Sunday, February 5, 2017

Today’s Jell-o Plans went to Hell in a Hand Basket, Birding, Dancing Shoes

Saturday, Feb. 4th started out gorgeous and sunny. Well, after the sun came up over the mountain to our east, that is. I was up at 6:30 as usual and sleeping and dreaming in Dubai. Aaah, nope, actually I’m still here in this beautiful park. Our new sheets were 'heavenly' to sleep on.
sporadic clouds today
I made my tea and logged on to read blog posts from my friends. Before too long Clemson and Bill got up and joined me. It was a cool 43F outside and a comfy 66 inside. There was no wind again early this morning so of course I had big plans for the day. First, a long walk into D, E and F sections in the park.

My sunflower goes everywhere with us
That didn’t transpire. After our tea and coffee, we decided to drive into Idyllwild since it was going to be the only sunshine we’ll see for three days. Idyllwild is a small community further up the winding road about 15 miles.

Surrounded by the San Jacinto mountains it is manned by locally owned shops and offers hiking up into the boulders of Tahquitz and Suicide Rocks. Where is our friend Gerry from  Tuckers Adventures when we need him? Apparently, Idyllwild is a must see and since we need diesel too there is more than one reason to go.

I had to drag myself and my zoom lens away from the back window of the Suite to go and have my shower. The birds around our place were drawing our attention. When I finished, Bill had grabbed his camera and was outside capturing the ‘frequent flyers’ himself.  This was around 9 am.
Blue Blackbird

Bill spotted this robin, I'm sure he is from Durham!
He looks familiar.

digging, digging digging

Acorn Woodpecker

Well, 2 and a half hours later we realized that this was not the day to take our drive. While outside, Bill was soon approached by the 3 Californians across the road and I do believe they covered everything from soup to nuts. Or, wheels to dishwashers to drones.

Bill, Bill, Pat and Jeff
What a bunch of characters they are, we had fun chatting it up with them. The five of us hit it off tremendously.

Peregrine falcon
While Bill was showing the boys our Suite at their request, I found myself drawn across the lot to see this magnificent fellow. He was perched up here approximately 120’ from out site. I just happened to look in the right direction.

Time for preening
Almost willing him to move as I approached so I could catch him in flight, my heart was racing as he took off and swooped to the ground towards a couple of innocent squirrels searching for acorns. 

He seemed to have no fear of me as I got within 5’ of him to snap some pictures. Luckily, his prey would not be caught today.

We grabbed a nibble for lunch and Bill had his shower. At least we’ll be ready for the jaunt into town tomorrow if we decide to go to Idyllwild. After Bill and Clemson had their snooze and I read a few chapters outside in the sun, we walked up to the main gate to the ATM. We figured we’d need some cash if we were to purchase anything in the park, better to be prepared.

We heard from a fellow camper that Saturday night at the Watering Hole there would be entertainment so decided to go to the Ranch House for dinner and stay to see about the music. Yay! No cooking tonight or either of us. Clemson got his legs stretched again before we left and off we went on foot around 5:30ish.

Our happy little camper

Dance podner?
I love the look in the Ranch House/Watering Hole. More of the natural wood in this building and we felt quite comfy settling in for our fish and chips. 3 pcs. of pollock and either tator tots or fries was a great deal for $9.99. Only two staff were working tonight and every night apparently and quite honestly, they ran that place like clockwork.
Served with flowered lemon and edible orchids
The bartender manned the bar and took and served the meal orders, up and down the steps tending to the customers. The chef was busy behind the scenes, occasionally making an appearance to deliver food. What a beautiful presentation he made of a simple fish and chip dinner!

Of course, it was too much food for me so I had the remainder boxed up to go and we moved on down to the main level near the bar and Tom who would be our evening entertainment. Before too long our new friends and neighbours, Robin, Jeff and Pat joined us.

Pat trying to get Pat off the chair for a dance
He put on the brakes really fast!
Tom, providing us with excellent music
 The evening couldn’t have gone better and I’m glad our day went the way it did, or we wouldn’t have met or got to know these wonderful guys. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun, drinking, dancing and laughing. It seems like we’ve known Jeff and Pat forever. To be honest, I am as comfortable with them as I am with my own flesh and blood. Another bond I hope we don’t break.
A dance with my man and Tom in the background

Sadly, they are pulling out Sunday with their two motor coaches. It is true that life is short and whether plans change for whatever reason, we all learn to enjoy each and every day to the fullest. Often there are unexpected surprises with each turn.
Memories from a fun evening

Thank you for tagging along with me. I love to hear from you!

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