Sunday, July 5, 2020

Happy 4th of July! Chippy Fun, Lunar Eclipse

The Ridge

Both Bill and I feel that we slept really well last night and when we woke and got up at 6:30 on Saturday, July 4th, we felt refreshed. There was no point in going to work before 7 (just in case I couldn’t get in) so dawdled at the table with Bill and read a couple of blogs and comments. We’d sorted the dirty laundry upstairs into 2 small loads and I drove into Durham for 7:15. Back door was wide open so that was good.

I know, we've had our holiday and I'm not flaunting this
BUT when I took the sunrise pix this morning, it looked too
sweet to not include it
It is a window sticker but looks like it is on a flag pole
I was alone but some dryers were in use and one customer arrived to wash a comforter. I couldn’t find Jamie’s key to the machines so I’m glad the change machine was full and he didn’t me to reimburse him for anything. I roughly folded our damp clothes in the basket and finished with dry and wet mopping before I locked up ‘our’ room and drove home.

My greeters when I returned home from cleaning
There were lots of people in town out walking at 8:30 trying to get exercise before the real heat of the day hits. On the way home, I stopped at a garage sale and got a couple of deals. I stop here every year at least once, she never lets me down and I find something small that makes me happy. Today, chair cushions, a Nicholas Cage dvd, 2 puzzles and a book.

I didn't move too fast but they still scurried out of the way and across the field
Back home, I hung clothes on the line and then sat and enjoyed my creamy tea. I took it outside on the shaded patio and relaxed. It seemed like I’d put in a day’s work already! Ha ha. Bill joined me for a bit and then he went off to the Hangar or cargo trailer. It felt good not to have to do anything else. Donna and I went back and forth a bit on texts and then Cathy, Gayle and I about Ladyfest. There was some confusion so I asked Gayle (our host) to send out a note to the female sibs.

I was feeling generous so tossed some peanuts out to the Chippy
I took my book out to the semi-shade of the dining tent and read a few chapters, fighting to keep my eyes open. Good grief! I put my feet up and slid down in the high back chair and closed my eyes for a few minutes. I know I dropped off so came inside at 11 and decided to make us some breakfast to wake me up. We had bacon and eggs and after dishes, I did feel revitalized. 😊 I guess I wasn’t so ready to get up this morning as I first thought!

Bill emptied his cargo trailer
He is at a standstill until his flooring material arrives on Wednesday (we hope)

His winged flyers getting some rays
 I went for a walk down the lane and then returned to see what Bill was up to. He said he was going to finish something and then come and join me for a cold drink on the patio. I waited and waited, not realizing what he was doing. While sitting there, Romeo and Casanova flitted about looking for a treat. Lucky for them, I happened to have some. They took turns hopping up on me to get the offerings and then disappeared when they were gone. Too cute!

A pretty little collection
His big one is still in the trailer, you can see it in the first picture
I had a call from Mitch about helping it out on Monday for a job so that’s good. A little change from working on ‘my’ Plymouth. Bill joined me for that drink around 1:30 and about that time, Donna texted and invited us (me) over for a swim. Bill was busy and would likely have a snooze so told me to go. It was nice in the shade but once I stepped in the sun, yup, I agreed that it was a great day for a dip in their pond.
I was ready for a visitor
Top right, he is debating
Bottom right, got skittish (I think I ate one of the peanuts)

Then Romeo came up and was more interested in what book
I was reading than eating the peanuts
Goof ball didn't even see them yet

He could smell them but it took him a while checking out
the chair and table first
 Gerry seldom swims in the pond but Donna really enjoys getting cooled off. Many people don’t and wouldn’t get in the brown water (although clear) but I’m not against going in with her. I had my pool noodle and water shoes as I don’t want to touch the bottom, even if I could. It felt wonderful after we’d sat and got some sun for half hour. Gerry obliged me by taking some pictures of us enjoying the time together.

Finally, peanuts found and devoured
Still interested in my book though
By this time, the Ladyfest plans were well under way and all sisters were on board. Not sure yet, if our oldest sister will be joining us because of other plans. A bit more chit chat while we dried off in the sun and at 4, I headed home. Before sitting (and getting lazier) I brought the clothes in from the line and hung my damp swim things. Boy, I was hot all over again! I popped down to see Bill and then came up and poured a cold Sprite.
Gerry took some pictures of us cooling off

Social distancing, ha ha, the water was wonderful
It is brown but clear and refreshing
Supper tonight was a half rack of ribs (that’s all we had in the freezer) and reheated filet mignons from Wednesday. A vegetable on the side was enough to fill us. We were eating by 6:30 after grilling the ribs for 7 minutes and heating the mignons and Bill’s veggies on the bbq. Everything was yummy and believe it or not, those few ribs had plenty of meat on them. We cleaned up dishes and then cleaned up a bit to go over to the Acreage.

This was a delicious supper!
It was still quite hot at 7:30 so it was hard to know what to put on. Usually, you dress against coolness and mosquitoes. Bill didn’t feel like putting jeans on nor did I feel like changing into long pants. We went as we were, shorts and sleeveless tee for him and capris and my cami top for me. We each took a jacket and our bug spray. You can’t believe it will cool down that much when sitting around a fire but it did enough for me to slip my jacket on and put a blanket over my legs. I'd taken the last of my Girl's Night Out wine and finished that tonight. It warmed my belly. 😊🍷🍷

When the moon came up over the trees at the Acreage
The light you see to the left is in the cabin window
Mike was there as well and we all had a nice evening. We’d hoped to see some of the partial lunar eclipse that started here at 11:20 but even after leaving at 11:10, we saw no change in this part of the country before I went to bed at midnight. It would carry on until 2:30, I think so we would miss it. The moon was still pretty up there in the sky with the yellowish tinge on the wispy clouds surrounding it.

I tried capturing it on the drive home
Even though no lunar eclipse yet, I love this picture
from back at the Ridge
 Obviously, it was way too late for me to finish posting so here I am late again. Happy 4th of July to our American friends! Hope it was great!

Good night!

I hope you had an enjoyable July 4th! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice that you were able to celebrate Two Holidays in one week.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We didn't really celebrate July 4th but supported our American friends from afar! (as you did!)

  2. Now that’s the way to celebrate the 4th, with a big family of geese!! No fireworks!!! Love the plane lineup. Back in the day we used to swim in the canal. I hated touching the bottom too!!!

    1. The bottom of the pond is very yeuchy but we got wet and refreshed by floating around. :) I like seeing Bill's planes out like that too.

  3. Cute pics of you both in the water! I have to agree with no touching the bottom, but it looks refreshing. We saw nothing of the lunar eclipse here and Ken was up until 1230 here, which would be 0330 your time I'm thinking. It can be 95 here during the day and go into the 40's over night. Crazy. Have a great Sunday!

    1. thank you, we had a nice swim (float). haha
      Your weather is strange but we still like it during the winter! :)

  4. I didn't realize there was a partial eclipse last night, though I doubt I'd have been able to stay awake long enough to see it. The pond looks downright refreshing, though I'll agree about not touching the bottom. ;)

    It amazes me how friendly the chipmunks are - you have two little friends! Have a great day.

    1. We just learned of the eclipse at 6 o'clock news time but when it takes 2 1/2 hours to complete, we couldn't stay up.

  5. Nice pictures of the moon especially the last one. I forgot there was suppose to be a partial eclipse last night. Though with the mosquitoes in full force I am not sure I would have ventured out anyway. Looks like the two of you had a nice refreshing dip in the pond and I agree would not enjoy touching the bottom. The geese have certainly gotten big. Take care. Hugs

    1. Thanks Deb, Donna and I had a nice time together. Without touching the bottom. Our geese have gotten way big and we expect they'll be saying goodbye soon. :(