Thursday, November 24, 2016

Service Again and Some Catchup

Thursday, Nov. 24 – Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends!

How nice it is to have service for our phones and internet again. Alamo Lake State Park, near Wenden, Az., where we stayed for 3 nights did not have any. It makes you re-evaluate how important these connections are to you. 

The drive into the park was 38 miles off Highway 60 and a great two lane highway. You need to make sure you are not reading low on fuel before you head in because you’d have to travel these 38 miles out to get refilled. A few miles out of the park, we found we had some sporadic reception so would venture out that distance once daily to check for urgent messages from home.

In one way, it was nice, because we didn’t find ourselves carrying the phone around ‘in case’ someone texted us and we weren’t tempted to open the laptops to catch up on news. On the other hand, the reality is that ‘if’ something back home happened, how would anyone reach us? Yes, they could call the Park Office if necessary, like people used to in the days’ past. Bottom line we managed quite nicely without it.
Site B-1

However, our days at Alamo L.S.P. were very enjoyable despite this ‘disconnect’ and even despite the rain and cloudy periods. It is gorgeous there and we will definitely go back. 
closed boat ramp in the park due to drought

We were told there were 400 wild burros in the park alone along with many other ‘critters’ like scorpions, rattlers and tarantulas, but we were hard pressed to find any of the latter three.
Love the conversations of the quail

Handsome fella with no fear of me at all
I wasn’t actively looking for the latter 3 even though I was always keeping an eye open whenever I walked around but we were looking for the burros and managed to spot a few.
Beautiful burro up on the hill

We were especially fond of the 2 dirt roads leading into a small burb called Wayside. 
Woops! Wash across the dirt road to Wayside
This after the rain Sunday night and it dried up within 45 minutes
Huge, let me say, huge saguaro!
Road being graded
Run strictly by generators, the owners have a teensy community with an rv park, a restaurant/bar and available propane for passers-by. We loved this welcoming place enough to go back in for lunch on Monday!
Topping up our bbq propane at Wayside

Wayside bar and grill

RV park way back there for 47 or so rv'ers

Before we left, Bill and I took one last walk to scope out possible sites for our next visit. We have quite a few options to reserve for next year. And if you know anything about Alamo Lake State Park, unfortunately because of cloudy evenings we didn’t get any star gazing done. We did, however, catch the very bright double rainbow on Sunday night.
Can barely see the second one by the time I snapped it
So, all packed up we stopped at the office to pick up a few postcards and by 10 am we were on the road. Before we got to the truck, Bill is handing me the keys. “You drive” he said. Well, then my heart starts the pitter patter and I start with all the excuses. But it would be the perfect place to drive, really, straight forward, hardly any traffic so I accepted the challenge. 

The only part where I got nervous was around a few of the winding curves but it was quite easy for the 38 miles to the main highway where we swapped back. I know it is good for me to do this, just in case, I need to get us somewhere so I won’t complain…………. too much when he hands them over again.
Beautiful views in the park
Bill and Clemson up on Bill Williams Lookout
onto Alamo Dam

Gorgeous Arizona sunsets
With a pit stop to make a sandwich at 1:30 pm and following the gps, a few steps into California on CA62 to I-95, we arrived at Bullhead City and our next destination, Ridgeview RV Resort. This is one of our ROD membership parks so we will stay for 2 weeks free.

I hope your past few days have been good ones, I’ll update on things after the American Thanksgiving. 

Thank you for reading and all comments are welcome!


  1. Hope You, Bill and Clemson are enjoying your travels.
    It is a good thing to get used to towing just in case it becomes necessary.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Exactly, I sure hope I never have to but I might at least be able to get us from point A to B if necessary. We are having a blast!

  2. So many wonderful places to explore and nothing like the small out of the way towns. Good that you are driving the rig, Suzie has driven ours a few times so we know she can do it , no problem.

    1. Love the small towns best for sure. Yes, I've driven it once before but not for any distance. This was a good experience.