Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Very Nice State Park

Wednesday, Nov. 2 in the park was a pretty nice day for relaxing in any way we wanted. I know for me it meant walking, reading and snoozing. Bill was able to catch up on some bookkeeping, sleep and also got some exercise with me along the park roads. There are miles to walk and when it isn’t stifling hot, we both feel more like exploring.
Unnamed road to the beach

Comfort stations are pretty nice
After a toasted bacon sandwich for breakfast we headed into Truth or Consequences to find an ATM and their Walmart. Nice and easy to find, got some cash and picked up our groceries. Now we can have eggs again, yay!

It is certainly nice here in the U.S. to shop for our liquor at the same time. We were getting to the bottom of a couple of bottles so stocked up at unbelievable prices. Even though they are in American currency, we still don’t come close to our Canadian prices. We’ve promised ourselves not to fret about the exchange rate while we are south. It is what it is and as long as we are careful, we are fine with it.
One of the nicest of its kind that I've seen
So, we took our cameras out when we went for a walk heading towards the lake. Realizing that it was not a very direct path, and the sky was darkening we turned and headed back towards camp. We’ll take the truck on Dirt Road Thursday and go see the water close up.
Unusual fir tree of some kind
Clemson and I walking in the sandy path
Clemson loves this area; the sand is soft on his tender tootsies and there is oh so much to sniff!                                     
I managed to catch some rays while sitting outside with my chair nestled in the warm sand. I was getting very close to finishing my book “The Associate” by John Grisham and had plans to have it closed for good before bedtime. Excellent, nail biting read.

When dinner hour rolled around, we fired up the Q and Bill monitored the potatoes and his pork loin chop while I cooked my stuffed chicken breast in the convection oven. This is no problem when we are hooked up to electrical in the park. Not sure if I would be able to cook this breaded breast on a bbq, George? It needs 25-30 min. in an oven. Anyway, because I really do not like the taste of a pork chop, for some reason, we compromise on our meals occasionally.

We sat after dishes and Bill was able to find the channel to watch the 50th American Country Music Awards together. I can’t believe we (I) watched the whole thing!

Hosts Brad and Carrie, a few years running

Love Tim McGraw.........take or leave Faith Hill
her dress this time was gaudy!It IS all about the dresses, dontcha know!

Dolly Parton accepting her Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement

Entertainer of the Year, Garth Brooks

We love our country music even though some of the new talent from this past year are unfamiliar to us. It was a great show but I missed seeing my favourite cowboy, Willie Nelson.

I was in bed by 10:30 pm with my pooch and finished the last chapter of my book. Now that I know how it ends, I can sleep. Lights out and I doze off to the sound of a soft rain on the roof of the Suite. 

Thank you for reading, please feel free to comment.


  1. We love that park and hope to get back there again and spend more time, You could probably do your chicken breast on the Q with a grill mat, I always find a way to use our Weber.

    1. Thank you for the help, George. Because it is breaded I was hesitant. We don't have a grill mat but it is on our list. I appreciate your expertise! We love this park!

  2. I'm with Clemson and like sand beneath my tootsies! Have fun.