Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Friends and Bisbee Visit

Tuesday, Wednesday, Nov. 15, 16th were a couple more good days. I did what I do best on Tuesday, while Bill puttered around. I relaxed, visited and read. I was able to find a couple of books at the clubhouse that looked much more appealing than the last disappointment. Sometimes you can’t tell what you’re gonna’ get.
Western sky with the moon at sunrise
Eastern sky, so beautiful waiting for the sun
This book is quite interesting “The Girl Guide to Homelessness” by Brianna Karp. It grabbed me in the first paragraph sentence “The Walmart lot was cold in the night air, even for southern California” (my daughter taught me this way to choose books) and I’m halfway through this unique story. She is homeless, due to life’s circumstances, through no fault of her own, and living in a 30’ travel trailer which she inherited along with an older Dodge pick-up.

Aside from that, a lazy-type day. Our neighbours beside us, DJ and Deb, invited us to join them for a bbq and campfire at 4 pm. A nice little gathering with 4 of us plus another couple, Jesse and Marita. Bring your own meat and we would share a contribution of side dishes. I made up a potato salad in the afternoon and added that to the beans, chili and chips they offered up. Deb made a pumpkin pie so I supplied whipped cream to top it off. It was delicious!

Jesse, Marita, Bill, DJ, Deb
Better than that was the company. We all clicked and shared stories around the fire while enjoying the meal. You learn a lot about people that you otherwise could only surmise about and we are certainly open to that with this or any other lifestyle. It was our first campfire since leaving home on Oct. 24 so we thoroughly soaked in the warmth.
Our site #35 from 30' up
Ground zero, we were all waiting for the drone to rise
Bill brought out his drone to the awe of DJ and Jesse, now it is on DJ’s Christmas wish list. J  Too fun! What a delightful group of friends they are and since they are full-timers, living here in Quail Ridge we are sure we’ll see them another time. 

We packed it in by 9 pm after seeing the beautiful new moon and gorgeous night sky. Unfortunately, I didn't get a nice picture of the moon, so you'll have to visit The Bayfield Bunch  to see Al's captures. They're beautiful.

Say cheese!
Wednesday, we took our time getting dressed and fed and headed in the Sierra Vista

direction down I-90 to I-80 to visit the recommended Bisbee.

 A special note for my daughter, Bridgette, is that the following movies (among some not mentioned) were filmed in Bisbee: Young Guns 2, Desperation by Stephen King and Cannonball Run II. She’s quite the movie buff even though the last one she may not be familiar with.

By the way, the stories are true; the town is a quaint old 1900’s village. Even though there have been some remodels, each one retained the original appearance as much as possible. It was yet another gorgeous drive, the scenic views continue to inspire me.
Tunnel, lights on please

Mule Pass Tunnel 1958

"B" is for Bisbee

Homes of Bisbee, reminds me of pictures of Italy

Main Street

I popped into a couple of shops but since I was not in shopping mode, didn’t bore Bill with any more in-store visits. We walked the boardwalk down and back and went in to the Queens Mine site but our timing was off and we’d just missed a tour time. There will be other days/years/times when we can come back and take advantage. 

For my big sister

Clock Tower, est. 1904, chimed at noon

Banned Books display

Interesting display in the library
Toni Morrison? Dr. Seuss?

Speaking of books, here is a library I could truly love
with an outside sitting area looking over Main Street

Stairway to heaven?
We stopped into the Walmart and Lowe’s once more in Sierra Vista for some groceries and brackets before grabbing a bite to eat at Chili’s. Almost going on our favourite place to eat list, if we had one. Phannie and Mae, we’ll leave that up to you, you are doing an awesome job! Our timing is off these days but again, mid-afternoon lunch meant a very meagre dinner, if any.

The cloudy day went quickly and before we knew it, the darkness had closed in upon us. We watched our recorded shows, Murdoch Mysteries, NCIS, NCIS New Orleans and Bull and I retired to bed at 9, quite simply exhausted.
When the sun finally peeped over the horizon, I was there to
witness it.
It was a great day; the town was fun and I enjoyed the many photo ops down the Main Street and the scenic views around us. I don’t think you could pay me enough to live in some those hilltop homes, especially the ones with steep steps leading to their door.

I hope you enjoyed your day as well and thank you for reading along. Please feel free to let me know you are tagging along.


  1. Bisbee is a very interesting visit so glad the you got to check it out.
    If you come across books by J, A. Jance the Joanna Brady series and other are all written about that area especially Bisbee. We have ready them all (over a dozen novels and counting), you will love them, she becomes the Sheriff etc.. Keep on having too much fun. Meeting fellow rv'ers is always too much fauna as well. Many friendships are made that way.

    1. I enjoyed Bisbee for sure and will keep an eye out for her books. Sounds like I would like them also. Thanks.

    2. thanks for the recommendation, George, both for sites to see and the books. I will keep an eye out for her books. I;m sure I'll enjoy them too.

  2. You are making us jealous, visiting areas we have on our wish list.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.