Friday, February 24, 2017

My Kind of Day, Arizona Market, Surprise Birthday Lunch at Lin’s

Friday, Feb. 24th at Pilot Knob RV Resort, California. Man, I have a great feeling about today. It isn’t because it is Friday, I don’t crave Fridays anymore. It is just a beautiful sunny day with no wind and I feel on top of the world for some reason. Oh yah, being retired and being with my sweetie down here in the southwest might have something to do with it.

We were up at 7 and instead of catching a sunrise, I caught 3 empty washers at the Laundry building. At that time of the morning, we weren’t concerned about using 3 instead of the stipulated “2 washers per person please”. After all, there were two of us. We were overdue for doing laundry so had lots to catch up on.

Great price, $1.25/washer and dryer
When the wash was done around 9 we came back and had bacon and eggs on the Weber Q. We haven’t had them for a couple of days for one reason or another and they tasted great! Today we are meeting our friends, conveniently, at Lin’s at 1 pm to celebrate our friends’ birthdays. The honourees don’t know about it.
One of our birthday gals
Happy Birthday, Pat!
I had a shower after dishes and took Clemson for a walk. Something else overdue, he doesn’t get one every day and I feel bad when I miss a couple of days in a row. Terrible Mom, eh? While we were gone, Bill got his shower and then we were ready to head out at 11. Clemson was put in charge of looking after the house, a job he takes on willingly because he gets his treat.
Our cutie guard dog

I'm sure this is scary to you
So, we drove to the Arizona Market first and it was a busy place. We both like this market, if you are looking for something you have a really good chance of finding it here. Keep in mind that it is a flea market though if you go looking for a birthday card, you won’t find it. J

Just some views from in front of our site
I won’t say what we were looking for but we found it without too much difficulty and only had to make one connection with someone back home. Not too bad! If that sounds convoluted, it is. It was meant to be. Just let it go. We bumped into George, Suzie, Bill and Barb. Bill and Barb were there to pick up a sunshade and we were all putting in time to meet up at Lin’s.

towards the office - a whole row of empty sites
Arriving at Lin’s at 10 to 1 we see Rob’s empty truck so we knew we could venture on in and seat ourselves with the birthday clan. The cat would be out of the bag by now. Hmm, can you say that when going into a Chinese restaurant to eat? LOL The buffet here is awesome. For $9.95 you get all you can eat and if you are over 62 you get 10% off that price. Bingo!

I think I went up 3 times but kept each plate to a minimum and walked out of there feeling very content, not over stuffed. At the same time, Bill and I knew, as did most of the others, that we wouldn’t need anything for supper tonight.

When we left the market restaurant, we stopped for diesel at Baron’s Fuels at a good price and hit a Walmart to buy the card I mentioned. I already had a perfect card for Pat.
Left front: PaT (birthday gal), Rob, George, Suzie
Left back: George, Rose, Bill and Bill
We met back at camp and joined together at Bill and Barb’s for Happy Hour. This was fitting since Bill and Barb are leaving tomorrow. Bill and Barb are from Rochester, NY (I think, sorry if I got that wrong). They met George and Suzie a few years back while camping at Lazy Lakes RV Park.
From left, Rose (birthday gal), my Bill, Barb's Bill, Suzie
The sun was great for a while but once it moved behind the tree, I was shaded and got cool very quickly. Shortly after 4:30 I’m afraid we broke up the gathering when we headed home. Last we heard, Rob, George and Rose were headed up for Texas Hold ’Em at the clubhouse tonight. Good luck!

Back home I settled in my recliner with my book. I’ll be finishing this one tonight! Bill tried reading but his eyes were too heavy and nap time took over. It is difficult starting a new book, especially when you are tired. I knew a catnap would do him good so I took my book to the bedroom and did my reading away from the sleeping sounds.

I didn’t take many pictures today at all but since I missed the sunrise this morning, I had to go down the road to get a snapshot of the sunset. 

 I hope you all had a great day today. It was a good one and I’m winding down quickly. Good food, good sun, reading and exercise and great friends do that to us. Oh and I did get my book finished!

Thank you for reading along, your comments are always welcome.


  1. It was a wonderful day and we all had a great time., as we always do with our friends.

  2. We never got to Lin's but it is on the "Things to do" list if we ever get back to Yuma. Sounds like you had a great day.

    1. You will enjoy Lin's, lots of food and the price for their 1pm buffet is awesome for us oldies. :)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with friends. I envy you being able to sit out it has been a little chilly up this way. Though the sky was a beautiful blue.
    Take care.

    1. The wind makes a big difference in how warm it is. I don't like the wind needless to say. Still better than home so I'm not complaining too much!

  4. I love how they decorated the laundry house and your sunset was great. Sounds like things are winding down at the Pilot Knob for this year. Have a great journey to your next destination.

    1. Me too! It looks so inviting. Sadly things are winding down at P.K. for the second time. We spend Christmas here with some of this gang and had a blast then too. We won't be going far, hope to skip into Los Algodones for teeth cleaning.

  5. I love the name of this Park....for some reason it reminds me of the old westerns I used to watch. Enjoy your stay second time around and drive safe on your travels. The ground is white again here in Hanover, but it shouldn't stay. they are predicting + 7 by Tuesday!