Sunday, November 20, 2016

Quail Ridge to Surprise, AZ and Bayfield Bunch visit

Thursday, Nov. 18 was our last day at Quail Ridge RV Resort at Huachuca City (gosh I love saying Huachuca!) so we didn’t get into anything other than sitting around in between packing things away.

We had no reason to rush in the morning but we decided to put everything away with the exception of the Weber Q and the folding table it sits on.

One sad thing about this day was that we made some really nice friendships with our neighbors, Deb and Dj and it is hard to say goodbye. At least, we made promises to keep in touch by texting etc. Sometimes, these promises are made and it doesn’t happen for one reason or another. This time, I believe it will.

Deb makes jewelry and before we left she brought me over a lovely choker-type necklace. Oh, my goodness, that was totally unexpected! She is a dear sweet lady.

Learning of her talent, Bill dug out a necklace that we bought at Crazy Horse, S.D. in 2011 and could only wear it a few times before the wire broke. Upon showing Deb she said she could fix it and indeed within the hour had it restrung with stronger wire and some added beads. It is now something he will wear proudly with double meaning! Of course, she wouldn’t take anything for her work so we gave her a small momentum from a collection I have of ceramic Avon dolls.

I'll have to post pictures of us wearing our necklaces at a later date.

We have not had any luck purchasing more gb online to add to our Verizon Jetpack. It seems we can only add to the pack by purchasing the card at a store and activating it online. Geesh! Is this typical of any other Canadians who use Verizon for Wi-Fi? Anyway, because of that Bill had to take a quick drive into Huachuca City to the Dollar General before we got on the road. It always works out in the end, but it would’ve been nice to buy it online.
With no snow to deal with, they take the time
to make their overpasses beautiful
So, we pulled out Friday morning by 10 am under sunny skies and 65F. Our destination was Surprise, AZ to pit stop at a Walmart for the night before forging onward. By 1:30 pm we were driving through Phoenix, by means of the I-10 & I-60 bypass. Surprisingly, it was pretty easy peasy.

Arriving at Surprise was not quite as easy, with construction and detours to the W. Bell Road we were looking for.

Another nicely painted overpass

entering Surprise, Az
Once we found it and turned into the Walmart, we discovered that a Friday afternoon was not a good time to try and find a spot. The lot was congested making it difficult at the best of times to maneuver around, let alone with a 39’ rv behind your truck! Obviously, there was no room to be had for an over-nighter.

Bill, of course, took it slow and didn’t let it fluff him too badly. Clemson, on the other hand, was in the back seat getting ‘very fluffed’. We found the nearest exit and moved on down the road to a Sam’s Club with a totally different experience. 

Found a spot easily with many, many spots to spare and reported to their staff that we were parked in their lot. It was a treat to see a Classic Car Cruise Night taking place just 50’ away. After frying up our sausages inside with a salad, we wandered over for a look at the cars. Bill details a few in his post of yesterday at On Our Way.  We crashed early so we could get up and get on our way early in the morning, we had something special to do!

Saturday morning, we were up and out on the road towards Congress, AZ by 8:30. Anyone who reads the same blogs we do will know where we were headed but in case you don’t, I’ll fill you in. We were on our way to meet Al and Kelly (and Pheebs, of course!) of  The Bayfield Bunch read Al’s blog for a few years now and were very excited to finally meet them. How many times in our life together had we driven through Bayfield, On to visit our parents in Goderich?

Driving through Wickenburg, we went through 3 roundabouts. I caught one of the statues as we went around.

Why does this town remind me of witches?

As planned, we met Al at the designated lot across from the Congress Fire Department around 10.
Al waiting for us, our mini taxi to their place

It was ‘iffy’ whether or not our rig would go in and out of their place easily so Al drove Bill, Clemson and I to their lovely home down Ghost Town Rd.

Beautiful fire truck, nice and close 

Such a quaint Arizona home they have and Kelly proudly took us on a tour. As you can see, Pheebs, was only too happy to do her part, displaying a bedroom.

We had a great visit for a couple of hours on their porch before we decided we needed to get on the road to our next destination at Alamo Lake State Park, 2 ½ hours down the highway.

Lovely private backyard

"And this is one of the beds I can sleep on"

Al took us back to our rig and we opened it up and made a sandwich to tide us over until dinner. Thank you, Al and Kelly for such a wonderful visit!

We arrived at Wenden and turned onto the two-lane road back to A.L.S.P. 

Nope, not gravel, Al, but quite narrow and winding in spots. 38 miles later we turned into the gate and got settled at Site B1. I think we’re going to like it here for 3 nights.

So, that brings us up to date after 3 good days. It is so hard for us to believe we have been on the road 2 days’ shy of 4 weeks. Life is good!
Here we are set up on Site B-1

Thank you for reading, all comments are welcome!


  1. Love it in WickenBurg and interesting town. So nice that you visited with the Bayfield bunch they have a wonder place there.
    Enjoy the state park, time does fly when you having fun...

    1. We buy a refillable top up card at dollar general for our MIFI and have for years. Whenever we are close to a DG I buy it and it sits there on our account until we need it. Easy and the refill card you only need to enter the numbers the first time, buy at the store and is instantly sitting there until you need it.

  2. That's strange because I just updated our MiFi right over the phone.
    Nice of you to visit with Al and Kelly. We've met with them in Bayfield years ago. Haven't met the Phebes yet.
    We'll be heading to Casa Grande on the 26th and to Quartzsite on the 1st.
    Our paths may still cross.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We had a great visit with Al and Kelly, they are wonderful people with interesting stories. We had no luck on the phone call to Verizon because we couldn't get a live person. :(