Friday, July 31, 2020

Gearing Up for the Weekend, Getting the Cub Cadet Home

The Ridge
On Thursday, July 30th I woke prepared for a busy morning. I left the house with my tea before 7 for Durham and had a good experience cleaning. No visitors and no customers. I don't mind the latter. Jamie had the glass replaced in the front door so that was nice. It wasn’t too dirty in the Mat, making up for the mess on Tuesday, perhaps. I was out of there at 8 and headed home.

I didn't walk in the morning so later in the day, I took advantage of the breeze
and walked to Turbine Lane
The soybeans in the fields are really growing
soon harvest time!
We needed a few grocery items but I had already planned to go back in to town after lunch. I sat for a few minutes, reading online to see what our friends were up to. Within 45 minutes, I was ready to go to Graceland 2 so showed up at 9. Mitch asked me to clean up the petunias, not just deadheading, but snipping off the dead branches and leaves. Not a job I enjoyed and I whined a lot to him.

I remembered to fill the bird bath although it is more  of a drink station for them
After about an hour, I continued to whine and he offered me some cheese to go along with it. LOL It just seemed that the plants weren’t looking any better. Thankfully, he got the hint and set me up removing the glue that was under the decals on the old truck instead. With the paint thinner, it was easy and I didn’t mind that job at all.

When I was done work and running around, I poured myself
the last grapefruit water drink in the fridge
I'm not terribly fond of it but it was refreshing and cold
Then I worked at cutting up rags for using when we’re sanding and the other jobs. I usually have one in my pocket when I’m working. That was easy and I enjoyed that too. At 12 noon, after 3 hours, he told me he would not ask me to work on the flowers for longer than 30 minutes next time, other than to deadhead which I also don’t mind. Before I left, he paid me for some more hours and then asked me to start my day tomorrow by driving to Owen Sound to pick up a part he needs. Easy!

Back at home, I made a coffee and my lunch. Then I got busy again working on my book. I needed a break so cleaned myself up and took Ptooties into town. I stopped on Main St. and first went into the LCBO to get some wine, rum and a bottle of cream liquer. Not Carolinians but similar. A sipping drink. Next, I popped into a couple of the little shops just to pass the time and then I drove on down to Foodland. There were quite a few people inside.

Now our wine cupboard looks full, even if it isn't all wine
I finally got some Pina Colada mix too. 😊Yay!
After getting a few things on my list, I checked out and drove further down to Home Hardware. I had my eye on a new finch feeder so popped in to pick it up. While in the store, I saw a metal one I liked better for 5$ more. Perfect! 

I love this one and Chippy shouldn't be able to get on it easy but the small birds
should be able to
Then I scooted the back streets to get out of the busy town quickly. Bill had asked me to go down the road to Northline Sales & Service to pay the bill on our Cub Cadet but I forgot. Too many things in my head, I guess. My mind was on getting the food and booze put away.

Hard to believe this is 9 pm
I carried on working on my book until Bill came home around 4:30. When he asked, ‘Did I pay?’, I couldn’t apologize enough but it was early so we drove down to pick it up. Bill drove the mower back home and parked it in the storage shed. It was all I could do to convince him that he didn’t have to hop on it and cut grass tonight. He'd had a full day of work already even though cutting grass takes no effort really. So, he says.

A couple of pond pictures

For supper, we had leftover lasagna and finished it up. It was just as good, if not better, the second night. After dishes, I could tell Bill was very tired so wanted to get up and cut some grass. Once more I encouraged him to go to his Hangar instead. He didn’t really want to fall asleep this late in the evening. ‘We’ (!) have time to cut grass before Sunday.  I worked on my blog and was fighting sleep myself. It was a busy day but the nice thing is that the temperature is very comfortable. As you can tell, the blog was put on the back burner.

The time on this pictures has me all messed up
So, I've reset my camera
This was taken mid-afternoon
We reached 23C/73F today with enough of a breeze to keep the awnings from being fully extended. Sleeping is easy now with the less heat and humidity and with windows open. This is what summer should be like. We watched Crocodile Dundee 2 tonight, me in the Suite and Bill while puttering in the Hangar. We didn't know the other one was watching it! This was a great day and one more to go before the long weekend begins. I hope you’ve had a good day too.

Sunset picture through one of our few big trees down by the Hangar
Not very exciting pictures today
Good day!
Thank you for your visit.


  1. Sounds like a great if not busy day! What holiday are you celebrating this weekend?