Sunday, November 13, 2016

Clemson Gets a Haircut and Lazy-type Days

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Nov. 10, 11, 12th. These were some pretty relaxing days so not much to write about. This is the one nice thing about sitting in one place in a park for two weeks. For us, at least, it means we can be as busy as we want and sightsee as much as the budget allows or we can sit and read to our heart’s content. And that is what we’ve done so far.
Can't get enough of these  views, everywhere we go
Bill has washed the vehicles again, not happy with the result the first time only because the solution he had was old and seemed to leave streaks. Oh, dear, that doesn’t make him too happy. My priority is to have clean windows so we can see out of the Suite and the truck easily but Bill is more particular than that.
A retired civilian aircraft
I’ve almost finished my second book, which certainly isn’t a record in a week but I have tried to occupy myself in other ways as well. This book, The Protector, I don’t recommend. Thought it was going to be a good story but it turned into more of a Harlequin Romance type………blech. Too mushy, I’ll finish the last pages by skimming and go to the clubhouse to find a good old fashioned mystery today.

Scruffy little dog before his cut

On Friday, we took the short jaunt into Sierra Vista to Lowe’s, Bill is reconfiguring his flag posts, to Walmart for some milk and cream and then we popped into Pet Smart to make an appointment for Clemson to get a haircut. We sure miss our groomer, Rose, from back home but will do what we have to do while down south. I love the entrances to the cities here, so have to take my camera to get pictures next time.                                             
Not only do I love this Welcome sign but
we love saying the name Pronounced "Wa-choo-ca"

Then, on Saturday, we took him in for a 12:30 bath, toenail clip and haircut with Lisa. 
His name made it to the Welcome sign
We got lucky, she had the perfect attitude from the minute we met her and we felt comfortable leaving our ‘baby’ for 2 ½ hours. She promised to go slow and be careful with him and his recently acquired moles.
Clemson loves his daddy
Lisa took good care of Clemson
While waiting, we walked to a Chase bank to withdraw some cash before checking out the menu at Chili’s for lunch. Bill isn’t into Mexican food (!!) so we wanted to be sure he could get some good old fashioned Canadian fare. Since burgers were available, we popped in for a delicious meal. I had the Chicken Enchiladas with sour cream sauce, brown beans and rice. They could have kept the rice but oh my, the beans and enchiladas were awesome!
Picture of our food on the phone camera

Enough food to tide us over until dessert time at 7 pm! Bill enjoyed his ooey gooey bacon cheeseburger with honey chipotle sauce and fries as well. After that we walked through Marshalls, Ross and Hobby Lobby. Just looking, nothing caught our eye and we were mainly just killing time. 
Proud of his new cut
Once 2:30 rolled around we went back to see if our pooch was done with his pampering and we were soon on our way back to the park.
We pass under this sign, note the police has stopped
someone who can't read!
Nothing else to report this time but thank you for reading. I enjoy your comments if you have time to leave one.

Hoping your days are keeping you healthy and happy as well.


  1. Nothing quite like relaxing and doing your own thing.
    There is Mary Ann's Mostly Books in Benson. A quaint bookstore and friendly Mary Ann. Does a great book exchange and very reasonable prices as well.
    We have found a lot of places have very hard water and is difficult to avoid streaks unless you wash, dry and wax your vehicles.
    Nice to see Clemson getting all spiffed up too.
    Sightseeing is fun, but we look for free things to do and there is lots out there.

  2. Yes relaxing I can do very well, always have been able to. The hard water may have contributed as well to Bill's chore. Clemson feels much better with less hair! We don't mind paying to seeing things but of course free is nice too.