field across the road you could be using while Bill is flying. Also thought you might like to know. My Mexican dentist says lots of you Canadians leave their passports back on the table in the RV so the border guys are used to it. Just tell them the truth and no problems getting back across. Happy Travels

    1. Really? I didn't know that about the disk golf. I'll have to remember to take a frisbee. :)
      Interesting about the passport. If I forgot my passport, we do carry them everywhere, Bill would leave me in Mexico!! haha not really but I'd be too 'skeered' to test it!

  4. Such wonderful scenery along the Trace and so many interesting sites to see. Enjoy Tupelo.Interesting tiny house he lived in.

    1. I always miss the desert of the southwest but once I see the greenery further north and east, I return with a smile of what we've left behind.
      Tupelo, tomorrow's journey. :)

  5. This park looks more to my liking! You know how I love grass and the cypress trees are beautiful. You are getting closer to home everyday.

    1. I know, sis. I think of how much you'd like certain places. You would like it.

  6. Wonderful looking part. Nice part of the state as well. Enjoy!!!!

  7. I love Tupelo! You will have a wonderful time today I know! Beautiful park you are in with hookups Yay! Love all the trails you have around you! the river is beautiful. IHOP this am, you and Rob are a dangerous team :) haha. Enjoy!

    1. I'd love to return to Tupelo again. I loved his house.
      Nice state park too although small, only 20 campsites for trailers.
      Rob and I are dangerous but usually get our way!!