Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Quiet Windy Day - Election Day

Tuesday, Nov. 8 brought another beautiful sunny sky but very strong 8 mph winds throughout the day with gusts at 12 mph. It was a no-awning day, there will be a lot of those and that is okay by me. I love my sun.
The park is bigger than first glance

Sun rising on the park and mountains
I was out at 6:30 am for a nice mile walk around the park. It is so peaceful here with such beautiful views.
Lots of bunny rabbits live in this park too

Dog park, nice!

Now that is a huge ant hill! Over populated city?
So, we had decided not to go anywhere today, just hang around the park and do our own thing. Bill asked at the park office about washing the vehicles and we have permission for a $5 fee. That is great, the Suite and King need a bath.

Bill set up his ladder on the west side of the rv to wash the side that was shaded in the morning. His routine was a bit different from the way he washes it at home, he used just the pail and hose instead of our pressure washer.
Photo of Bill washing the Suite
taken at The Ridge
This suited me fine, since our Suite faces the east, I was able to sit outside with Clemson and read my book . Another good one, different from the mysteries I’ve read lately, The Dry Spell. The wind was blowing from the east so it was a perfect day to be outside and the spray from the hose was not coming in my direction. Bonus! I recall days of having to move my chair location a number of times to avoid getting an outdoor shower.
Heard this Renegade, so we had to snap a photo
Around noon hour we had company come in beside us. First feeling is disappointment; we like our privacy as long as we can get it and the fifth wheel two sites over has not had inhabitants since we arrived. Seems to be a very nice younger couple and they are here full-time with no departure date in sight. They are employed at the Walmart in Sierra Vista so we won’t see a lot of them but will be someone to talk to when the mood strikes. They are from Pennsylvania. Clemson is happy, they don’t have any pets, so he is ‘top dog’.

Today is also election day so Bill will be interested in tonight’s results but being Canadians we have not opened any conversations related to the political parties running. So as not to start a discussion on here, since I’ve never been into politics, I will leave it at that and see what tomorrow brings.

I finished my book and when we walked with Clemson around the park, I dropped it off at the clubhouse where two couples were involved in a game of cards. Of course, the ‘Good Guys’ were winning!
With the wind so strong, Bill decided to wait until Wednesday to wash the east side of our Suite in the early afternoon. For dinner, I cooked up a mess of leftover sausage chunks, pasta, veggies and broth inside as we don’t have a shelter for our Weber Q (yet).

It was a great day and we were inside after dinner for the evening. It does get dark early. We watched a couple of taped recordings of The Voice to get up to date and bits of the election and a movie before I retired at 9:30pm. I could keep my eyes open no longer.

I hope you had a great day as well! I hear it was quite balmy in our home province of Ontario, which is great, they will get hit soon enough.

Thank you for reading! Comments are always welcome.


  1. Sure is nice to have relaxing days.
    That is not too bad of a wind it is the 30 mph winds that really get things going.
    With any luck Bill should not have to wash the suite again other than dust if off. Like we do most winters in the desert.
    Keep enjoying this wonderful weather.

    1. George, yikes! 12 mph is strong enough, thank you! And if you know Bill at all, you'll understand how anal he is about keeping his vehicles clean.......even if I don't think it is dirty. :) Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi guys. I'm jealous. Brenda & I need to journey to the Southwest next year. I miss it. Hope you're having a terrific time! Hugs,

    1. Randy, if you two came to the southwest next year, we would just have to open up our sofabed for you! That would be fun! We are enjoying this for sure, thanks for reading and commenting. It means a lot when our friends take the time to drop a line

  3. Sounds wonderful sis and it looks like you guys are enjoying your time away. We still have decent weather here for November. The windy day yesterday has brought down most of the leaves so will bag some up today to get them off the driveway. We do have to prepare for the snowblower!

    1. Yes, snow, hmm, makes you not mind raking leaves, eh? Oh well, you don't mind it like we do! :) No clouds again today and a lighter breeze. I sense another book being opened here and I've gotten back into my hooking as well.