Friday, July 3, 2020

More of the Same, All Good Things Too!

The Ridge
On Friday, July 3rd the same things happened around here as yesterday. Bill got up for his shower. He was informed yesterday that they were replacing a railing on the porch at Murray’s today. Murray has the barn where we have stored Ptooties for the winter over the last 4 years. He is a very nice guy so Bill was happy to be going there this morning. It may not be all day; he just never knows.

Good morning!
I got up early enough to sit with Bill while he had his cereal and packed his cooler. I read yesterday’s blogs and the ones I’d missed from Wednesday. I apologize that I don’t get to them daily but do try to catch up. After my sweetie left at 7, I went for my walk. The air felt surprisingly comfortable and I saw that it was 18C/64F with no breeze. I’m glad I walked when I did, as it was stifling hot when I returned.

This form of dogbane grows wild and freely along
my walking route so I picked some for the watering can
First thing I did when I got home was water our potted flowers and then the small garden beds. Not the hill. After my tea and more blog reading, I called Mitch to see if he had something for a couple of hours this morning for me to do. I had to leave a message so went out and watered my vegetables. The tomato plants are looking awesome and finally the green onions are showing promise.

And even though you can't see him/her, the deer is out there
When Mitch called back, he said ‘my’ car was waiting for me. 😊 I put on my dirty clothes from yesterday’s work and drove over for 10 o’clock. I was happy to see that he had watered and refilled all of the cans for his flowers. I wondered if he’d want me to do that so threw my ball cap in the car just in case. It was good to be working inside the garage with the big bay door open. It faces the west so only the breeze comes in there, no sun.

And joy of joys, Carmelita has returned in her natural bright colours
The more I work on sanding the car, the more comfortable I am. I just need to understand the purpose of what I’m doing in order to do a better job. Mitch is very helpful and very obliging when I ask silly questions or when I ask for affirmation that what I’ve done is okay. When I left at 12 noon, I had accomplished one side of the front hood, the grill plate or whatever it is called. I knew it would be difficult but necessary and I actually enjoyed working on it.

And when she moved, I had to hunt to find her down here, on a plastic
bag under the bench
Before I left, I said that I wouldn’t be working on weekends and would see him Monday mid-morning. “You work whenever you want, Patritia” he said. Good! Oh by the way, because Mitch is an Elvis impersonator (one day we’ll have to see how good he is) he told me I can say I’m working at Graceland 2. Funny guy, it is the furthest thing from Graceland as I could get! Ha ha. 

My lunch today was good and got me through to supper
Back home, I hopped in the shower. I don’t remember my clothes ever getting so dirty in any job. Well, some garden work I suppose but this is a different kind of dirt.

This is thered  hood grill that I was sanding today
After my shower, I made a coffee and my lunch plate. It was 1 pm and I wasn’t sure when Bill would be home today so cleaned up dishes. I hate having them in the sink (like yesterday) when he comes home. If I’m busy too, that’s different. I was going to go into town to take my beer cans, bottles and alcohol bottles back to the Beer Store but not sure if I’ll do that.

I walked down to get the mail
Bill's Father's Day card from his oldest daughter arrived
I do believe it got lost in the shuffle!
We need to deposit a cheque in the bank too but I decided to do that using my phone app. First time for everything! Bill said he might go directly to the Acreage to get water on his way home. That will depend on how he feels but now we don't have to go to town too. There is a beautiful breeze now and with windows open and blinds closed, the Suite feels wonderful! Around 2:30, I took a book outside to start it. I haven’t read for a few days and this one is a Harry Bosch story so it should be easy to get lost in.

That was just another confirmation of our $50 expenditure not going to waste. I sat in the dining tent with my water, phone and book. My feet were up on another chair and there was a great breeze every so often, partial shade (just enough) and NO bugs. Almost like Arizona! I was very comfortable and as expected, got right into the story. It wasn’t too long and I heard Black Beauty creeping up the lane. Yay! Friday and Bill was home by 3. We are back to enjoying weekends again. 😊

Across the road, the farmer was haying around the stone house
We sat together and since they’d only munched and worked through lunch, he had his sandwich. When he went inside, I joined him to watch some NCIS. Me, I mean, he wasn’t awake long. I know he works hard and, in this heat, it doesn’t surprise me that he is out like a light very quickly. He’s always enjoyed an afternoon nap so there is nothing new here. I’d mentioned ribs for supper but we instead opted for mini sausages and beans.

In the cupboard, I found a can of seasoned cabbage that I’d picked up at the Quartzsite food store. Hmm, I should try that. Bill had most of the beans, I had some but I also had some warmed cabbage. I added some good fat with a teaspoon of butter to melt over it on my plate. Oh my! It was very tasty and less carbs for my meal. We cleaned up dishes and then drove over to the Acreage for a bladder of water.

Supper was good and the cabbage tasted better than it looks!
Donna and Gerry had just arrived for the weekend, so Bill had a beer with Gerry and Donna and I caught up on our week. They hadn’t eaten yet so we didn’t hang around long, returning home to transfer the water and relax for the evening. I’ve enjoyed this day. Earning extra cash for a couple of hours of easy work is a good feeling. Contributing extra towards our living makes me feel great. I hope you’ve found a way to stay cool wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
Nasty, nasty!!
Good night, everyone!

Thank you for your visit today! Have a great weekend!


  1. Hahaha too funny!!! Not quite the same “lottery”. How fun Carmelita came home again!! She’s a cutie!! A little extra cash is always a good thing!!!

    1. It's not the lottery I'd want to win but it would buy me a bottle of tequila in Mexico! :)

  2. Really like how the trees frame the picture of the deer we cannot see...:)
    It will be interesting to see what happens to the car your are sanding. Sounds like a good day. Hope you and Bill have an relaxing weekend. Take care.

    1. It is a pretty view so instead of zooming in on a brown blob, I went with the tree view. :)
      Yes, I'm going to be excited to see it finished now! After the small bits I sand, I don't know what else I can do to it. It will be in the professional's hands. (Mitch)
      Thanks Deb, you have a great weekend too! Happy Independence Day!

  3. You have a lovely weekend.

    God bless.

  4. Love your lunch plate, perfect for a warm day! Love the car you're working on, and it seems you are enjoying yourself. It would be fun to have a little video of "Elvis" doing his thing :) Enjoy your weekend with your sweetie! :)

    1. Thank you Shirley, you and Ken have a fantastic 4th of July! :)

  5. LOL, I'm sure that's not quite what she had in mind. Reminds me, be careful with what you say.

    It's nice to have a space out of the sun when it's out and away from the bugs all the time! I'm writing this in my sunroom this morning, as it's supposed to get hot this afternoon and I'll have to close it up later.

    Take care and stayw ell!

    1. Ha ha, I'm sure you're right!!! :)
      I'm happy we have this tent, makes it nicer for sitting when I don't want full sun.
      Happy weekend!