Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wonderful Wakeup, Walks, Woodpecker Watching, Waiting for William. Wow!

I woke up at my normal ‘wake up’ time and wasn’t surprised to see the clock say 5:55. This means I can drop back off and take my time getting up. Clemson was snuggled as close as possible beside me where he’d been all night. Neither of us moved much through the last 7 hours, I’m sure of it. At 7:25 I woke again and started my stretches. So did Clemmy.
Good morning!
 I didn’t want to waste any more of this beautiful day. Another wonderful start. The temperature inside was 17C and outside it was 13. I know we were plugged in because at 8 last night when the batteries dropped to 12.1 I wanted to watch some tv. It would have been fine but there was an inkling of desire to have some popcorn with melted butter.
Clear sky and light wind
After making my tea and texting Bill that we were up I opened up my laptop. Mom had a pharmacy bill due so I went about paying that. In doing so, I noticed that her bills had come out (namely her rent and living expenses) for the month and her pensions had gone in. I was pleased to see that her OAS (Old Age Security) pension had increased, must be the cost of living kicking in. Bonus! I didn’t even know that happened.
wispy clouds are all I saw today

The sun controlled the sky
Every so often, as her Power of Attorney, I move money from her Chequing to her Smart Saver Account where it will earn more interest. From watching her account for 7 years, I know what she needs to have readily available and can put the excess where it will benefit the most. Mom, we, are all so lucky that she is receiving the pensions she is as it enables her to live in such a great facility as Rockwood in a private room.
And three of us walk today, wait a minute!

More of that pretty wildflower fills this ditch
Bill called a little after 8 saying that he was up and out talking to a friend we met at CanAm early last summer. Don, owns an Airstream and was in from the States, to have repairs done. We also met up with him in Quartzsite, Arizona this past winter. He is back in having some other work done so Bill and he were parked beside each other last night. Bill slept in a Class C motor home for a change.
This mud puddle is the entrance to one of the cornfields
It looks like it is FINALLY drying up
Clemson and I went for a walk this morning and at the mailbox, I see that UPS got lazy this time. My Avon order must have been dropped yesterday afternoon. He has twice brought it up the lane to the Suite so maybe it was a different driver. Is nothing consistent? There was also mail so I obviously didn’t get down the lane after 1:30 yesterday. In the way back from our walk to the turbine, I let Clem off his leash and carried the box and our mail home.
Clemson leads the way with his wiggle (another W word)
UPS dropped my Avon at the gate

One tree among many is changing its costume
Now, I have my stock pile of the shampoo and conditioner I like. I switch out between the baking soda shampoo and apple cider rinse that I learned from Nina from Wheelin’It. Other than a quick dusting through the Suite, I don’t have plans for today. That’s the way I like it on such a gorgeous day!
And this maple sends out a splash of colour winning the race for attention
this is the Children Playing sign we tell visitors about
Our road is the next right after seeing it

Across the road from the sign is this house - Divine Love

Our corner, the church is too far

Another sign just as you turn right
Feeling peckish around 11 I had a couple of hardboiled eggs with some cheddar and Kombucha. Surprising how something so simple tastes so good and fills me. Bill and I trying hard to avoid the carbs in the bread, finding alternatives to eating a sandwich for lunch. This is harder for Bill than me simply because it has been his habit for 60 years. It is what we grew up with and he still enjoys his peanut butter and cheese sandwiches.
Love the colour!
That done, I opened the Avon box and remembered that besides the shampoo and conditioner, I had ordered a new colour of nail polish. I don’t always wear polish, seems to come in spurts. Recently talking to my sister about it, we notice that our fingernails are constantly in need of cleaning. Nail polish covers that and also takes the urge to nibble on the tips at the same time. So, I've started painting them again.
this morning, Downey decided to attack this dead tree

He was really pounding at all sides of it
Notice how far back he was bending?
That was the force of his movement

Pieces of bark were flying everywhere!
Good time to remove and replace the colour I was currently sporting. Let’s try this new one, Wandering Rose. My whole problem is that I can’t sit still long enough for any nail polish to dry completely. I don’t put a lot of trust in anyone’s polish so even if I wait quietly for 15 minutes, I still seem to scuff them up. Blimey! It drives me nuts! Speed Dry, my you know what.
The bark from his day's work
This afternoon I took a walk around the yard checking the garden and down the lane to check the mailbox. Lo and behold, I found this little guy. So cute! I’m getting so I can spot them a mile away, well, at least 75’ away. It was either a leaf or a Yertle and I was right. He was so cute but still not the tiniest one we’ve seen. Still not one of our new babies though either.
then I saw 4 or 5 of these beautiful jays

I filled this with peanuts and slivered almonds to attract them
And it didn't take long for these two to have a stare off
The rest of the afternoon was spent dusting the Suite, reading and just enjoying the glorious day. I chatted with my sister, Gayle, on Messenger as well as my cousin, Bonnie. Trying to set up dates for things going on and once that was settled, we all realized that as retirees, we are still very busy.
sitting in my king chair, this guy landed on the hydro box
I heard from Bill around 2:30 that he was on his way home so figured that meant 5 o’clock that I’d see him. Clemson and I waited outside on the patio until Clem could wait no more. It was his supper time and he was soon waiting for something else. I fed him then walked down the laneway knowing my sweetie would be along at any time.

I could see this guy from all the way up the laneway
 As I turned around to head back up, he pulled in behind me. I jumped in for the rest of the ride to the hilltop. It is always so nice to welcome him home. One night with him away from us is definitely enough. Soon the work will come to an end for this year so I understand his desire to go for as long as they need him.

isn't he cute?
It has been a good day here but better now that my guy is home safe and sound. I hope your day was a good one too.

the close of another wonderful day
Thank you for reading today. I love to read your comments.


  1. Nothing quite like this wonderful weather we are having., Love when I get a raise in my OAS security, getting a raise and not even asking for it. I have avoided a lots of cars over the last few years and really helps. Feel better and have much more energy.
    Nice that Bill is back home again.

    1. Perfect weather, finally.
      Most things have some amount of carbs but all we can do is monitor it and like you have seen, the difference in our bodies is amazing.
      Yes, Bill is back where he belongs. :)

  2. The way I hear it, retired is short for really tired (Most of the time).

  3. Your situation with Mom is very similar to mine here in Okla. Mom is in an AL facility here in town and I handle the bills and visit daily. Been doing that for four years now.
    And I agree about "retired" meaning really tired!!