Friday, March 1, 2019

Last Day in Yuma, Early Morning Swim, Happy Hour at Fortuna de Oro, Clean Suite

I woke up early again, around 5:00 and Bill was up. Today, Thursday, Feb. 28th is not only our last day in the park, it is the last trip to Los Algodones, the last day for swimming but it is also the last day in Yuma, last Happy Hour with Kim and Ken AND the last day of this short month.

Waiting at the wash for the sun rise

I love how you can stand, wait and watch it appear
 When we booked into this park last September, we were excited for it. Circumstances have discoloured that excitement and because of that, we are ready and eager to move on. A couple of regrets, speaking for myself, is that the weather wasn’t what we’d hoped being in a full-service luxury park. Therefore, because of that we didn’t take part in any of the outdoor activities (as a group) that I’d hoped we would.

and then the sun says "Good Morning, Patsy!"
This man walks his dog every morning down here
It is nice because the dog has free reign without a leash and seems very happy
I don’t like regretting anything and seldom does that happen so I took advantage of as much as I felt comfortable doing, on my own. Occasionally, Pat would join me but for the most part, it is up to me to do what I want to do alone or not. I took advantage of the puzzle room and met a few very nice people, I used the pool as much as I could (with weather in mind) and with the exception of 2 or 3 mornings, I was out for my walk. I don’t regret being here but I am also happy to move on.

More backyards along the wash
On my walk around the park this morning, I remembered that there were two water exercise classes, one at 8 am and one at 9 am. Since it was past 7:30 when I returned from my walk and hadn’t had my tea yet, I decided to go to the latter class. I texted Pat to see if she wanted to join me since she doesn’t enjoy the afternoon sun. The boys were getting cleaned up and ready to leave around 9:15 for their last visits to Dr. Urena in Los Algodones.

Again, I try not to walk alone
I said goodbye to Bill and walked back to the pool at 10 to 9. It was a wonderful class with about 15 attendees, all ladies, and we moved to some really good agility instructions from a tape recording. It was loud enough, clear enough and when no one chatted to you, easy to understand the movements. I really enjoyed it and now only wish again that the weather had encouraged me to go earlier in the month.

The pool looked inviting at 7:30 before classes started
so I made my decision to go back
I popped into the hot tub after the class with many of the other ladies and walked back. The day was already turning into a gorgeous one. Inside, I made myself a coffee and prepped the floors and counter tops for cleaning. With everything packed away I proceeded to get the vacuum out. One of my most ‘disliked’ jobs but I offered to do it as Bill has outside stuff to care of. By the time I finished, I was feeling weak and at 11 or so, I cut an apple and had a cheese stick to last until Bill got home.

An after vacuuming breakfast snack
He texted at 11:15 and said they were on their way. That was fast! His appointment was for 10:30 so Dr. Urena must have caught up with her patients and is back on schedule. I was preparing some Murphy’s Oil and water mix to give the woodwork a good wipe down when he walked in. I finished the bedroom dressers and headboard before stopping to fry us some bacon and eggs for breakfast. It was good and filling to boot.

and then a nourishing breakfast
I told Bill to leave the few dishes and I carried on with the ‘dusting’. It took over an hour but finally around 1:30, I was finished every bit of wood in the Suite. It looked great and the smell of the oil didn’t hurt. With our silver cleaner I also wiped the fronts of the microwave, fridge and dishwasher. We cleaned the dishes up then and I slipped into my bathing suit. I knew I only had about an hour before we were heading out for H.H. but with the hot sun, that would be plenty.

As hot as it was, chairs filled and more and more people sat under the pergola
There was to be live music at 3

Not too many in the pool at any given time, just the way I liked it
The water was beautiful!
Look at that sky
A perfect last day at the pool
 After I returned and got changed, we packed our chairs and a cooler with drinks and drove with Rob and Pat over to Fortuna. Kim and Ken were hosting Happy Hour today so this was a treat for them not to have to leave home and for us as well. It was a fun visit as usual, lots of stories, laughs and even some serious discussions back and forth. It was around 6 when we packed up and hugged goodbye. I hope we didn’t overstay our welcome!

It took numerous tries to get everyone in because of location
and sun so I told this group they would be 'collaged'
Unfortunately, I wasn't in it because I forgot my tripod
At least I got everyone in the last one!
We won’t likely see these guys again until we’re all back home in Ontario. But at least we’ve made some great new friends again this winter. Bill and I had planned on a fish and chips supper but neither of us felt like putting the time into making them. I wanted to get our load of wash done tonight so we easily agreed on grilled cheese sandwiches. I can’t usually do 3 sandwiches at the same time so I got our grill pan out and used that. It worked like a charm!

During the winter months my Coconut Oil behaves exactly like it does during
the summer at home

It goes through stages of hard to scoop to this semi-liquid
in the warmer temperatures
I don't put it in the fridge or I'd never be able to get what I need each day for my tea
My sandwich had slices of onion in it and on rye bread, it was delicious! Once more, Bill shooed me off from doing dishes and I took the bag of laundry back to do our wash. Only 2 washers were being used and I snagged one for $1.50. I had to walk back to the Suite to get the cord for my phone, it was dead as a doornail and I’d need it to text Bill later. I plugged it in at the puzzle room and sat to help one lady start a new one.  I haven’t been back to work on one for a while so I was happy to wait for the load to finish by putting pieces in.

The grill pan worked great across 2 burners
and very quickly our sandwiches were ready
Perfectly delicious!
The dryer shut off around 8:40 so I said goodbye to Diane, whom I’ve seen many times doing puzzles, and met Bill to fold our clothes. We walked back together and put them away. What a beautiful evening it is, calm and 70F at 9:30. I think this weather is supposed to stick around for a while. I, at least, hope some of it follows us to our next few destinations. I’m tucking some in my pocket just in case it doesn’t.

The lighted pool area at night is gorgeous!

And then I tried it without the flash
Good night everyone from Sundance RV Park
This has been a nice last day. I’ve enjoyed it to the fullest and got the best that I could out of Sundance RV Park. I hope you can say that you had a nice day as well.

Thank you for stopping by to check us out today. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Sounds like you had a nice ending to your time in Yuma. Weather has been much colder this winter. I only wore my capris a few times while in Texas. We had no snow but several wet days.... from heavy to light days.
    You put coconut oil in your tea? I've not heard of that.
    Safe travels as you move to your next stop. Hope the warm weather stays with you.

    1. Hi Cheri. It is always nice to hang around Yuma, we do love it there.
      It has been a cold winter in comparison to last year. Not many shorts days for sure!
      Yes, 1 tablespoon every day to keep the ........oh, just because it is good for me. :)
      thank you, we'll take it easy as we are in no hurry to get home.

  2. To bad about the regrets but at least you were happy over all with the stay. Sometimes things just don't work out the way we hope and we must make the best of it. I've found that doing things alone may not always be the first choice but sometimes the only choice. Better to do and to regret not doing.
    A perfect weather day for your last day. I hope the weather stays nice for the trip homeward. Safe travels as you head on to your next destination. We may see you down the road.

    1. Thank you Deb. Wise words and I do try to make the best of things rather than be mopey. :)
      I had a great couple of hot pool days at least and loved it!
      I've tucked some heat in my shorts pocket, in the hopes I can wear them again too!
      It would be nice to see you again, anytime.

  3. Glad you had a nice busy last day there. And this weather in the southwest you just never know what will happen. The majority of time it is very nice. Now travel on and travel safe. hoping you can find some more decent weather on route.

    1. Thanks George, if there is warm weather in our route, you know we'll enjoy it! :)
      I had a great couple of pool days at least before we left.

  4. I was saddened with your post today, but like you said, remember the good things. The weather comes and goes, but the friends you make could be forever. Hope you find your next stop to be the best one you ever had!! Maybe our paths will cross on the way home. Safe Travels

    1. Sorry, didn't mean to make you sad. I know my travel mates weren't too happy about the park so I'm glad to move on. I hope some of the nice weather follows us and it would be great to cross paths again sometime!

  5. I have to agree today's post just didn't sound like you. Sending you a big hug:) I have to say Happy Hour sure looked like fun! Oh those grilled cheese sandwiches, yum! Travel safely!

    1. sorry! :( I just knew it was the same for all of us, the weather being the most disappointing and we shouldn't let it get us down. Thanks for the hug, I'll always take one! :) I'm okay though, we've had fun in the area and met new friends along the way. The sandwiches were yummy!