Sunday, September 24, 2017

Someone Turns a Year Older, A Day at the Field with my Guys, Stop in Stratford, Supper Treat

On Saturday, Sept. 23rd I woke up to the gentle tap tap on my leg. It was 6 o’clock and Bill had been up and showered already. We wanted to leave for London at 7 so I needed to move. I had such a great sleep, don’t think I woke once. Bill was out hooking up the cargo trailer so I washed and prepared myself for the day.
A great day to get a year older
 We made a tea to go and I had a small bowl of cereal just for something in my  tummy. Checking the list on my phone for things to take I set things by the door and Bill loaded them into the truck. We were on the road at 7 as planned and I soon realized the only thing I forgot was Clemson’s bed and blanket. Nothing major, he will have his stool at least.

Aside from the dirty truck windows, a pretty morning
It is a beautiful morning for a drive with light clouds over the Ridge but a perfect forecast all around with clear skies and light winds. My daughter, Bridgette, called en route and sang Happy Birthday to me, as only she can. Made my day. Good flying weather for the RC club at 5 to 10km/hr. It was an uneventful drive and we arrived at the Forest City Flying Field at 9:20 am.
Happy to be going with us today
Good timing. There was room beside Keith and soon after we backed in, Kevin and Chris arrived. These are Bill’s closest flying friends along with Gary and Tom, who were further down the line.
Stratford by-pass

Love this '67 Chevelle
But even more got a kick out of the license plate
I set up my chair and Clemson’s stool in between ours and Kevin’s cargo trailer. We were in the shade and I had everything I need. My table for drinks and my book, my camera and hat. I felt bad that Bill’s shelter got damaged at home because it meant he had to set up his planes in the heat of the sun. He was early enough to nab a little table to put a plane on rather than working from the ground.
Our turn off to the flying field, appropriately close to the Flying M truck stop

They need to get someone to paint their sign
With a trip to the port-a-pot, I realized how much I like our Restroom back at the Ridge. Next to us on the other side, Keith was set up with an awning for Bear, his buddy. Bear is a big hairy dog and I’m sure much hotter in this heat than the rest of us. I’m aware that in a short time, I will lose my shade too so thank goodness for my hat at least. I still won’t complain about the 30C day.
Black Beauty nestled in there with the other Fords

We started at the back and moved forward with the shade

Bill getting his Stinson together, hoping for a maiden flight that unfortunately didn't happen
But the plane looked nice all the same

We have the best little guy
 Picture overload here of a few planes and our pilot friends
Kevin first does some aerobatics

Yikes! It's okay, he has perfect control

I love watching the pilots 'walk' their planes home
Chris brings his in for a landing
Bill can name them, I can't

A nice soft touch down

and comes home

Another beautiful plane
Chris, being from Barbados, I think is a rum man!
It was very hot and humid sitting there for the afternoon. Clemson was the best little guy ever, moving from the blanket to the stool to under the cargo trailer to my lap. Always in the shade. He drank lots of water as did the rest of us. Bill was mostly in the sun as were the other pilots so I encouraged him occasionally to sit with us.

Bill walks his Piper Cub out for a flight

Good buddies flying together behind their stations
Keith's beautiful plane

More aerobatics

Bringing it home
There were quite a few attendees, approximately 30 when you included the observers, wives and children. I enjoyed seeing a couple of wives whom I haven’t seen for a while. Helen and even longer since I’ve seen Lena and Giselle. How did that young Giselle, who was like 5 or 6 when I saw her last grow to be this 16 yr. old beauty? And to think her sister is starting University in Guelph! I’m getting old, literally as I write. It was great catching up with Lena and their family.
My sweetie doing what he loves

The Piper flew nice
So, I took our turbo hub and my laptop today so I could keep up with postings and greetings on Facebook. My phone has been pinging all day which sure makes a gal feel special with all the friends and family members wishing me well on my birthday. I tried to at least acknowledge with a ‘like’ because I appreciate every single one.
Beautiful landing

and touchdown

And the walk home
The club members barbecued sausage dogs and hamburgers with cold drinks and potato chips for us at no charge. What a wonderful thing to do. Bill got a few flights in today with his Piper Cub and his drone so he will be anxious to see these pictures too. All good things come to an end and so did this time at the field. We said our goodbyes as others left and then our own when we pulled out around 3:30. There were only a handful still there when we left, 4 actually.
Beautiful classic

Clemson and I took a walk, more wildflowers

The laneway to the road

Nice field for the guys to fly on
Chris, Lena and Giselle
Giselle is looking through Keith's Virtual Reality glasses
so she could see what his sail plane could see
We drove the 401 to our Embro exit 222 and stopped at McCarthy Place in Stratford to see Dad and Marilynne. They called me earlier to wish me a great birthday but Bill didn’t get to talk to them. We caught up with their goings on and headed off for home. Clemson got his supper in the truck tonight right around 5ish so he is happy for the rest of the way.
A look inside a couple of cargo trailers

Keith took a lot of planes but only 3 shown here
Chris's set up using his business truck and trailer
He is the owner of the business and does it up nicely!
Need a walk-in closet?

Bill models his new wing drawer
The guys thought this was a great idea and gave him the ☝☝☝
That sky is still gorgeous, no sign of clouds at 6 pm so another wonderful evening. We had a peaceful drive home and other than stopping at hwy 89 for Bill to close his eyes for 15 minutes, we had no reason to stop or detour. Bill said last night he had 2 instances on the highway between Embro and home where he was detoured because of accidents.
The London Air Show was on this weekend and this military refueling tanker flew over
Wish I'd had my zoom lens on

This peaceful road takes us to..........................

this quaintly-named town
For you, Brenda, I mean "Joy"

We were home by 7:15 pm, dropped Clemson inside and turned the a/c on. Bill unhooked the cargo trailer in its spot and we drove into Durham for supper. I had no intention of cooking tonight nor was it expected. We went to the Country Corner Café on #4 and ordered the small Haddock and Chips order. This was quick and delicious. 

Needless to say we had the a/c on in the truck all the way home
To celebrate my birthday, I ordered a rum and coke and Bill opted for a tall chocolate milkshake. This was the fastest service we’ve ever received here so a good time to go with only 3 other patrons there for a meal.

A quick shot of popular Durham diner

Yum, fish and chips and the best thing of all
It was prepared for me and no dishes!
We were back home by 8:15 with full tummies. It was cooling down inside and more flies were dead from the heat most likely! I had a wonderful birthday and I know Bill enjoyed it as well, doing what he loves. I hope you enjoyed your first full day of this new fall season.
Happy Birthday, me!
Thank you for stopping in. It is nice to read your comments if you choose to leave one.


  1. Happy Birthday sure sounds like you had an awesome day, enjoying this amazing weather.

  2. You had a great day for a Birthday! Wishing you a Happy Birthday! Rick & Kathy Rousseau It's about time!

  3. Happy Birthday to you!! Looks like a great day. I can't believe the size of the airplanes, had no idea they were that big! Loved all the pictures as always!

    1. thank you both. It was a great day for both of us. I know, they are deceiving in the air!

  4. Happy belated Birthday! That was a nice way to spend the day and with perfect weather. Looking forward to see some drone pics of the event.

    1. Thank you Marlene. We had a really nice day together, all 3 of us!
      Bill is writing a post so you can check that out at his blog On Our Way He will have the drone pictures. :)

  5. Happy Birthday to you ---a little late but the thought is there --- I had my 71st Birthday on September 20 (1946) It's funny as we age we dont mind telling people how old we are. Here's a story about how I got my name---

    A Squirrel, A Sack and A Name
    I Grew up in the state of Tennessee, the county of Johnson, the city of Mountain City, and the hamlets of Dewey and Doe Valley. We lived way out in the country about five miles from town...

    My story begins when I was born on a place called Shupetown Road. My paternal grandmother was a midwife. She was also a medicine woman and used a lot of herbs and old wives tales for practicing her doctoring. She was born and raised in a place called Old Butler which is under Watauga Lake today. In her midwifery duties she delivered or helped to deliver lots of babies including four of my siblings. Today it is not uncommon to run into people she delivered.
    On the morning I was born my father had gotten up early, grabbed his gun, a flour sack in which to carry his catch and set off to go squirrel hunting in the woods back of our place. He had been able to bag a squirrel and he carried it home in that sack.

    When he came through the door, his mother rushed up to him and said, "Roy, you just had a brand new baby girl, what are you going to call her? He looked at the sack with the squirrel and looked at me and said, "Virginia Rose". That's the story of how I got my name from a sack of flour.

    1. Hello Jenny! Well belated Happy Birthday to you too! What a wonderful story. Mine isn't anywhere near as special. My name is Patritia, pronounced the same as Patricia but Mom wanted to be different. I went though life correcting others when they spelled my name wrong. Some would even argue with me that I was spelling it wrong! The shorter version of my name was Patsy, not Patty and I grew to like that when they called me Patty so I started saying 'my name is Pat'. On my blog, I chose to go back to my roots and use Patsy which is how I'm known to my blogger and rv'ing friends.

      Thank for your story Virginia Rose, it is a beautiful name as is Jenny.Thank you also for following my posts and for taking the time to comment. I hope your birthday was as special as mine. I also don't mind admitting that I am now 63 (1954). :)

  6. Patsy, Tom and I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a nice day.

    1. Thank you Tom and Deb for the wishes. It was a fun day that we had together. Even Clemson helped me celebrate. :)

  7. That looks like such a fascinating hobby! Bill must really enjoy it. I enjoyed catching up on your blog all at once. I know you're enjoying this heat and sun, but I can't wait for cooler weather to return!