Sunday, November 27, 2016

Relaxing at Ridgeview RV Resort

Tuesday, Nov. 22 to Saturday, Nov. 26, 2016

These days are starting to all roll into one and each time I think about ‘today’ I have to go through the same scenario. Is this Thursday? Or Friday?

I’m sure most of you, who have recently retired especially, go through the same thing. But it doesn’t really matter for some reason. This is the good life and it can go on forever as far as I’m concerned!

We are at Ridgeview RV Resort in Bullhead City, Az. 
Arrived here Tuesday and got set up nicely on Site 60.

Entrance to the park

This sign upon entering had us chuckling ????
Was I going to jump out?
Our luck so far has been such that as soon as we arrive in one of our membership parks we are set up really close to the entrance. Almost as if that is where all new arrivals go. So when we pulled in here, I said to Bill, “That is likely where we’ll be”, pointing to a site directly across from their office.

We were both pleasantly surprised that we were down in a middle section of the park with less traffic in and out. 
The really nice thing is that we were set up and because it was Tuesday and we watch 3 of our favorite shows on Tuesdays, Bill was getting the satellite dish connected as a priority. While doing that, our neighbor in Site 59 popped his head around the back end of his rv and started chatting.
Two Ontarians set up beside each other

He saw we were from Ontario and directed us to his license plate at the same time. Right beside and across the road from Ontarians! How nice. Oscar and Judy and their daughter, Lori and Roland are from Dryden, terrific people and the chatting hasn’t stopped since!  
Lori and Rolands set up across the drive
We all know our boundaries and do not over-extend the welcome and so far, have had Happy Hours at each of our places.

On a windy (45mph) Thanksgiving day inside our Suite
for Happy Hour

Beautiful view across the Colorado River to 11 casinos
It is nice.

The stories and experiences shared are priceless and the suggestions and helpful hints back and forth are invaluable. On Thanksgiving Day, I made up a casserole dish to take to the community dinner at the clubhouse 
and the 6 of us plus 2 other couples, Tom and Ann and Rich and Lynn shared a table. It was great food and lots of laughs.
Daytime view across the River

Walkabout view from the top of a hill in the park

Yup, Thanksgiving is over!

Bill and I have lots of recommendations of places to go and things to see and do so we will start venturing out Monday. It has been nice to do some more relaxing and a bit of re-organization inside. I have a couple of cupboards I want to sort through yet. 

Saturday turned out to be 61F instead of the forecast 70F but without the sun it felt cooler. Because I’m a sun sitter, I decided instead to pull out the file box with Mom’s paperwork and start purging. Let’s get rid of some unnecessary weight here. I’m Power of Attorney over her finances so have everything from 2010 with me. After about 45 min. I released a sigh of satisfaction to remove over 2/3 of old files. Yes, other than Income Tax files back for 7 years, the box is a whole lot lighter.
Looking out the entrance road to Bullhead Parkway
I’ve exchanged books with the clubhouse as well as with Judy, next door, and now hard into a James Patterson book called “Private”. Never read a bad one of his and I know there are a few more I’ll need to get my hands on before I leave.

Bill and I are experiencing some pretty neat things here in the southwest and when we feel so content we wanted to touch base with family back home. Sitting down on Saturday afternoon we began calling our 6 children and one of Bill’s sisters. Having a wonderful set up with unlimited calling and texts by Roam Mobility, we are happy to be able to do that. We managed to get through to Bridgette and Jake, Krystal, Yvonne, Liz and Patrick before the day was done. It is so nice to hear their voices. We’ll try the other two tomorrow.

We keep in touch with Bill’s dad a couple of times a week and my Mom at least once a week so we know they are well also.

I hope your days have been good ones as well, I’m hoping for sunshine tomorrow so the temperature feels warmer out there. 

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment!


  1. Glad you are enjoying it there. If you have sunshine and next to no wind it feels much warmer.
    Relaxing is a good thing, just enjoying new places, exploring and meeting new people.
    Gotta love the lifestyle.

    1. Yes the days are not cold at least and sunshine sure makes a difference. We love this lifestyle and are so grateful for these adventures!

  2. Nice to hear about your travels Pat. There are times I think "Sounds nice. Could I do that?" but I have to admit I'm too much of a home body. (I can hear you chuckle from here)I need my roots so to speak. Our lifestyles are so completely different, that's what makes it interesting. It's supposed to get up to 12 degrees C in a couple of days...that's pretty incredible for the end of November in South Western Ontario!

    1. Thanks sis, We are having a blast. You have to want this lifestyle, for sure, in order to do it and you've never indicated that you would like it. But you can still visit, right? Enjoy the rest of November, it is awesome that your temps are decent for you.