Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Reflection, Happy Hours, Books, Walking and Jigsaws

Monday, Nov. 28

Today I kept busy, the good kind of busy. I was up by 7 as usual and did a bit of blog reading and caught up on my Scrabble with my sister, Donna on Facebook. I had been invited to go to the clubhouse and join in the Exercise/Walk class at 8 am so instead of touring the park alone, I attended. It was nice to have 9 or 10 other campers to walk with and we watched a video for 45 minutes and strutted our stuff with a few variations. It felt good and an easy way to get a couple miles under my belt early.

When I got back, we had a quick breakfast, got cleaned up and drove into Bullhead City, Az
and Laughlin, Nv to get some cards mailed and go into a do-it-yourself car wash and get some of the Alamo Road grit off the truck. It was a pretty sweet deal for $5 you got 20 minutes of suds, rinse and power dry and all the brushes to go with it. Next time we'll take some soft cloths to do an even better job but the King Ranch is smiling now!

crossing the Colorado River into Nevada

Remind you of a movie??

The day was young so we then drove across the Colorado River into Nevada just to get some pictures of the casinos and check out the homes in the area.
Laughlin, Nevada
 It is a thing we like to do, there are some really nice places and some of the opposite. By this time, it was approaching 1 pm and when Bill asked the question “are you getting hungry?” I knew where his tummy was thinking of so we drove back to Bullhead City and stopped at Chili’s for lunch. Getting to be a habit but hey, when you find something you like and the price is right, why not?

Bill had his usual, he can’t pull himself away from the Ultimate Bacon Burger and highly recommends it and I continued my Mexican cuisine experience by ordering a Smothered Beef Burrito with black beans on the side. Man, oh man. It was huge and with a whispered “we won’t need much supper tonight” across the table to Bill, I asked for a takeout box to bring half of it home. Delicious!

When we arrived home, I did a little cleanup in the Suite, emphasis on ‘little’ since it doesn’t take long to dust and sweep in here. Bill and Clemson stretched on the recliner for a wee siesta and I walked up to the clubhouse to see if I could put any pieces in the community jigsaw puzzle. I love working on them and don't have room in the Suite, obviously. I was successful, looking after the underdog pieces of plain white, which usually are left to the end, placing about 20 pcs. in their spots.

By the time, I got back, it was 3:45 and time to grab a drink and join our neighbors’ in Happy Hour at site #59. It was fun, as usual, more stories, laughter and good times which seem to turn into what Bill calls “Happy Two Hours”. Dinner was easy, I opened a can of tomato soup and it was sufficient enough with some Italian bread on the side.

Another great day with the skies finally clearing up around 5:30 so we are all hoping for a sunny day in the neighbourhood tomorrow.

Take care, hope you had an awesome day too! Drop a line if you care to and thank you for reading.


  1. Nice that you are enjoying the area and checking things out. The Happy Hours with your neighbours there can really stretch out if you not careful.
    Keep having too much fun.

    1. The Happy Hours are fun and I like that there is no obligation.........as a matter of fact there isn't much obligation to do anything other than to Bill and Clemson!

  2. Know what you mean about the dirt that has gathered on both the truck and the trailer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Gonna be a staple in this lifestyle, I think. Oh well, it is just dirt. :)