Monday, September 11, 2017

Let’s Do This Again, Garden Tune Up, Walks and Lazy Summer Days

We woke up and got up together at 7 ish, Monday, Sept. 11th to another beautiful morning. I could get used to this no cloud view! I don’t think it got as cool as they forecast for this area but 7C was still a cool start. I decided to have my first tea with Bill while reading and go for a walk later. I feel I’ve done something good for myself after a morning walk. It is so quiet and peaceful all around us.
Morning walk
 Saturday morning after cutting the grass I thought I would get my weed eater out and trim a few spots up nearer our seating area. Good thought and I got it started without any problem but soon remembered that I had run out of string. I’d gone for a thorough search in the storage shed but couldn’t find it. Bill suggested that I remind him to look because he was sure we had some. This morning I did that and he was successful in finding it.
I went past the turbines and that is the main highway a way up there
Whether I trim today is irrelevant but I know I will this week when he is away. At 8:30 I headed out for my walk, 10C already. Whenever I think I won’t go as far, I can’t stop walking. I went past the turbine today and up to the top of the next hill where I can see Highway 4. One day I’ll make it all the way there and back.

As I was just up around the corner onto Baptist Church Road I heard a vehicle slowing down behind me. That is enough for the heart to beat a little faster. When I glanced back, it was Bill in the truck on his way to Durham for propane. I don’t think I have anything to worry about along that road but I have no control over my ‘thumper’.
Bill is replacing the string in my trimmer
I was back up the lane before he returned and went up to uncover my plants. That should be the last time I need to cover them for a few nights at least. It wasn’t necessary last night apparently, but better safe than sorry. I noticed my bike and since I hadn’t ridden it much at all, I hopped on and biked down to the corner of North Line and B.C.R. thinking I’d meet Bill. I was back again before him but only by a couple of minutes. That got my heart pumping!
What a gorgeous day!
We came inside and had some breakfast together. Bill had cereal and I had a skinny muffin with our second cuppa fuel. We had tried Ken and Nancy in Illinois last night but it was unsuccessful so tried again this morning. Yay! It was so nice to hear their voices, after missing our Michigan trip to see them. We discussed weather, dogs and plans for our winter travels and said goodbye.
Bill is back with the propane tank filled
Time to get moving so I went out to the garden. With hoe, garden rake, gloves and all that other paraphernalia I would need, I started at one end and worked my way across the back to the other side. I decided at the same time to snip off the irises, the hostas could wait for another day since one of them is still in flower.

Lifting the 40 lb. tank
It was certainly a warm day out there and I was thankful for the breeze but I was not complaining at all. If I am not overdressed, and I wasn’t in capris and a tank top, I love the heat on my back as I work. Moving up and down often and stretching is the key for me not to end up aching the next day. Experience has taught me that.
Skinny muffin, yogourt and tea

Clemson in his favourite spot
Bill was in and out a couple of times with Clemson and around 1:30 we remembered that we needed to top up our fresh water tank. I know he wanted to study for his driving test this week so I felt bad that I was so ‘needy’. He never makes me feel that way, he knew the tank was down to 25 gallons and he would be away for 2 days.
The irises look awful at this stage
I settled in my chair in the sun and read more of my book. Oh, my goodness, it is so good so I am grateful for this quiet time. When the tank was full, Bill joined me outside in the shade and got into the licensing stuff. We received a text from our friend, Brenda, asking if we were serious on our invite for them to visit us in Arizona this winter.  We answered her with some info and will see what their thoughts are as far as timing and location. That would be fun!
Looking better already
It was around 4:30 when I got up and took a walk down the lane. I guess I should have stayed in my chair. When I got to the pond, I walked onto the makeshift dock we have sitting there and fumbled my phone. You guessed it, it ended up tumbling right out of my hands, down onto the wood and right into the pond. Luckily, for me, it stopped only about a foot in from the edge and quick on my feet (foot) I stepped into the water to grab it.
I was going to cut this hosta back until I saw this little baby frog
and his grasshopper friend on the leaaf

Around the bunky, the irises will need to be cut as well
 I do believe the chant was “shit shit shit” as I opened it up and took it out of the case, removed the battery and examined it. It wasn’t wet inside but all it would do is turn on, then off, on then off. Hmmm. I hurriedly walked back up the Suite and put it into the rice container. I’ve heard this was what to do. I only left it in there for a short time, maybe 10 minutes, when I decided to try it again. Bingo! It turned on and I was soon back in business.

I was lucky and will certainly be more careful that it is in my pocket instead of my hand around that area. When I came back I sat outside again with my book. It will be finished tonight, no doubt. Around 6 Bill lit the barbecue and soon after placed a large butt chop on for grilling. I was having a smoked chop so he added that as well. Inside, I decided on rice with mushroom soup and mixed veggies. Once more thinking of leftovers for Bill’s supper tomorrow.

We did the dishes and Bill filled water bottles with his drinks and made up a sandwich for lunch. I worked at my post and watched the sun go down. Very pretty sky again tonight. This has been a great day, a little work and a lot of relaxation. Sounds like retirement to me!
This is only a few of the birds that flew in on a swoosh this afternoon
and the sun starts to sink

I knew that sun looked huge so ran to the road to get a better view

Goodnight, and I mean a 'good' night
I hope you’ve enjoyed your day. Thank you for stopping around. Your comments are welcome!


  1. Sounds like you had another perfect day in your neck of the woods.
    Your plates look interesting are those maps on them?

    Your sunset was beautiful. I think I have mentioned it before but I do miss the sunsets. Here in town it just is not the same watching it set behind the roofs across the street.

    1. Yes, it has been more than 3 days of nice weather! woohoo!
      Our plates were bought at Can Am where Bill works and they have trailers on them. :)

  2. It sure was a beautiful day! You caught some good sunsets there.

  3. Now we are enjoying some wonderful summer weather again, gotta love it !

  4. Wow..that sunset was picture perfect with the sun in the background! Glad your phone is ok..your skinny muffins look like the ones I make w applesauce and good. Sounds like Arizona will be pretty busy w people fun! Your plates are adorable!