Friday, February 3, 2017

Partly Sunny Day, Another Park Walk, More Laundry

Friday, Feb. 3rd had us up around 6:30 am. I guess this will be our norm here, and that is just fine and dandy! We had our first tea/coffee while reading blog posts and then I bundled up for the 43F and headed out for my walk. There are 5 sections to this park, A, B, C, D, E and F.
Today I left our site C536 and headed to the B section, which brought me through a beautiful secluded wooded area with wooden bridges and more boulders, trees and private campsites. No one was camped back here and this is a large area, but I’ve no doubt in my mind that it will be full with tents and smaller campers come summer. My path brought me back through section A and up to the main office buildings and the Family Centre which has their own pool, also closed.

I’m happy not to be here during the summer months, not only because the noise level would change dramatically with ‘little folk’ but because we would not have the privacy we have now. I can’t emphasis the peacefulness enough, with only wildlife chirping and squawking around us.

Family Pool

Pond waterfall

I return and apologize to Bill immediately. I tell him “I’m sorry, I’m trying not to like this park so much, but I really, really do”. He sweetly rolls his eyes and doesn’t say a word.

I will post pictures of my walks throughout this post but right now I wanted to tell you about my basket purchase at Hobby Lobby. My daughter-in-law, Charlotte, unknowingly reminded me in a great long email. She loves Hobby Lobby so when I go again, I will think of her. We don’t have one in Canada.
The clouds seem to be breaking up
So, back to the baskets. In our Suite we have a dining table that can be pulled out of a hutch so it accommodates 4 persons. The hutch, as you can imagine, is almost too handy to collect things. We have our Sirius radio in the middle and on each side we have our personal ‘stuff’. Oh no! More ‘stuff’ stories!
The bigger they are, the harder they fall
This is where I get anal, where other things don’t bother me. I don’t like things lying around if there can be a place for them. I have been looking for just the right baskets, nice looking and utilitarian at the same time, to hold our ‘stuff’. Finally, at Hobby Lobby I found what I was looking for.
There are so many older model trailers here
Bill and I now can put our 2 way radios, pens, pencils, note pads, stamps, sunglasses, camera etc. in our basket. This prevents things from shifting around when we move locations and me from having to find a spot for them. I felt a feeling of satisfaction when I put them in place. 
My corner

Bill's corner
They are made of wire so I have to cut some shelf liner to fit under each one. I wouldn’t want to scratch the woodwork in the Suite. Now, I’m a happy camper!
Lots of these throughout the park
So, after my walk and a second hot drink, I stripped the bed and Bill drove me up to the Laundry Building again. Bill wasn't idle while I was gone, he got the vacuum out and did a thorough cleaning through the Suite. While waiting for the washers and dryers to do their job I checked out the store, talking to the staff and went to chit chat with the gal at the Member Services office. They are such nice staff here and try to accommodate where possible. I was also able to mail my post cards.
Pond for the geese

Ranger vehicles 

Silent Valley's Fire Truck
The sky opened up and let through about 30 minutes of very fine mist and now the sun is peeking through. However, the clouds have won out for today. We’ve made up the king bed with the new Homecrest Luxury Egyptian Comfort sheets I bought in Quartzsite. They are so soft, we should sleep as well as if we are in Dubai!
Tram stop (for summer visitors)

Drink, anyone?
The temperature is hovering around 55F today but it isn’t going to get any warmer with no sun. Bill isn’t keen on a hot tub until it warms up a bit and I have to agree with him on that one. I drove up to the Adult Centre with my laptop to see what wi-fi was available.
Not too busy during the winter
Unfortunately, that was an unsuccessful venture, not being able to connect. I don’t like it when you are told something and you come to find out that things are not so simple. I was hoping to download my post from Word into my blog and add the pictures on their gigabytes instead of ours.

So, I'm back home again for the evening. Bill took Clemson for a walk while I wrapped this up on our own reliable wi-fi. We're hoping for a little more sunshine tomorrow. 

Couldn't resist a couple more rock photos

Tilapia is on the menu for supper with a salad. I hope your day has been a warmer one than ours. Thank you for reading along. I love receiving your comments!

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