Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Earlier Start at Graceland 2, Keeping the Suite Cool

The Ridge
Tuesday, July 7th Bill was up at his normal 6:30 and showered, ready for work. He was pretty sure he was going ‘somewhere’ just hadn’t received the destination yet. Mike and his crew do small jobs around the areas from railings to decks and larger jobs like tear down and building new garages to siding on homes so when a project is delayed or finished, Bill is never quite sure what is up next.

It was a refreshing walk at a slow pace

The asphalt fix on the road is quite messy
but I guess it does the trick
 I got up and went for my walk at 7 and as I turned to come in the lane, Bill had received word and was headed out in Black Beauty to a job in Hanover, 20 minutes away. Up at the Suite, I had my creamy tea, played my online games and got washed up myself. Today, I told Bill I was likely going to try the bedroom a/c process in here. Two days of that discomfort for me was enough. It bothered me more than it did him for some reason.

I had certainly warmed up on my return to our lane
So, I closed all windows and blinds and turned it on, leaving the door open to the downstairs. There is a breeze today but we don’t have a lot of windows on the south side and that was the morning’s direction. I’m just hoping that this works. If nothing else, there will be relief upstairs if nowhere else! We can turn it off in the evening when the air temp drops to the 60’s again, which it is supposed to.

When the adults moved in a bee-line across the field to shade,
I noticed this little guy appeared quite comfortable
Mama saw me stop so she called to him
That's his little backside running to her
So cute!
At a few minutes before 9, I drove over to Graceland 2 and started by picking the exxpired heads off the petunias. After about 10 minutes, Mitch arrived and motioned me inside. He only deadheads every 3 days (otherwise, we’d be doing it all the time) so moved me inside with the car, where it was cooler. There was a breeze coming in the big door. I was grateful and now I’m getting to know his routine. Tomorrow, I’ll do some deadheading. 😊

Today, my job was to sand above the windows down to the metal
I had to be careful around the original windshield wiper
and the rust parts on the hood was what I did the other day
to remove the blue 
For 2 ½ hours I worked away with the sanding and at one point had to give him a hand as he welded a piece on the door frame of a pick up truck he’s working on. “Hold this like that and turn your head away”.  Okay, so now I’ve done some welding too! Ha ha, just kidding! 

I'm a pretty dirty mess
Notice the mustache?
At 11:30, I said goodbye for the day and drove home. I made myself a coffee with some heavy-duty cream (35%) and also put my lunch plate together.

Time for a thorough sink bath
All clean now!
After eating, I went outside and watered my potted plants, they were looking a mite sad. That’s from me not getting outside over the last couple of days. 

Boring for you but a good reminder for me of  a good way for me to eat
Then I filled a couple of the mid-size bird feeders. That was almost too much exertion, LOL, but I still dragged the hammock over to the shade beside the dining tent and stretched out with my book. The breeze was nice but it was sporadic and not doing me much good. After 15 minutes of that, I’d had enough so moved inside.

First bloom on my perennial Daisy
The bedroom a/c was certainly helping to keep the Suite at a moderate temperature. Not cold, not cool, but moderate enough so you weren’t feeling all sticky. At least for the time being the humidity from outside isn’t continuing to come in. I boiled 3 cups of water to make some Jell-o for Bill’s lunch and for evening desserts. I didn’t go so far as to make the creamy part; we’ll eat it plain this time.

It looks inviting but there wasn't enough breeze to keep me here
Then I caught up on my blog and chatted with my buddy, Pat. She was helping us with some info that we are looking for. It’s always nice to help each other out and they are very good at it. The rest of the day was just doing what my blog title says. There wasn't much ‘chillin’ going on though so I mostly read my book, the least exertion I could come up with being turning pages.  😊 The heat was overtaking the indoors despite my efforts.

I was comfy for a while
Especially when the wind was blowing and the clouds covered the sun
Bill worked a long day and arrived home around 5:30. I’d planned chicken thighs for supper but I also thought it would be cooler for cooking inside. When our thermometer still read 32C/88F inside, Bill suggested a replicate meal of last nights. It meant cutting and chopping but a lettuce salad with peppers, onions, cukes , tomatoes, tuna and shredded cheese was still a lot cooler than Madame IP heating things up. It was good and we were cleaned up by 6:30.

The Jell-o I made up earlier is setting nicely but I didn’t check it to see if it was ready for dessert. Bill opted for a yogourt and I chose some pecan halves. I needed to increase my fat content today, it seems I’m not eating enough good fat. These will help. I wanted to finish my blog posting early again so I could relax with Bill. 

As Bill requested, a carbon copy meal
Filling and good at the same time
Good night everyone!!
We are looking forward to the decrease in temperature again this evening, in the hopes we can turn the a/c off. If not, nice to know it is working upstairs.

This was a good day. I hope yours was too. Thank you for the visit!


  1. Yes, you do get dirty! At least you're honest. Hope it's warm enough for you!

    1. Yes it is the dirtiest job I've ever had. Although some days in the garden I'm pretty dirty too.
      Yes I think the heat can slack off anytime.

  2. I find it very handy to drag my small appliances outdoors for cooking when the weather is like this. When we lived in the RV we used a rice cooker A LOT. There weren't any IP's in those days. I think I'll do a big hunk of meat in IP tomorrow, as long as it isn't raining.

  3. I guess I must have missed your post as to why the front A/C isn't working. I know if we only had to use the bedroom A/C in our 5th wheel it wouldn't keep it cool with these horrible temperatures we've been having.

    1. We used our AC down here at least once maybe twice since we came back. So we know it ran but now for some reason it will run but it's not cold air.
      We just have to now wait until August when Can Am can get us in and fix all the issues.

  4. Wow...I think you are amazing for doing this type of work in this heat, besides getting dirty doing it! Kudos to you!!! If you enjoy it or find it fulfilling that is all that matters. Oh I can't imagine only having the bedroom A/C during the heat you've had. Our bedroom AC is by far the coldest, but it would never cool any other part of the RV without the main AC working. As you know we have lots of windows downstairs. It take both of them working to keep it comfortable downstairs. I hope you get some relief from the heat very soon!! I love the little calf running back to Mama! So cute!

    1. Thank you Cheri. You make us sound like real Troopers, thank you!
      We aren't, at least I'm not, as I whine a little bit.haha

  5. Rose Anne GoodonJuly 7, 2020 at 11:55 PM

    You might want to try putting a fan in the br to blow cool air downstairs. La Mesa RV said br cools better as it’s smaller. Our main area is 10 deg diff than bedroom, even tho set same temp. We have separate thermostats. Same happens with heat so I don’t know if the area is the true problem.
    We are having a very hot time in AZ if it makes you feel better. Lol.

    1. You know I thought about a fan up in the bedroom blowing the air down here. Even the little one I have in the monkey would probably help. Still hate using the AC, I don't quite know why perhaps he is thinking of the hydro cost. He hates it when the power runs and runs and runs and doesn't shut off trying to keep it cool.

  6. An afterthought. We put reflectix or insulfoam on windows to keep sun/heat out in summer (in house also) and to keep heat in in winter.

    1. Thank you Rosie! And it does make me feel a bit better that you're hot in Arizona to.

  7. Oh you dirty girl!! LOL I have a 12 volt fan that I set up on the hall floor. Just moving that air around a little makes all the difference. I'll be using it in Quartzsite today for sure!! 107 degrees.

    1. I know! Isn't that disgusting? Next time we put the bedroom AC on. I'm going to bring my little fan in. Enjoy quartzite!

  8. Oh, I sure hope the weather breaks and you get some cooler weather soon. It was hot here yesterday but a storm blew through last night and really cooled it down. Our next "hot" isn't expected until Sunday.

    Take care and stay well.

    1. Sounds like some storms coming Thursday night overnight so hopefully Friday and Beyond we will also have a bit cooler temperatures.

  9. Yes you were a dirty girl :) that heat sounds horrible with the humidity. We also have a fan in the Mansion to keep air moving. I like to feel the movement even if it's cool in there, I'm the same way at home. Dinner again looks delicious. Glad you're enjoying the work and I agree with starting earlier!

    1. Nothing like getting into my work, eh?
      That's it! Next time the ac is running I'm bringing my Fan in! Thank you.