Sunday, July 12, 2020

Foggy and Dull Start but Pleasant Sunday

The Ridge
On Sunday, July 12th Bill and I woke at our normal time and lazed until 7. We had ‘working around home’ plans today so we sorted clothes into 2 loads and Bill made a coffee to go. In at the Mat, we loaded the washers and then set to work. Bill uses a special wrench rather than a key for the old dryers and got them cleaned out. The lint gathers up under there and it was due time for them to be done.

The morning was too busy for pictures, obviously
But I enjoyed my bullet proof coffee
I spent more time wiping the machines out today since he looked after the floors for me. Dry and wet mopping. Nice to have a helper! We finished cleaning and then decided to put our clothes in a dryer rather than take a chance on the rain. We were on our way home by 8:30, everything done and folded. I made my tea and Bill went out to start cutting the front field. Things are wet but we think it was just heavy dew.

The kitchen sink comes in handy
There’s no rest for the wicked, so the saying goes, so after my tea, I got the vacuum out and did the floors. Bill came up around 11 with one field done and had some toast and peanut butter. I made myself a bullet proof coffee. A good high fat number there. I’m still working on increasing my daily intake. It seems to be working for me in more ways than one. Still no rain so Bill went back out to cut after he finished eating.

A trip through my blossoms
While I was sitting at my laptop, I downloaded a few old pictures I’d found in my oldest uncle’s collection a few years ago. It was at a family reunion and there were boxes and boxes of stuff that my cousin, Ellen, brought for us to go through. I wish we could have sat all day and just rifled through, such interesting photos. I picked up 2 or 3 of his diaries as well and get a kick out of reading those on occasion. How difficult and yet simple his life was.

I posted some of the pictures on our family web page in Facebook so others can enjoy them as well. While drinking my coffee, I was deciding what to do next. Wash floors, do some hill weeding or start sewing the wing covers for Bill. It would take the least amount of time to do the floors so I got our rag mop out and took care of business. I have to wring it out by hand but it is so easy and does a great job in the corners too.

Sewing edges on Bill's wing covers
The first.......

......and last stitches
The next least time-consuming task was to sew Bill’s covers so when the floors were dry, I went out to the Bunky to do that. In the meantime, I tried calling my daughter since I missed her last weekend. Getting an answering machine again, I went about my work. It was quite comfortable out in the Bunky with the door half open but by the time I finished both pieces, I needed to open the north facing window to let air flow through. I half expected a visitor, Chippy, with the door open but didn’t see him.

Back to the flowers
By the time I’d finished, Bill was done the fields and our front area so asked for my help to put the back seat covers in Ptooties. These things just aren’t quite right in a few ways but for now, the seats are covered and protected. It was after 1:30 and I still hadn’t eaten so that was my next move. 

Thse were so good!
A cup of fried chicken hearts and 4% cottage cheese would boost my energy and fill me up until supper. I wish we had some fish in the freezer because fish and chips sounds good.

I have a very tall Mullien plant and it is attracting an odd insect
Can't wait until it all blooms
I don't make tea out of the plants like my sisters do
but this is the tallest I've ever let one grow
Bill finished up on the berm behind us while I ate and the afternoon was half gone. Might not get to the hill for weeding after all. I don’t know how easy it would be, even with the damp ‘sand’ but at least I’d have a better grip on the hill with my new booties. I cleaned up the morning’s dishes and then went out to putter around the yard. I moved the lawn furniture from the patio mat back onto the grass now that Bill had cut it.
The verbena is all trimmed up now
This is a pile of dead clippings that needed to come off
I was avoiding the hill but still wanted to do something worthwhile so I started pulling weeds in the flower garden. The hanging pot with Verbena wasn’t doing too good at all. I’ve moved it to a couple of different locations but the flowers and stems just seem to have given up. I’d heard that you could cut a hanging plant back and fertilize it in order to bring it back to life. So, I tried that and will watch it over the next few days. Then I took a walk up the hill to take pictures of more flowers. It was a big treat to find 6 tomatoes growing on my plants.

Bill cutting the berm
 As I was weeding, Pat texted and invited us in to their place for Happy Hour at 3:30. Yah! That sure sounds better than what I had in mind and Bill agreed. I took a walk down the laneway and back. The geese were all in our front field eating out of the freshly cut grass but they weren’t too skittish as I walked by. They were wary for sure but didn’t move because of me. I’m just surprised they are all still around as I know one day they’ll leave us.

My stump puller husband tried to pull out this trunk
but it wasn't budging
He'll have to use the chain saw or axe

You can't blame him for trying
We packed a cooler with drinks and that was when the wind came up and the sky darkened. I pulled the awnings in and ran out to close the Bunky window and the storage shed doors. That was when our dining tent took another dive. We didn’t peg it down, just had it standing to dry out. Oh well, we just laid it flat on the grass again and drove into Durham. We didn’t want it to blow away while we were gone.

Of all the flowers that are blooming, this cornflower
is all leaves

It was lovely sitting on their front deck and we had a nice visit, catching up on a few things. Bridgette called me back around 5 and I was happy to hear her voice with Chris in the background. She’s off the hook for another week or so. Ha ha, just kidding, I just like to know the ‘kids’ are doing well and that’s 2 in two weeks so I’m good. 😊 We left around 6 and came home for supper. It was a great visit with our buddies.

More threatening skies that didn't amount to anything

I’m glad I had leftovers from last night as it didn’t take long for the microwave to reheat it. Hardly any dishes got dirtied and we had an enjoyable filling supper. As we were sitting at the table, Bill saw a mouse come in the closed door (?) and run around by our shoes near the propane heater hookup. What the?? He cornered him with my boots and held him there until he was in a position to annihilate (yes I looked up the spelling) the little imp. Got him! Bill 1, Mouse 0.

The geese were enjoying the grass ware
Hopefully that was our garbage picker and trap stealer. Marilynne called as Bill was tossing the critter outside and we caught up with what was going on in her life as well. It has been a busy Sunday and we're at the end of the weekend. After dishes, Bill went down to the cargo trailer to work on hanging the wing covers. I’ll get a picture tomorrow if he gets it done.

Leftover supper - yummy
I worked on my blog and watched the last hour of The Fast and Furious at the same time. It was a good day and a lot got done, including some connections with family and friends. I hope you enjoyed yours too.

The little rodent was jammed in the corner under my shoe

Winner take all
Loser leaves with nothing
And on that note I say,
Good night!

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. EEWWWWW! I hate those little suckers. They cause so much damage inside the RV. I have snap traps out and don't feel a bit of remorse when they venture into one!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Our friends put 'food' for them outside so they don't come in but I wouldn't do that because of our Chippys here. Now we're wondering if he did come in through the door last night or has he been crawling around behind furniture. Hmm.

  2. The mouse looks a little on the skinny side!! LOL Love love your flowers. It's nice to have so much blooming. Here in Arizona, everything is brown and dead. I'm thinking of getting some plastic flowers just to liven the place up a little!!

    1. I'm sure he looked healthy before Bill squished him under my boot! haha
      If you do get plastic flowers, you MUST get classy ones. Too many people get cheap ones and they look terrible! LOL

  3. I hate hate those little critters!! Good job Bill!! With everything so green and those flowers popping up everywhere it's just too pretty there! Always good to get together with friends like Rob and Pat. Ken better to hear from your daughter. I know she's a busy girl! isn't it funny how fast the days fly!! Here we are middle of July!!

    1. If the mice don't bother us, we don't bother them............this guy wasn't going to be our friend. :)
      Thank you, we do take pride in our place
      I was happy Bill called too. :)

  4. Nice you were able to get so much accomplished including the visit with Rob and Pat.
    Bad that you had that visitor. Glad Bill gave him the boot.
    There is a way to stop them from coming in but with the Chippies it would be dangerous.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, it was a great day for getting things taken care of.
      The visitor is history and no, we won't do anything to harm any of our other critters.