Sunday, September 3, 2017

Relaxing Day, Unpredictable Weather Again, Walkabouts, Acreage Stop

On Sunday, Sept. 3rd I woke up before 7 but just lie in bed thinking about the past few days and a dream that seemed to be hovering in my head. I didn’t care for the dream though because in it Bill was still working and I was an outsider. Weird, not worth analyzing! The sky was cloudy although the rain I’d heard earlier had stopped by 7:15 when we got up.
Unpredictable day
  It had been a warmer night than the past two so that was positive. We made our coffee and tea and Bill plugged into power for a while this morning. I published my blog post from yesterday, knowing too that a lot of family would be anxious to see the family photos. They all turned out great of which I was pleased. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. My only regret was that there were no individual family photos taken although I had put the offer out there. I think the rain put a damper on that.

I don’t think there is anything pressing going on today but I will strip the bunky bed so I can wash the sheets up this week. Bill is home until Thursday this week so we have a few quiet days to spend together before then. 
A couple of milkweed photos for Randy

September is a month with a few more visitors planned so that is something to look forward to. Each one is special in its own way so all we can do is hope for good weather days.
Church is in
 The rain overnight and yesterday gave my ‘garden frost’ sheets a good washing as they were still on the line. Woops! Oh well, they will dry eventually. Something about clothes on the line gives the place a homey appearance. When the sky let the sun through briefly around 10:30 I decided it was time to take a quick walk down the lane. Working up an appetite.

I walked further because it was quite a nice morning out there. I noticed that the Baptist Church lot was getting full so thought I would walk that far and on to the first house and turn around. That gave me an opportunity to get the photo of the parishioner’s vehicles. I don’t need a church to speak and pray to the powers that be, that is what my walks are for.

Walking with the wildflowers
I warmed up some of the breakfast casserole that was left over from Friday but found it was too much for one and Bill wasn’t keen on it. I don’t blame him, it is one thing that didn’t taste as good the second day. So, after eating I cut up the apples that I picked off my tree down at the road. The bigger ones were edible with no bugs but they needed to be spot checked for sure. Usually I don’t peel my apples for baking but these needed it.

Looking ahead down North Line

Breakfast tasted better than it looks!

I put them on the stove to blanch and then forgot and went for a walk with Bill and Clemson. The walk was longer than I expected and we came back to a very warm Suite. I’d forgotten the apples! This memory thing is a real bummer, I’m lucky that they were turned fairly low. I won’t be freezing them, they are cooked completely so will be making apple sauce instead.

We watched the sun and the clouds play battle in the sky but not a drop of rain fell all afternoon. After our walk, we got a text that Donna and Gerry were out at the acreage. He was feeling a bit of cabin fever and wanted to get out for a drive, his first ‘break-out’ in two weeks so they took advantage of the sun and went out to sit for a couple of hours.

Walking with my guys
We took the drive over to say hello and were not surprised to see Mike there enjoying his trailer for part of the weekend. We hung around long enough for some chit chat and Bill had a beer with Mike but the mosquitoes were out in droves. After maybe an hour and a half we headed home to our bug free sanctuary. We all figured it was because of the sheltered area and the imminent rain. We drove to Durham the back way so I could pick something up at Smart Buys and then back to The Ridge.

Bill was checking out the landing strip here through the trees
see the white area pointing out the green grass

A closer view
At home, the sleepy eyes hit and we curled up in the bedroom for an afternoon nap. We are ‘those’ type of retirees and enjoy a snooze whenever we feel like it. This time all 3 of us laid down for an hour. When we got up it was almost 6 so Bill lit the barbecue and put the sausage on for grilling. I didn’t really feel like them tonight so I wrapped my baked potato and ribs left over from Montana’s in tin foil and put them on as well.
White fluffy clouds

and then white Poufy ones
 It was a good supper and filled us up. With 1/3 of a bottle of white wine left in the fridge, the other day I knew we wouldn’t drink it anytime soon. So, I poured it into my mixing jug and added some orange and cranberry juice. I might have told you this already. It turned out kind of like a sangria and was quite tasty! There was one glass left so that went nicely with my supper tonight. After dishes, I thought it the perfect time to go for one more walk down the lane.
And Clemson is free and runs
Earlier this afternoon I went out to the bunky and stripped the sheets. One day this week when Bill is working, I will nip into the laundromat and do all the bedding. I replaced the cotton sheets with some warmer flannelette ones for this weekend’s company. That will certainly help for a warmer sleep.

My supper

Visiting at the Acreage

It has been a really great lazy kind of day and we’ve loved the quiet. It was time to slow down for a bit. I hope your day has been top notch as well.
Start of an evening sky

And goodnight sun, wish we'd shared more time with you!

Thank you for your visit today. It is fun reading your comments. 


  1. Sounds like you have a couple of wonderful days relaxing and spending time with family. Great family pictures of a good looking family. Enjoy September!

    1. We had great times with family, Bill's and mine.
      Thank you, you enjoy September as well. (It could warm up though!)

  2. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a Sunday.
    We are looking forward to some quiet relaxing days in our near future.