Thursday, July 2, 2020


The Ridge
It was 6:30 when I threw the sheet back on Wednesday, July 1st to get up. I wanted to get into the Mat early and get back home asap. There were a few things to do outside but mostly inside to finish up meal preparations. We weren’t expecting anyone until closer to 2 but like to have things done and ready so we can relax for a bit after lunch.

Clemson was represented today in my hair style
The Mat was locked, back and front doors, and my key wouldn’t work. That’s when I remembered Jamie saying he had to change that back lock and needed to get me a key. I’d assured him I wouldn’t likely be there before 7 (opening time) anyway so no rush. He’s a busy guy and his June has been 12 hour working days. So, this morning, it was before 7 when I arrived. I waited until 7:15 and for some reason the doors didn’t unlock. Oh-oh. The timer must be screwed up.

Sisters chatting it up
 I didn’t want to bother Jamie on a day off at that time so dropped a couple of books at the book exchange box and came home. I’ll have to go tomorrow morning to clean. I hope it isn’t too bad in there for customers today. There were things on my agenda at home and I set about cutting strawberries, potatoes, onions, radishes and making up a batch of whipping cream. Bill busied himself, first with a thorough vacuum through the Suite.

Bruce, Bill, Marilynne and Brian
Some chairs outside needed wiping, the outdoor Restroom needed cleaning, bird feeders needed filling, hummer food as well and I wanted to measure on the hill for a Bocce court, just in case we could talk anyone into an activity. With the temperature soaring to a scorching 29C/85F this afternoon, I really wasn’t expecting too much other than shade sitting with drinks. 😊

Bill in his red apron testing the temperature
With all of those things taken care of, I got the plates, silverware, glasses etc. out. I like to be ahead of the game, we don’t entertain often but when we do, I enjoy the prep too. Bill kept busy with small jobs and then cleaned the bathroom before (or after) having his shower and then lunch. I wasn’t feeling hungry but when a yogourt cup fell out of the fridge and split open, I ate that after cleaning up the floor. Klutz! I did snack on some tomato and cucumber later.

These were wonderful!
I couldn’t see anything else to do so then had my shower. It was a cool one and felt wonderful. After getting dressed, I sliced up a tomato and some English cucumber since I wasn’t having a green salad with our meal. There were olives and pickles as well. Then, I went on the hunt for something red and white for my ponytail. I remembered that Clemmy had some neck scarves for Canada Day that I didn’t use in his blanket. I found one, red and white with paws. Perfect!

Food was ready!
 Lastly before settling out on the shaded patio, I took my tripod out for my big camera. This year, I will get a complete family portrait. 😊 Liz and Bruce arrived in their beautiful convertible by 2 and Brian, Carol and Marilynne arrived just after 2:30, I think. I wasn’t paying attention to the time. Most of us felt comfortable exchanging hugs but understood when others did not.

Let's eat!
We all chose to sit outside around the King chairs, some in the shade and some of us enjoyed the heat of the sun. Chairs got moved from one to the other as well. It was a gorgeous day. We consumed some tasty caesars, beer and wine and the afternoon zipped by with lots and lots to talk about. It felt so good to get together and everyone agreed.  Bill started the Weber Q around 5 and I think we were eating by 6ish, again, I don’t know.

We filled our plates inside and then moved outside to eat
Talk around the orange patio table under the ‘blue’ tent (notice the consistent theme? Ha ha) had us laughing, joking, teasing with a little bit of serious conversation mixed in. It’s hard to be too serious when alcohol and heat are involved. I could tell everyone was having a good time. Marilynne had given us all our ‘Canada Day/Christmas’ gifts earlier which surprised everyone. It was a very generous gesture on her part. She is a very kind soul.

There was room for 4 to eat at the table and us 3 girls
ate on trays
It worked quite well

Today, the screened dining tent paid for itself
The filet mignon that Bill bbq’d with Brian overseeing were awesome! Done to perfection and my potato salad was also a hit. Food got cleaned up nicely so we didn’t have leftovers other than 1 small steak. Perfect planning, I’d say! The dessert with shortcake, my custard, strawberry sauce and whipped cream was also a success. I can’t believe how much I fretted over the mushy strawberries and this turned out so well. Duh!

I didn't realize that there were only 6 sponge cakes
but I was happy to go without anyway
It was 8:30 when someone looked at their watch. With a long summer day and the sun seemingly still high in the sky (it wasn’t that high, of course) it was no wonder we just relaxed and moved into the evening.

A happy group of Canadians right there!
I had my tripod and camera ready to go for our photo so gathered the patriotic group together. It only took one click to get a perfect picture. I didn’t check to make sure everyone was smiling and all eyes were open. I have to admit my own vision by that time could have been off.

Our company getting ready to leave

See ya, Brian, Carol and Marilynne!

See ya, Bruce and Liz!
When they left soon after, Bill and I sat in the screen tent and finished the bottle of wine together. Everything just felt so wonderful after such a great day. Eventually we closed up the sheds, and Bill’s cargo trailer and moved inside. It was after 9 when Bill loaded the dishwasher and turned it on. There wasn’t much on tv but we watched something and I just recall a lot of giggling. You know, when one funny thing has you laughing for way too long? Yup, last night for us.

Somehow appropriate that our Canada geese moved in for a tribute swim
last night
It didn’t take long to fall asleep when we did give in. I hope you found a wonderful way to spend your Canada Day, or Wednesday, whatever the case may be. It was a holiday for us and the country all came together to celebrate. Nice.

Relaxing in the tent with my sweetie after everyone left
Good thing, Bill and I weren't driving last night
(and those that were, drank responsibly!)
Good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. What a wonderful Canada Day you had! Food, fun, family, drinks does it get any better along with perfect weather! The photo of all of you turned out wonderful for sure! It needs to be framed! Nice to see Marilynne looking so good! Nice you were all able to fit inside the tent for dinner :) Love the cute thing at the bottom..haha.

    1. Thank you Shirley for all the nice comments. The day turned out really well.

  2. Great celebration!! Wonderful food and friends. Doesn’t get better than that!!!

  3. Sounds like a great day was had by all. Happy Canada Day!

  4. Sounds like it was the perfect day for you! Good job sis.

  5. What a special way to celebrate Canada Day!
    Since I am behind, Congratulations on the news of a new Grandbaby on the way. How wonderful. With all the craziness going on around us what a nice affirmation that life will go on. Lots of nice pictures I looked at catching up. Also, congrats on the new job. Take care and stay safe.

    1. thank you Deb for all your nice comments. :)
      We had a great day.

  6. Great picture! And Happy Canada Day to you!