Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Day is Looking Good! Hanover, Owen Sound, Chatsworth, Montana's

On Friday, Sept. 1st I woke up at a few minutes before 8 and remembered why. Bill was already up and I assumed Clemson was too. When I got up and started making the bed, a little bump rose up from under the covers. I didn’t even see the little guy in the bed and Bill said he had crawled under at 1 and didn’t move all night. Once I finished yesterday’s posts we sat and enjoyed our morning indulgence of tea/coffee and reading blogs.
I was remiss in showing the other lovely haircut in the family
So here is Bill modelling his
I had prepared a Breakfast Casserole yesterday afternoon and since we were still plugged in from late yesterday, I put it in the oven around 9:15 for an hour. By the time our guests rose and were ready to eat, it would be ready to fulfill. 
Never made this one before so once again I hoped it turned out okay.
A nice walk down the lane before noon hour
At 10 I texted Brenda and Randy and informed them that breakfast would be ready at 10:30 and they soon arrived at our door. They’d had a bit of a chilly night but only because they were timid at turning the heater up too much. We advised them that it was there to use and to be sure to crank it tonight if necessary. The casserole turned out okay, and we cleaned it up all but a small dish.
I removed my garden sheets from the tomatoes and gathered today's fare
After much discussion about dishes, whether to put them in the dishwasher and add the supper dishes later or washing them up right away, Randy offered to take us out to supper. Voila! decision made, we took care of them right away. I have made up a dessert for later.
Brenda's van
We lazed around for a while, inside and out and around 1 we drove our guests into Hanover. Donna and Gerry hadn’t seen Brenda for a while and they had never met Randy so we stopped in at their house. After a tour and a nice visit we stepped outside to check out the scaffolding that was up at the side of their house. It was there to fix a problem with solar panels but was blocking their HDTV reception from the satellite dish.

Gerry doing pretty good on his crutches

Bill checking the location of the platform and bars of the scaffolding

Conclusion: satellite is blocked by the bars
We thought we could alleviate the problem one way or another but to no gain, we said our goodbyes and headed home. Again, with some nice relaxing time we were situated at our patio table for Happy Hour with new happy people! The wind was a bit on the cool side but the sun was gorgeous.

Brenda and I had some fun looking through my 1927 Eaton’s catalogue. Bill got his drone out to show Randy and took a few great photos. It was an awesome day and as always, we had lots of laughs. 
Taken from the drone
We cleaned up a bit and drove to Kettles, the north side of Chatsworth for supper. It didn’t take long after seeing the full parking lot and the lineup of patrons to know we wouldn’t wait. From there we carried on the short distance to Owen Sound and found a Montanas.
Do they look relaxed and happy or what? Even Clemson looks happy!
We walked right in and had a lovely meal in the dining area as opposed to the busy noisy bar side. Bill and I had pork ribs and they were very good. It didn’t take long to fill me with ribs, baked potato, cole slaw and cornbread so brought half home. My marguerita filled part of a belly hole too but it was delicious!
Flower in Donna's garden
Thank you, Randy for the surprise treat! We stopped in at my sister Gayle’s place on our way home.
sorry for the blurry photo
 Just a brief hello so Brenda could see their house too and introduce her boyfriend. By the time we were driving home on the country roads, it was dark with the exception of the bright moons glow.

Leaving Montanas as the sun was setting
I popped the strawberry rhubarb crisp in the oven and within an hour we were eating dessert with ice cream. At 10 o’clock! Oh well, we can do what we want. By 11:30 we were fading so said our goodnights and went off to our respective rooms. They had turned the heater up more so hopefully will have a better sleep.

Drone pictures 

Bill and Randy flying the drone
This was a great fun filled day and I hope yours was as well.

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Glad you had an Enjoyable day with your friends.
    Seems like we're getting some of that cooler weather as well.
    Time to head south soon to take care of that issue.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. We really enjoyed our friends' commpany
      Yes more like October weather!

  2. Bill's haircut looks great! So sweet that he climbed up on the scaffolding to see if he could help. Gerry looks like he's doing well and that's great. It certainly appears your breakfast casserole was a hit! Dinner out is always nice once in awhile.

    1. Yes, he was being goofy when i took the picture but I insisted! Bill will do what he can to try and help anyone.
      Gerry is coming along nicely.
      Love dinner out too once in a while.

  3. I forgot, your place looks awesome from the drone..don't realize how big it is and how long your walk is to the mailbox!

  4. You guys are good hosts so not surprisingly you get many visitors, and in a park like setting to boost. I enjoy the views from the drone every time. It puts in perspective the amount of grass you have to cut and now you have my respect when you finish it in record time.

    1. thank you, we do try to make our guests comfortable. The drone pictures amaze me every time too. He does well cutting the grass. :)

  5. Really enjoyed seeing "the birds eye view" of your place. It really is a beautiful spot.
    Sounds like you two have been having a wonderful time visiting with your friends.
    (Tell Bill his hair is looking good, also.)

    1. Regardless of the weather we've had, having our good friends visit is a bonus!
      Bill says thank you. :)

  6. What a fun time with friends, glad they enjoyed it there, too cold to soon right now hope it warm up again for a bit more.