Monday, September 25, 2017

Beautiful Sleep, Lots of Monarchs, Another Lazy Day for Me

 I woke up around 7 am on Monday, Sept. 25th and both Bill and Clemson were still sleeping. Good thing I don’t need much room to stretch since Clem was right up against me and I was on the edge of the king bed. I peeked out the open window and the air was refreshing. By the time I was out of the bed they both moved and joined me downstairs.

This was to be another one of 3 hot days still to come our way. I went for a walk right away as I didn’t think it would be comfortable after 8. Well, it was a nice walk to the turbine lane and back but maybe I should have got up earlier! There is a slight breeze again up here but it will not be a day to work in the garden or much of anything.
The gathering at the corner is where the bus picks
high school students up so the parents are waiting with them

Bill likes to putter and has a few little things he wants to complete before we head to the southwest. Off he went after his coffee and blog reads. I was happy that he posted yesterday about Saturday and his flying event. You can read it here if you haven’t already. He doesn’t write often but I enjoy it when he does, and I’m sure his followers are happy to see that he is still active, not only by my words.
My turn-around point
Yesterday, Bill declined a bacon and eggs brunch unless I was going to make an omelette. This involves more chopping and inside cooking than I was prepared to do so he had cereal and I had yogourt instead. Today, I’ll treat him to an omelette so he has a good meal in his belly. I texted him to come in when it was ready and it was quite fluffy and fulfilling. There is enough left over for him tomorrow morning too. Bonus!
Interesting - someone is littering
After dishes were cleaned up I sat outside in the shade and the breeze. I don’t notice the humidity as much today and the breeze is stronger coming from the southwest. The awning is flapping a bit but not enough yet to bring it in. It helps to keep the Suite cool with them out, especially after lunch. We get shade at the front patio all day until probably 3 and then it moves to the northeast.

But more importantly, it looks like someone is quitting smoking
(or possibly a disagreement and someone threw their friends smokes out the window!)
With Bill finishing a couple of things on his ‘list’, he mentioned that the mail lady just stopped at our box. I slipped on my clogs and took a walk down the lane. Each time I walk down I watch for new born turtles but no movement yet from the nest I was watching. It has certainly been hot enough for them to emerge but maybe they decided to wait until spring.

The mail box held a piece of junk mail so certainly not worth the walk but for the exercise, it was worth it. I sat outside again with my book and once again get a taste of what this life of retirement really is all about. I’m not much help with the things on Bill’s list so other than online searching for things, I have no commitments. That feels freeing.
Ate half of my brunch before I remembered to take a picture
Bill had mentioned looking for something that he thought he’d seen at Welbeck’s so I thought maybe we should take a drive. This turned out to be fruitless, kind of like my walk to the mailbox, other than the pleasant drive down the country roads around here. 
Visitors in our pond today
On the way back, we came a different way and followed a dead-end road on purpose. Curiosity, you know? We were trying to find the huge house which we can see from the highway. It seems to be ‘in process’ but the lanes are too long and too far back in the trees to see the houses.

Back home, we had a Chapman’s ice cream bar and then found ourselves dozing in our chairs with our books. Not that they aren’t exciting stories, our eyes just won the battle. I can’t doze for long, something or other distracts me unless I go up to the bedroom. That’s okay, it is why I go to bed at 10 and why I sleep so well through the night.
But I spooked them
I made a note in the title of this post about the Monarchs. I’m referring to the butterflies. We have seen so many around here, no more than one at a time, but since the first beach day with Donna, every day I have seen them. They are so beautiful but very skittish. I can’t get close enough, thought I have certainly tried, to get a picture. I’m sure you’ve seen them too.

Reading about these lovely creatures, it is by instinct alone that they gather and migrate to Mexico. Apparently, there are phone apps where you can report seeing them and track them on their journey. 

At 6 Bill lit the Weber and I wrapped 2 cobs of corn and prepared us each a green salad. A nice meal tonight to make up for our lazy decision last night. And boy it was delicious! This summer we have tasted the best corn ever and it is all local stuff. Yummy. We did the dishes up and I went for another walk to capture the sky. That is never a disappointment, well usually never.

The temperature today reached 29C here and with a bit of a wind, it was kind of perfect. We were in and out all day doing exactly what we wanted and what we love to do. Tonight, one of our programs start its new season so we will settle in at 8 to watch The Voice. And that is it for our Monday. I hope yours has been fun!
Tonight, I couldn't  put my camera down before taking not one, not two but.............many shots

And the moon says goodnight

Thank you for stopping in. All comments are appreciated.


  1. We've had Monarchs atound here too. It's as if the heat is giving them a boost. And I did manage to snap one distant picture.

    1. I got a picture a while ago but these ones look bigger and seem faster. They are so pretty.

  2. Goodnight Moon. My grandkids fav book.

  3. We sure are enjoying this weather same as you guys for bit longer yet. Sure looking forward to heading on out.

    1. Plans are coming together but we have plenty to keep us busy until then. Enjoy today before the cool down!

  4. For fall, or summer for that matter, the weather has been strangely warm. It was still in the 70's when we got back home from downstate last night. Right now I am sitting drinking coffee and it is so humid I can see the
    Sounds like you enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing day.