Thursday, February 2, 2017

Laundry Day means Clean Clothes, Exploring the Park Amenities, Meeting the Glorified Rangers, Calm Day

Thursday, Feb. 2nd at Silent Valley Club Resort, Banning, California. Bill was running out of clothes and I was a long way from it (what does that tell you after 2 weeks?) so we came up to the Laundry building at 8:30. This is one of those typical cabin type buildings normally found in a Provincial Park back home. I love it.
Laundry Facilities

Set up for waiting out the washers

There are 14 washers and 6 large dryers and no one else was here. That is an advantage of visiting in the winter. See? I’m finding perks already here at Silent Valley to replace our disappointments. Once Bill helped me load 3 washers up, we chatted up a couple of the park staff for a bit.

Bill even brought me a coffee
Bill went back to the Suite and I connected to their free wi-fi. Yay! This is how my blog will get posted while we are here, since it takes time to download the pics onto my blog. This is a bonus, not having to use our gigabytes. I’ve also got my book to read and direct connection to my sweetie with our 2-way radios.

And then came back to help fold
The sun is shining today and that is a plus since I thought we were supposed to get clouds and rain. Today consisted of a few walks and a lot of picture taking. The hot tub was open so Bill and I have made plans to go tomorrow afternoon if weather permits, since it is an outside Jacuzzi.
Tomorrow we'll check this out

Too bad this beautiful pool won't be open

On my 3rd walk around, I stopped and picked up three novels for Bill and I to read. That should keep us busy for a few days.
Lounge at Adult Centre

Movies, puzzles

and a cozy area for 4 to curl up in
We had planned smoked pork chops for supper so started their prep around 5 or so. I made up a salad and steamed some cauliflower while Bill bbq’d. I was happy to see that Bill was working on a blog post today. You can check it out here.

These big trucks go in and out of here many times a day
We don't know what they're hauling, yet. 

Not sure what kind of bird this is but he posed for me

Truly beautiful scenery here
After eating and cleaning up I finished my book. Oh, my goodness, it was a nail biter and I have the thumbnail chewed down to prove it. Deliver Us From Evil by David Baldacci.
another big old tree

An abundance of squirrels

although some ran from me, the odd one seemed to
ask me what the heck was I doing there

Unusual bark on this small tree

Butt Rock? Hmmm.
Bill and I watched a couple of huge motor coaches pull in across the way and we both are amazed at how they climb this mountain. We’ll have to chat it up with them before they leave.
This unit is parked beside us. He obviously climbed
the mountain pulling this Charger

That is our rig back through this tree lined path
We watched some television before calling it a night. I’m falling in love with this park, despite the let-downs but unless Bill gets a better feel for the drive in and out, we probably won’t make it back anytime soon.
Biggest pine cones I ever saw

I take size 8 in case you're wondering

Well, how did I manage this photo? 
sometimes a gal has to get creative
I hope you’ve had a great day, as we have. Thanks for following. Any and all comments are welcome.

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