Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday, A Day of Rest, Walkabout, Goodbye to Friends Again

February 5th already, wow, it is unbelievable how time flies when you’re having fun. It’s not just a cliché, it is true.

Great start to the day
The sun was glorious first thing today and the sky was completely and wholly blue. We were looking forward to a high of 61F or so the Weather Network predicted. I think by the end of the day we made it to 57F instead and the sun disappeared early afternoon in favour of the clouds, yet again.

I can’t say that we are bummed out. Yes, it is disappointing but I know what we are missing (well, not missing!) back home so we remain content. This morning after a tea (hot tea, something almost unheard of in restaurants here) I posted yesterday’s blog.

Then out the door for me, that sunshine felt wonderful on my face even though it was only 45F. This was the day to head in the other direction of the park. I took my camera and ventured to D, E and F to see what I could find.
Clemson also feels the peacefulness and knows
what Sunday afternoon requires

the view behind us
The peacefulness as I walk around is meditative except when I dare to step off the paved roads and my footballs rustle through the dried leaves blanketing the ground.
Clemson greets me after my walk
At the end of D area is where we find the Adult Centre I spoke about in an earlier post. 

This houses the pools and jacuzzi and lounge area for relaxing or playing pool.

They call it the Peace A Plenty Club although you sure don’t need to be ‘inside’ the building to feel the peace.

I wandered through F section, quite a wide-open area for campers who love the sun, not too many trees provide shade here. Also, although there is hook-up for hydro and water, few sites have sewer available. A dump station is aptly placed for our convenience.

Section E is taped off but only preventing vehicles from moving into the area. I was curious so nosed myself in there. It is a small group of about 55 sites compared to the 200 in each of   A, B, C, D and F. Not sure why it is closed off but no matter, there are plenty of other great sites available.
Heading into Section E
I didn’t dawdle this morning as I wanted to be back in time to say good-bye to Jeff and Pat as they packed up to leave. The time spent with these two was much too short, our connection was strong. We hope to bump into them again and keep in touch in the meantime. They both live around Yucaipa, California. Pat is retired from working at Skanska, a well-known construction company in California. With retirement in his near future, Jeff had to get back to his job at the same company.
Another Acorn Woody testing the hydro pole
 Bill had to fill a propane tank across from the park but other than that today brought no commitments. A day of rest, remember? We read outside for a bit and then around noon hour realizing we hadn’t eaten yet, Bill got the barbecue lit. The smell of bacon on the grill soon filled the air and as a result filled our bellies.

The air temp reached its maximum for the day and soon started dropping off so we retreated inside to read. I’ve never read books quite so quickly nor have I seen Bill so involved in a good story. This pleases me a lot, I used to wonder how he would fill his days while I delved into my books.
Taking a break and playing with my camera
Supper tonight will be homemade burgers, once again on the Weber. Clemson and Bill are coming to terms with the time changes, meaning that Bill is feeding the little bum around 4 o’clock. When we think of it, it is 7 back home so who knows what his tummy is telling him? I’m happy they worked it out. The Happy Hour group from Quartzsite will also get a chuckle out of this meeting of the minds.
Jeff's 2001 Monaco

Pat's 2000 
As I write this, it is 4:45 pm and the temperature is already down to 47F. No, we aren’t experiencing the heat that others are, but we are in California and don’t have to lift a finger to clean our vehicle off before we venture out. We are expecting rain tonight and for the next day or two. It just means inside hobbies. We can do that. The mountains to the north of us are cloud covered indicating perhaps it has started somewhere already.

We are not into the Super Bowl but the park is very quiet which makes me think others are holed up inside watching. The Watering Hole and Ranch House are not usually open beyond Sunday morning but I believe they were hosting a Super Bowl event for the Patriots and Falcons fans today as an exception. Rah rah!

Bye for now, guys!
Happy Sunday evening.

Thank you for reading along today. Your comments are always welcome.

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