Monday, July 13, 2020

A Full Day

The Ridge
On Monday, July 13th we both got up at 6:30 and got our day in motion. Bill showered and was getting his lunch cooler ready and having breakfast. It wasn’t sunny, nor could the sunrise even be seen, but at a cooler 16C/60F I enjoyed my walk very much. 

Some fog off in the distance but it had cleared up
enough for me to walk
I wore a light raincoat jacket because I didn’t quite know what it was going to do. I met Pastor Rob and Bethany on my way back home as they were headed out.

The spooky turbine
Milkweed flowers are not only a reward for pollinators
They are a reward for our eyes too
And I grew up thinking it was just a weed
As I returned, Bill was just pulling out of our lane up ahead. I was glad I got home on time for another goodbye. He had to come to a complete stop as our whole Ridge community of Canada geese took that moment to cross the road. He waited but they were spooked enough to turn back and entered our front field. Good spot for them as I was able to get a nice picture of all 20. They were not too freaked out either but definitely saw me.

I could see the geese up ahead, crossing the road

And almost immediately, Bill came out the lane and had to veer off and wait for them

I'm glad they're still sticking around
We enjoy seeing them
Back home, I had my creamy tea and read blogs. There were a few comments on the pictures I posted in the family group on FB so read those and then added 3 more. It’s interesting to see our parents in their 20’s and even younger. 

Queen Anne's Lace in our laneway

I witnessed another Moonflower in the morning

Our Hibisus plant is coming along nicely
I drove over to Graceland 2 at a few minutes before 9 and put in another couple of hours of sanding. I’m getting pretty good at it, knowing what to look for, if I do say so myself!

The sky did this all morning
Mitch told me that payday was Friday and I was in the ‘budget’ so that will be a nice reward at the end of the week. It was certainly a whole different environment working in the garage today. I wasn’t hot, I didn’t need to wipe sweat from my forehead once. I still got plenty dirty but enjoyed the part of the car that I was sanding today. I could have, and debated on it, extended my work hours but when I completed the area, I decided not to start anything else.

Back home, I propped our tent up at 'half mast' to finish drying
Inside the Suite, I had a bullet proof coffee and after watching the sky change from dark clouds to sunshine, went out to do some weeding. I had put off the hill weeding for as long as I could and it actually wasn’t too bad in this weather. My new booties helped some and I made a little progress. I gathered the stones and rocks that rolled down the hill with each whack of the hoe and I’ll pick them up for Bill’s pile when I finish.

The challenging hill
I don't know that I can keep it neat all summer
Bit by bit, I'll do what I can
The funny thing about working in a garden, if you plant, weed and harvest flowers or vegetables you understand this. You lose track of time very, very quickly. I had worked up about 1/3 of the plot when I looked at my watch. It was 2:15 and I hadn’t eaten yet. LOL That is what I mean about the high fats that I take in my tea and coffee; they fulfill my appetite. I wasn’t feeling overly hungry but came in, washed up and had a wrap. That would keep me sated until supper.

It didn't take long for the finches to find the feeders
Once I’d washed dishes, the urge to go back out and weed some more had left me. It could wait for another day. Instead, I filled the 3 bird feeders, the finch feeder and the hummingbird feeder. I’d promised our winged friends that I would and the goldfinches for one (2, 3 and 4) were very grateful. They made an immediate return and hung around the trees in between tasting the samples.

Something enticed me to take this picture from
this angle
Chippy was being a pig again, so I tried to outsmart him with little success. He could empty a feeder in an afternoon. I sat outside at the patio table and watched his attempts to get to the food. He is entertaining! I was Googling about Baltimore Oriole’s, wondering if they’ve left the area and came across instructions on making a DIY feeder for them. Why not? I went into the Bunky and started with the wool and then moved back outside to wait for Bill.

It was a great day for sitting in the hammock

I was tickled to see the turtles on their log after such a long time
sitting in the hammock was entertaining indeed
I don't know what kind of birds these are
Would they be baby Jays?

It was time to move the feeder from little Mr. 'I can get at it anywhere'
Chippy 1 Patsy 0
He was playing with his pals and got tangled in the tent netting
What a goof! I laughed watching him get out
We sat out there for a bit before packing up the dining tent. It is a different configuration so we needed to get the directions. Seemed simple then but it had us scratching our heads at first. With that put away, we moved inside. I couldn’t believe it was 5:30! Bill relaxed in his chair with NCIS on while I began making supper. I’d found a new recipe for stuffed pork chops in one of the magazines I got from Pat so you know I’ll do anything to improve them.

Bill came home
The chops I had out of the freezer were very thick. Normally, I wouldn’t eat them but went ahead and mixed peppers, onions, shredded moz cheese and mushrooms. (The recipe called for Swiss cheese and spinach) A slit down the centre of each chop was enough to take the stuffing I’d made up. Toothpicks held it in while I sautéed them in Madame Ip. I wasn’t sure it would work as the recipe was for pan grilling but worth a try!

Stuffed chops
I cooked corn in the microwave for Bill and reheated the seasoned cabbage with butter for me. Supper was ready by 7 and we both enjoyed the change up. I’m sure Bill wouldn’t like it every time but I could eat them that way again, done with that recipe. We cleaned up dishes and by 7:30 Bill had gone down to the Hangar and I was finishing my post. I found the movie Cat Ballou half over but have always got a kick out of it. Lee Marvin is hilarious.

They turned out quite nice
surprised myself
This was a good day. The weather was perfect, reaching a high of 19C/66F. The rain is done and we’re going to have a few nice days again this week. Hot temperatures to return by the weekend. We live on a roller coaster.

This is the start of a project
yes, I'll show you even if it is a flop
Good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. The birds are cedar waxwings. Glad your area has cooled. Here in Texas it is hot with high humidity.

    1. Thank you! I probably won't remember that name but I couldn't have come up with their name. Hope you get some cooling too. :)

  2. How nice to have cool weather! You certainly do have some gorgeous flowers at the ridge. That Chippy ... he's a character!!!

    1. We are certainly enjoying the reprieve of cooler weather. :) Thank you, Nancy. Chippy seems so human with his antics. :0

  3. Your flowers are amazing! Gotta say those pork chops look amazing! I'm thinking it'll be a pretty good pay day!

  4. Love seeing the various flowers, the milkweed is especially pretty!

    Have a great day.

  5. Even though the tent was not designed for it you might need to add Guide Ropes to secure it from the wind. We had to do so on a different style to make it work.
    Another fulfilling day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The tent could use some guide ropes except we don't want it up all the time. Even with the ropes, in the wind, it would flop around so much that it would probably tear it. :)

  6. It has been cooler here on the prairies as well and I am really enjoying it. Windows wide open to catch every bit of the lovely breeze.

    Your ridge looks like the perfect place to live.

    God bless.

    1. I'm glad you are getting the cooler air too. So nice to have a fresh breeze in the windows. :)
      Thank you, we are quite happy up here on the Ridge!