Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Taking a Day for Fun, Cooler Temperatures, Mom and Elvis

The Ridge

It wasn’t the best sleep; I was a little chilly throughout the night and kept moving closer to Bill with my cold feet. I should have reached down and pulled the blanket up from the bottom of the bed. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. You know that saying. So, for not having a great 8 hours sleep, I was already awake but still feeling quite refreshed on Tuesday, July 21st when Bill’s alarm went off.

a very heavy fog
When he came out of the shower, I got up as well even though he said it was really foggy out. Darn! A day off and I was planning a nice long walk first thing. The temperature was cool too, around 14C/56F. Cool compared to what we’ve been having. This is not a complaint; the fresh air is nice so all we need now is the sun to burn the fog off for a perfect day. I had my tea made before Bill left at 7:30 for work in the Hanover area.

By the time I left for Durham, the sky was clearing
I played my online Wordscraper, ScrabbleGo and Words with Friends and checked out comments on my blog posts. It was around 9 when I got washed and spiffed up a bit for some shopping. Hard to know what to wear. I texted Donna but pretty sure I didn’t need to remind her to remember her face mask. She is meeting me in Durham since driving to Hanover to pick her up is out of the way for me. We are going to Owen Sound to shop for a few things, with a stop at our favourite second hand stores.

Doesn't she look lovely?
I'd love to see her smile
While passing the time at my laptop, an email came through from my sister, Cathy. A picture of Mom was sent to her from Rockwood, the first we’ve seen in a long time. Mom looks confused and she isn’t displaying her famous smile, but her hair is done nice and she looks lovely and well-looked after. 😊 Visitations are opening up with more leniency but I still have to decide if it is worth getting the Covid test only to sit across from Mom and deny her a hug.

Fog does create mysterious designs
There was an unusual bird landing in our service berry tree so with my zoom lens, I tried to get a picture. Looks like maybe a Mom or Dad and baby are in the area. Could it be a gray catbird? If I can get a clear picture, you can tell me. 

This is the best I could do, he didn't sit still for long
At 9:30, I went out and wiped down the back window and outside of Ptooties and then folded the back seats down. I was going to be picking up 2 pumps at Princess Auto. Unfortunately, Bill couldn’t get Gerry’s running.

Not rain, fog
I am married to a really good guy. If he borrows something of yours and it breaks, he’ll replace it. To him, there is no question. So, Donna and I met in Durham and I drove the 45 minutes to city. We found the BurCam pumps and the one that Bill wanted. It was on sale and they had 3 of them. We picked up the ½ HP Jet pump for Gerry, which theirs was, and the ¾ HP for us. Then my sis and I went to Value Village. We had a great time, separately for the most part and then together for a bit.

A young robin foraging for food
After leaving there, tickled with our purchases, we drove across the road to the Mission Thrift Store. Prices were better there and we cashed in on some great deals before deciding to get something to eat. Down the street and back across the pavement again, we went to Freshiis. It’s a neat little place offering all day breakfast, salads, wraps, soups and burritos and we each found something for our late lunch. Donna’s Pangoa bowl was spicy but my Tex Mex burrito was huge and quite tasty. Half of it came home with me for tomorrow.

It was a jam packed burrito

Doesn't that look filling? It was!
We were able to sit outside at their café table to eat. Then I drove back to Durham for Donna to pick up her car. I unloaded my purchases and relaxed in my chair until Bill came home around 4:30. 

Donna's salad bowl was huge!
We caught up on our day and he was pleased with the pumps and a few of the things I bought. He’s never as pleased as I am about the clothes although he did get a pair of shorts for work. Sometimes you never know what you’ll find. I didn't do too bad with just a few items to replace some in my closet. Come on! Who can walk away from 3 pair of jeans for $5?

Chippy out our back window
We started supper at 6, fish and chips tonight. We were cleaned up by 7:30 and done for the night. I guess it is no surprise that shopping is almost as tiring as working. Unfortunately, we (I) picked up the wrong ½ hp pump so I will be taking it back for exchange tomorrow. Too bad but there were 2 on the same shelf and Donna and I obviously grabbed the wrong one. Because his pump was 15 yrs. old, Gerry has offered to pay half. 😊

So, I mentioned Mitch's other job a while ago
This is him quite a few years ago
He sure doesn't look like this when we're sanding vehicles!
Good night everyone!
This was a good day, reaching 23C/73F. Tonight it will cool down to 16C/61F so a nice night for sleeping. I’ll have my extra blanket ready.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Now that’s a burrito!!! Good finds at the thrift shop. Wish something was open here. I’m in dire need of clothes!! Lol. Sorry about the wrong pump. I don’t think I’ve ever picked up parts and gotten the right stuff. Sounds like a fun day tho!!

    1. Donna and I had a good time. I will have to move things out as these things go in but that won't be hard. That's my rule, 1 in, 2 out. Ha ha
      LOL, Donna and I thought we were doing so good in the man's store!

  2. I feel the same way about borrowed tools. It is not hard to make the mistake about getting the right pump unless you personally had worked with one.
    That Burrito looks Tasty and Filling.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler evening.

    It's about time.

    1. It's the right attitude to take so we are careful what we borrow and make sure we can replace it before bringing it home! :)

  3. We thought we were doing so well shopping in a 'man's domain'. I guess we patted ourselves on the back a we bit too soon. Oh well, that's life!

  4. It sounds like you had a fun day with your sister. Your mom does look good in the picture, but I too missed her beautiful smile. It would be a difficult decision to make - whether to see her or not, with all of this still going on. The burrito looks wonderful, as does the salad. Now you need a picture of Elvis in his real working outfit! Lol!

    1. Thanks, we did have fun. I'm not sure what to do about Mom yet. :(
      I'd like to see Mitch actually doing his Elvis show because I can't picture it.

  5. I forgot to mention how great your mom looks. They seem to take very good care of her.

    1. Thank you Nancy. She looks healthy, clean, and dressed nicely.

  6. I agree Mom looks beautiful, but missed her smile! I don't think she would understand no hugging..honestly I don't understand it either :( What a great sister day! Love thrift stores, certainly couldn't pass up those jeans! Do they allow you to try them on? I know stores here aren't allowing trying on clothes, and you can't return them either, a friend of ours went on a rant the other day that's how I know! Lunch looks fantastic. Ken's the same way about borrowing ( which he does infrequently).

    1. Thank you, I still love the pix of Mom even without the smile. :)
      We couldn't try clothes on at Value Village but you have 14 days to return clothes only. I didn't buy any pants there but Donna did and needs to return a couple of things. At the Mission Store we could use the change rooms, it's where I got the jeans.

  7. Your mom looks beautiful. I think it would be confusing for her to not hug you and get close to you. Good job with your shopping.

    1. Thank you, Elva. The opinions I've read here about Mom are helpful. A confirmation that she wouldn't understand me saying 'no, Mom, I can't hug you.' :(
      We had a fun time shopping and it was long overdue.