Sunday, September 17, 2017

A New Glorious Day, Sorting Yesterday’s ‘Joys’, Visit with Fellow RV’ers

On Sunday, Sept. 17th we got up around 7 to another beautiful morning. Bill opened the blinds and the sun beamed through them soon after. He made our hot drinks and we settled at our laptops for our morning reading. I had a post to finish from yesterday so set about doing that. It was being temperamental for some reason but by 9:30 I was done.
Beauty of a morning
 I took a walk down to our turbine lane, the turnaround point for me. There was more of a breeze today and that is a good thing as it was already 17C. When I returned, I brought my bag of goodies into the Suite so I could sort them and see if anything else needed to be removed from the closet. Took out 10 pair of foot coverings and brought only 1 pair back. That, my friends, is progress!

Our neighbours front field is drying up
Bill went out early to work on his shelving and after a second tea, I went to the bedroom to see what I ended up with. 
My friends were no help, I might add, in helping me to bring just a few things home. Everything I tried on, they encouraged me with compliments. Thanks gals! Ha ha! Pat, in particular, kept finding just the perfect “me” item and usually she was bang on!
Our neighbour two doors down has a mower behind the rider
That done, I found another big shopping bag full of things to go out. I forgot to look at my jackets. My niece, Joanne, is hosting her own Clothing Exchange this Saturday so I will drop this bag at Donna’s this afternoon to take. We will have another one in the spring, up here in our neck of the woods and I’m sure there will be more purging we can all do at that time.

My goodies

A bag full to go out already
 For some reason, I guess the time of year, house flies are loving this hot and cool weather. The door opens and no matter how cautious we are, there must be a handful slip in. I don’t know how much time in total I have spent killing them, picking them up and then washing the inside windows. Too much! Bill kills but doesn’t necessarily wipe the windows afterwards. I don’t mind, just get the pests!
Books I picked up yesterday

I made up an egg, bacon, celery and onion breakfast at noon and served it in a plain wrap. Bill liked it and said he wouldn’t mind it again. The green onions are still plentiful from my garden and there is no better feeling than walking out and picking my own. I can’t wait to plan my veggies for next year. There will be some changes and some similarities.
A nice Happy Hour visit 
With dishes done, Bill finished up outside before coming in for a shower. There may be time for him to have a snooze while I clean up and before we head out. I have some tomatoes to make something with so either more soup to freeze or spaghetti sauce Hmm. Thinking cap time!

John is popular with the pooches today
Today we are experiencing the strongest the winds that we have had in several days and it feels quite nice. It is forecast to reach 81F/27C so the breeze will be welcome. We’ve had our awnings open daytime/evening and overnight for a week now but will put them in today before we go out. Even still, the winds are only 8km with gusts to 12km/hr.
Another nice spread - good eats!
We left the Suite, all three of us, and dropped the bag off at the Acreage on our way to Chatsworth. Gayle wasn’t expecting us until 2:30 so we’ll take our time. We’d invited Pat and Rob to join us but they have tickets to Casino Rama. I don’t want to spoil it, Pat will fill you in on Facebook. They would also have enjoyed seeing Mike and Dee today but we are all so busy in this life of retirement!

The gazebo on Gayle and John's side deck

Gayle shows her guests around

Her garden entrance

Thought I'd show you one of the outfits I got yesterday
 Dee and Mike were already at my sister’s place and Gayle and John gave us a glass of wine or beer of our choice and we went downstairs to their gazebo in the shade. It was a little warm but no one complained as we chatted and feasted and drank during our Happy Hour. Catching up is fun and so is learning of each other’s adventures for the winter. Before long, we realized that it was after 5 and so we said our goodbyes and headed home.

When we left, these were the only clouds visible to the west
Tonight, we are going to make the bacon-wrapped potatoes I mentioned in my post yesterday. With some added instructions from Laurie by text, I cut the little potatoes and wrapped them before placing them on a wire rack over a baking sheet. We had a few delicious nibbles at Gayle’s so could easily wait the hour while these baked. The butt chop is big enough that we can share tonight.

Love this country road
Once things were on the grill, I took my book outside and read a few more chapters. By 7 we were eating delicious potatoes (thanks L.A.) corn on the cob and chops. Well, the chops were okay, Bill really enjoyed them. 

We cleaned up the dishes and settled inside for the night. It does get dark early now and at 7:30 you can’t read out there. I like to move indoors anyway.

Where is the steep hill sign?
I hope you have had a great day. We had another fun one for sure. Thank you for stopping in and checking us out today. I love getting your comments.


  1. nIce that you got to meet up with Mike and Dee again and enjoy more of this wonderful weather..

  2. I love your clothing exchanges, what a great idea! You can see fall in the air back there..Great happy hour!!