Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Taping and Blocking, Good Surprise, Wearing my Author Hat

The Ridge
On Tuesday, July 28th I was up at 6:30 and out the door at 10 to 7. Bill wasn’t leaving until 7:15 but I wanted to get in and out of the laundromat as fast as possible. Yesterday, I found that I drank my tea in between walking and working at Mitch’s too quickly. After half hour at Graceland 2, I had to excuse myself to come home briefly because of an upset stomach. It's okay to feel that way when I know what the cause was.

I have been publishing my blog post before the sunsets
So, this was last night's sky but it never looks as pretty
on camera
So, today, I took my tea along to Durham instead of water so I could drink it slowly and be done by the time I headed over at 9:30. I was about half way through cleaning when Mitch called and asked a favour. He needed cigarettes so I stopped at the variety store to pick them up on my way home. Donna calls me his Girl Friday. Well, I’m more like Girl Tuesday and any other day. But I seriously don’t mind since I’m on his clock.

The drive  into town to clean
Look at the horizon, reminds me of mountains
but they are low lying heavy clouds
At Graceland 2, I deadheaded for 30 minutes and then drove to Durham once more. This time to pick up a couple of things for Mitch once the drug store opened. I was back pretty quickly. Then he got me taping the windows and covering them completely with newspaper. 

Side and back windows plus front grill covered for painting
I can’t do that with gloves although I do wear them when I’m hand sanding. The newspaper print had my fingers pretty black in no time but I finished all but the front windshield and I also covered the chrome and black grill. I added 3 hours to the calendar.

Driving in from Mitch's I noticed that Bill had drilled a hole
and hung the Sunflower scarecrow board that our
friends, Bill and Sandy, gave us a couple of years ago
Such a sweet couple. Rob and Pat's daughter and hubby 💓
At home, I was ready to eat but had my shower first because I felt pretty grubby today after leaning up against the Plymouth. Then I put together my lunch plate and went about the rest of my relaxing day. I had no other plans but to stick close to home and work on putting my book together. It’s all on my laptop but not actually ‘online’ until I’m ready to publish it.

My log planter flowers didn't look too healthy over the last
two weeks but they've come back in bloomed
Again, the colour isn't as bright in this photo
as they actually are
That’s a very good thing because it takes a long time to decide what font, theme, colour, style and then organizing the layout of each page for pictures and text. I do enjoy it though, or I obviously wouldn’t do it each year. There are various websites to do this on but I’m used to BookSmart and have just continued working with that one. There are frustrations here and there, as in most online stuff, but that’s to be expected.

I had an email early stating that my camera had been shipped and expected to arrive by post on Thurs. July 30th. Cool! Before I had been sitting too long at my laptop, around 2, another email came in that had great news. 

Our desert mailbox shines again
and I love the red flag up

As I walked down, I'd hoped that it wasn't just a card to go pick it up
like last time but a small package fits in the box
(I guess I need to wipe the inside of the mailbox too!)
I wasted no time at all and was out and down the lane to retrieve my package. How excited I was! It was like finding a lost friend. Because we may get the purple one repaired, depending on the cost, I ordered this one in silver so we would each have a different one.

Bill came home early today which was very nice for him. I think it was around 3:30 when he drove in the lane. With this and that, the rest of the day passed us by and at 6 Bill came up to see what I’d planned for supper. We had shrimp sautéed in butter with French fries in our Fry Daddy. The temperature today was perfect. I didn’t notice the humidity at all, although it was still quite present in the air. The Suite remained very comfortable too.

Even Lulu (who holds my glasses is happy!)
Isn't she pretty!!
Yay! Zoom again on a pocket camera
We watched some tv in between doing the dishes and Bill spent the evening down in the Hangar. I couldn’t keep myself awake and interested enough to write my blog so sat in my chair instead. He came up at 9 and I had just finished watching the tail end of a sad but good movie. One Good Thing with William Hurt, Meryl Streep and Rene Zellweger; all good actors. By 9:30 I gave up and went to bed.

First picture on my new camera
It was a great day though and I had a surprise early delivery as the hilight.

Then Bill took a picture of me showing an
exaggerated happiness. 😀

Good night everyone!
Thank you for checking us out today to see what we’re up to. Comments are always welcome.


  1. I just love my little camera. They are so easy to use! Glad yours was delivered!! Hey, if I was getting paid, I would run all the errands he wants!! Money in your pocket!!! I'm afraid to clean out my mailbox ... might be scorpions in there!! LOL

  2. Glad you had a nice surprise and the camera arrived early! I agree, it all pays the same! Love your mailbox, it still looks awesome! The sunflower scarecrow looks great there!

  3. It's always nice when things we order arrive early.

    Someone else mentioned that photos in the new Blogger format aren't as bright as the original. I haven't noticed it, but if you've changed over maybe that's why.

  4. I think my camera may be slowly giving up. Some pictures are very blurry. I may have to break down and buy a new one eventually.

    Love Canon cameras.

    God bless.

  5. Congrats on the new camera! I love the old car you're working on. You'll have to post an after picture ;-)